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Hi My Name is Cartman-A Wrestling Spirit II Dynasty


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[CENTER]It was a quiet day in South Park, Colorado, as Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh, Butters and Kenny were walking home from school. At school, Cartman was brutally beaten by Craig, one of the boys from his class. All day Cartman was made fun of. Cartman : Alright Guys, what Craig did to me at school today, Never happened, Alright ? Kyle : No way dude, you got what was coming fatass Stan : Yeah dude, you sucked. Cartman : Ay ! Shut Up, I didn't get beat up, I was just slow cause I had to take a Dump ! Kyle : Well maybe if you didn't eat so much you wouldn't get beat up so bad then huh ? Kenny : Mfhmhmahfhamfmmfhmhamfh fhmahfmh fmhmfhamhfmhfm... Stan : Yeah Cartman, Kenny's right, you need to learn how to fight Cartman : Ay ! Stop with the crap okay, i could kick anyones ass in a wrestling match Butters : Gee, I dunno Cartman Kyle : No, No Butters, OK Fatass, Care to Make a Wager on that ? Cartman : Hell yeah, but if I win, you have to suck my Balls Kyle Kyle : Fine, But you are gonna get your ass kicked so bad[/CENTER]
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