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For those of you with experience with TCW, do you book the company trying to project themselves as a "sport"... or do you book the company as an entertainment based company who is looking to be more of a "sport" than SWF? I like the idea of having a company that relies on skill just as much as popularity, however with the characters on the roster (ie: Rick Law, Tyson Baine, Scout, Guide, and Danny Fonzarelli)... It seems that the company is just as much of an entertainment based company as the SWF.... Just rounding out the roster with people who can actually wrestle (ie: Joey Minnesota, Tommy Cornell, Sammy Bach, Brent Hill, John Anderson, Sam Keith, etc.) to give the company a legit sense too. One of the things I LOVE about TEW is the ability to create persona's... Even if they are wildly over the top, that way you are able to have "characters" instead of just bland wrestlers (a problem that pro wrestling is having these days).
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