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Sorry to promote another game but this is PWX!


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This isnt just a spam topic/advertisement. Please tell me you guys have heard of PWX. Gamefaq board [url]http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/genmessage.php?board=929417&topic=22839471[/url] These guys are doing what Adam has done the last... god knows how many years. And making an actual game THEY want to play. I'm not going to hype the game up or talk about. this is more of a disscusion of the game. But has anyone here heard of it? I'ts kinda interesting to see how the guys at PWX and TEW think. Melancholick (PWX guy) I really admire the hell out of TEW as a concept, but never really got into it as a player. I like a gameplay/simulation balance like the GM modes in EA's titles, so just having the power of God at my fingertips with no way to actually engage in playing out the matches sorta sells me short. But you can't understate its importance as a piece of software. -
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