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No one character is exactly like any other character; there's often some combination between an existing worker, but it's not a 1:1 connection. For instance, Owen Love does have skills resembling Owen Hart, but who does that make the Natural? And doesn't the Stone family resemble the Hart family? Duane Stone, as the world-class talented super-junior, could also be a Hart-based character. And Edd Stone seems to be a vastly more talented version of Teddy Hart. An amalgamation means a blending, either of several workers or one worker and several other outside elements. For instance, Sam Strong shares a lot of similarities with Hulk Hogan; his run with SWF, his great matches in Japan, and his career winding down with a #2 promotion that he made legitimate. But there's no finger poke of doom, no period where Strong was absolutely hated the way Hulk was, no NWO. There's also no one you can clearly point at and recognize as a Steve Austin or a Rock or even a Mankind, and is Rip Chord based on Ric Flair, Randy Savage, or someone else? There's no neat way to say "x is really y" in every situation. [quote]Who else is the C-verse is an amalgam? And what is the "C-verse"?[/quote] To answer your first question: almost everyone. Look at a worker's default gimmick, their size, their style, and say "their gimmick is like x." "Their style is like y." For example, Enygma has a Sting-like "mysterious gimmick," but his profile suggests he received a Goldberg style push with an undefeated streak that led him to the SWF title before his lack of skills were exposed and he fell out of the title picture. Or how about Jack Bruce? He's a great all around worker, and his middleweight size combined with strong mix of skills calls to mind quite a few workers, but his great mic skills and charisma, ability to play either face or heel, his "rock star" gimmick, and the fact that he jumped ship the opposite direction from most (TCW to SWF) almost screams Chris Jericho. The C-verse is the default data included in every version of TEW, and it's short for Cornellverse, based on Tommy Cornell.
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