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The Masked Starr of the Universe Unleash AXW.

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*****A short clip on YouTube ***** [COLOR="Red"]==[The Masked Starr is shown exiting a car. Masked Starr with his trademark mask makes his way towards the bank]== [/COLOR] (Remmington Remus) The identity of the Masked Starr is a closely guarded secret that only one man knows himself. The clip you are about to see reveals how far Masked Starr will go to conceal his real identity. [COLOR="Red"] ==[As Masked Starr enters the bank, a security guard charges at him and takes down Masked Starr.]==[/COLOR] (Security Guard) Call the police. [COLOR="Red"] ==[Police arrived at the scene and take off The Masked Starr mask. His face is concealed with modern technology, a black box on the screen. Only the people at the bank at the time knows his true identity but all our informed to not release who he really is.]==[/COLOR] (Remmington) Masked Starr has signed a confidentiality agreement to not broadcast him without his mask. To tell the story of the Masked Starr, you have to suspend reality and enter the Kayfabe zone. The Masked Starr grew up in Southern California to a relatively wealthy family. By visiting his parent's home, one can be astonished by its extravagant and lavish exteriors. [COLOR="Red"] ==[Shows a baby dawning a Masked crawling on the floor]==[/COLOR] (Remmington) As a toddler, he was full of energy. He also liked to hide behind a mask. [COLOR="Red"] ==[Clip shows mom trying to take off the mask from the toddler. The toddler begins crying]== [/COLOR] (Remmington) I had the opportunity to speak with his parents. [COLOR="Red"] ==[Clip shown Remmington sitting down with The Masked Starr parents. The parents’ faces are concealed]==[/COLOR] (Remmington) Why does The Masked Starr dawn a mask at a young age? (Father) The biggest mistake I ever made in my life was taking him to a wrestling show that featured lucha libre wrestlers from Mexico. His first word he ever said was “mask”. He said his first words at a wrestling event. [COLOR="Red"]==[Father is hysterical]==[/COLOR] (Mother) He was able to say at the end of the wrestling event, mask star. He was pointing at a mask with a star emblem in the top of the forehead. He would say again, mask star. [COLOR="Red"]==[The computer screen in the background shows The Masked Starr]== [/COLOR] (The Masked Starr) That’s how I became The Masked Starrrrrrrrrr of the Universe. (Remmington) Wow, he’s everywhere. (Father) Remmy, for the last 17 years, we had to deal with the devil. (Mother) He’s our son. We still love him and pray for him. [COLOR="Red"]==[Clip shows The Masked Starr first girlfriend, a blonde hair cheerleader named Ashlee]== [/COLOR] (Ashlee) When I first met him, it was Halloween. I asked him what he was supposed to be. He said a wrestler. A star. A Masked Starr. [COLOR="Red"]==[Clip shows a picture of The Masked Starr and Ashlee]== [/COLOR] (Ashlee) He would never leave the mask. He would also wear it. Even though I fell in love with him, he would never take it off. I could never see nothing but his eyes, the tip of his nose, and his lips. Even in bed, he would wear it. [COLOR="Red"]==[Clip shows a picture of The Masked Starr hugging Ashlee]== [/COLOR] (Ashlee) I gave him a proposition, either take off that mask and be with me or keep it on and we are through. He took the mask and moved on. [COLOR="Red"]==[Clip shows The Masked Starr]== [/COLOR] (The Masked Starr) Only two people know what’s hidden in this face, it’s me and surely it’s not you. [COLOR="Red"]==[A clip is shown observing his father attempting to remove the mask of the Masked Starr as he sleeps in his bedroom. As the father grabs the edge of the mask, the Masked Starr grabs his father neck and then picks him up and drops him to the floor.]== [/COLOR] (Father) Owwwwwwwwwwwwww. (The Masked Starr) Not again, mom! Dad got an owie. (Father) You mother(expletive) (The Masked Starr) Lesson learned. Don’t mess with the mask. [COLOR="Red"]==[Remmington is shown interviewing The Masked Starr]== [/COLOR] (Remmington) Who the hell are you? (The Masked Starr) I am the Masked Starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr of the Uniiiiiiiiverse. (Remmington) Okay. The question people are asking, you claim to be a wrestler on the YouTube videos you uploaded. What promotion have you wrestled in? (The Masked Starr) I am just within a year, month, day, hour, second, of making my wrestling debut into a new wrestling promotion, my crown gem, my pet peeve, my playgrounds, American -X- Wrestling! [COLOR="Red"]==[The Masked Starr taunts an X sign.]== [/COLOR] (Remmington) When will it begin. (The Masked Starr) The countdown begins sometimes in 2008. And Remmy, just to let you know: this interview, this clip, and your time, is up. So please leave my vicinity or you’ll feel the wrath of the Masked Starr. [COLOR="Red"] ==[Clip darkens]== [/COLOR][CENTER][IMG][/IMG] [/CENTER]
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