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FFL: Female Fighting League

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I'm sorry I discontinued my Navarro story for the few that followed it. I was out of the country for more then a month so I couldn't bother to continue the story. Now I lost track of it so I don't really feel like continuing that one. I do have a fresh idea that should last quite a while. It's actually just an ordinary league system. I'm going for a league of women fighters given the workers are all of the same weight class, making for an easier system to manage.


The rules:


SEASON 1: lasting 1 full year. (probably 10 events)


- 6 teams

- 6 matches each event

- 5 fighters on each team

- UFC (that is GAMMA) rules [exception below]

- 1 sole weight class (100-135 lbs)


- Victory will give the team points

- First round KO/sub or KO victory is 12 points

- Second and third round KO/sub are resp. 11 and 10 points

- The point differential in a decision will be counted as points (9-0 at most)

- A draw is 1 point. (a loss is none - duh)

- NO belts


The teams with the most points will face off in a play-off, where they will face off against each other. The winners will each get a 'belt' to signify they won that year's league.


I randomly picked season one's teams. The reader will get to choose season 2's if he wants to. :)


Predictions are welcome: you can pick which team will win the league, and with how many points. Know that each team will fight twice on each event and can win a grand total of 240 points (an absolute maximum) on the end of the year.




From left to right, downwards:


1- Team Canada: Arroway, Andrews, Myers, Smith, McCoy

2- Team Lotus: Watanabe M, Watanabe E, Ken, Takahashi, Sakamoto

3- Team Curtis: Curtis, Dietrich, Gayle, Jones, Benes

4- Team O'Brien: O'Brien, Higgins, Belle, Reynolds, Stivic

5- Team Igarashi: Igarashi, Sasaki, Sadorra, Gojo, Sueki

6- Team Peyton: Peyton, Cameron, Quiche, Hickman, Ramos

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