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Chained storyline heat question

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When running a chained storyline (a story with defined steps, as opposed to unchained), do segments that involve the workers placed in the story but are not fulfilling a step in a storyline have any effect on the storyline heat? For example - Storyline with 5 steps - 1. Interview where 1 turns on 2 2. 2 claims that 1 needs to prove his worth before getting a title shot 3. Match - 1 beats 2 4. Match - 1 beats 2 for title 5. Match - between 1 and 2, either wins With the storyline defined like this, could running an angle with the 2 workers between steps 4 and 5 (as an example) have any effect on the heat? Or does the game disregard it as completely irrelevant to the storyline? Cheers!
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