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DI-AA: The League Fourth Season Approaches!

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It's a phenomenom unlike any other, DI-AA: The League! The place to get your small college football BBCF online league fix! There are some good teams available right now all over the nation. We're wrapping up recruiting right now and will begin the fourth season early next week. Applications are open to anyone interested, brand new guys and fellas who would like to return. We are also now a member league of the Big League Sports Network, a sports sim based community. BLSN is also home to the CFL (BBCF), PFL (TPF) and BLB (OOTP9). Check us out at [url]www.the-league.net[/url] or get in contact with me directly at president {at} the-league {dot} net. You can also reach me via AIM, MSN or Yahoo using the buttons to the left.
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