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USPW - NOTBPW: The race to the top 2

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USPW/NOTBPW confirm working agreement

Jay Falwell


It's been confirmed that independent leagues United States Pro Wrestling and North of the Border Pro Wrestling have established working agreements. The move has been agreed upon in a bid for higher exposure for each organization's rosters and for the organizations themselves. In a press release on USPWrestling.com, USPW owner Sam Strong has left this statement:


"For years both United States Pro Wrestling and North of the Border Pro Wrestling have taken great pride in their respective fan bases, but now is the time for those fan bases to grow. NOTBPW showcase the best Canada has to offer to this business just as USPW fans know us to represent what professional wrestling should be. By working together we both feel that we can take each other to the next level."


As mentioned in the statement USPW and NOTBPW have thrived on its fairly select audience, and by most reports provide a stellar product. Stay tuned here at Pro Wrestling Fix for more information as it happens.

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USPW American Wrestling

Report by Mitch Stiller


The show started with announcers Danny Jillefski and Shane Sneer discussing the news going around regarding the working agreement between USPW and NOTBPW. They confirmed that Sam Strong will indeed be in the arena to provide further information. B+


Des Davids defeated Eric the Bull in 3:44

A showcase match for Des Davids who won by pinfall after hitting the Quarterback Sack. Des Davids has a good look but he definitely looked green in this match. B+


Alongside T-Rex and Jumbo Jackson, Shane Sneer was asked for his thoughts on the main event. Shane Sneer declared that "tonight the USPW hierarchy changes. If the NOTBPW are looking for competition, look no further than T-Rex and Jumbo Jackson." He promised victory for his clients in tonight's main event. C+


From there played a highlight package for World Champion James Justice, showcasing his World Title victory over Peter Valentine last month. B


The Towers of Power defeated the Hillbillies in 5:02 - Mick Muscles scored the pinfall, rolling up Pete the Hillbilly with his feet on the ropes. Throwaway match. E+


The announcers further hyped the main event of Jumbo Jackson and T-Rex vs. Bruce the Giant and James Justice. B-


Chris Caulfield w/ Seduction defeated Anger in 4:40

Chris Caulfield dominated this match, winning by pinfall after hitting the Danger Drop. D-


Following a commercial break, the show went backstage where Seduction was talking with Des Davids. Seduction told Davids that when she looks at Davids she likes what she sees. She extends an invitation to Des Davids to join her and Chris Caulfield to form a tag team. Davids left saying he'll think about it. D-

Savage Fury(Java and Tribal Warrior) and The Forces of America(Captain USA and Jim Force) fought to a double count out DQ in 9:36

Sloppy match that went a few minutes too long. The announcers put over that the winner of this match should be a lock for a Tag Team Title match. The match got out of hand when Savage Fury took the match to the outside and transformed into a brawl that cost both teams the match. Both teams brawled their way up the entrance. E


Television Champion Nicky Champion was interviewed backstage for some thoughts on his upcoming match against Peter Valentine. Nicky Champion put over the match as one of his biggest challenges to date, saying that winning the Television Championship was one of his proudest career moments, but he isn't gonna let it go to his head. He says if tonight's his last night as Champion, he's not gonna make it easy. C


Cameras caught Sam Strong arriving in the arena, walking down the corridors of the arena. B+


Women's Champion Cherry Bomb cut a promo in the ring, saying she's the toughest woman in wrestling. She put over her long time status as Women's Champion, talking up the fact that she hopes some girls from NOTBPW are more challenging than the girls in USPW because she needs a challenge. Before the merger, Cherry Bomb issued an open challenge to any woman in the back. Alicia Strong then made her entrance to answer the call. C-


Alicia Strong d. Cherry Bomb to win the USPW Women's Championship in 7:51

The announcers spent a lot of time discussing possible dream matches depending on the outcome of the match, referencing Melody Cuthill and Grace Harper. Alicia Strong won with a surprise roll up after Cherry Bomb dominated most of the match. Not their most inspired performance. D-


Following the big win, Stephanie Wade and Nadia Snow rushed to the ring, and teamed up with Cherry Bomb, congratulating the new champ by ganging up on her and stomping on the downed Champion. E+


Nicky Champion d/ Peter Valentine to retain his TV Title at 6:16

Back and forth match, Peter Valentine and Nicky Champion definitely gelled in this match, the announcers did a great job calling this one as the fans got a kick out of Champions victory. The match didn't come across too well on TV. D+


Following the commercial break Peter Valentine cut an irate promo backstage complaining about his loss to James Justice and his recent loss against Nicky Champion, dismissing them both as flukes, he told Nicky Champion that the USPW is his world, and Champion is now on borrowed time. C


James Justice and Bruce the Giant d/ T-Rex and Jumbo Jackson in 9:47

Bruce the Giant was the star of this match. Dominated the first few minutes before tagging James Justice in, who played the foil for T-Rex and Jumbo Jackson, before making a hot tag back to Bruce, who then took the match with a double chokeslam on both men, and a pinfall victory on T-Rex. T-Rex was blown up at the end of the match, but everyone else played their roles well. D+


After the match, during the post match celebration, Bruce the Giant chokeslammed James Justice to a chorus of boos. Bruce soaked in the reaction for a moment before bringing Justice back to his feet, and chokeslamming him a second time. A surprising turn that was well done. B+


Following the final commercial break Sam Strong finally made his appearance to the adulation of the crowd in attendance. Before discussing what everyone's talking about, Strong addressed the turn of events that occurred between Bruce the Giant and James Justice, saying that at the upcoming Stars, Stripes and Slams event James Justice will defend his World Championship against Bruce the Giant for the first time in years. Strong then spoke at length about the upcoming working agreement between USPW and NOTBPW, saying that USPW fans may or may not be aware of the vast array of talent at NOTBPW, but they'll soon be familiar with them, because starting next week talent from North of the Border will make their presence felt, while USPW will return the favor. He explains that for a long time both organizations have been wrestling's best kept secret, but they aren't looking to remain that way, and that the USPW and NOTBPW will prove to the other guys(obviously referencing TCW and SWF) that they don't have to succeed at the expense of the competition, and that both organizations are going to help each other grow, and together will take over the wrestling world. After a long hiatus Sam Strong promised fans will be seeing a lot more of him in the future. B+


Overall rating: D-


This show followed a fairly simplistic formula which has been the standard in USPW for a while, there were some good promos, good surprises with the Nicky Champion title defense and Bruce the Giant heel turn, and the working agreement definitely feels like a big deal, here's hoping they deliver. I'll be covering USPW shows from here on in.

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http://wmg.photobucket.com/pbwidget.swf?pbwurl=http://wmg.photobucket.com/albums/v224/zachalous2/7fa32103.pbw" height="240" width="320"><a href="http://photobucket.com/slideshows" target="_blank"></a></div>

NOTBPW Championship Wrestling

report by Ben Wilson



Greg Boone & Craig Green (NOTBPW Tag Team Champions) VS. The Natural & Owen Love

The Natural and Owen Love go over Craig Green and Greg Boone in 13:33 when The Natural caught Craig flying into a seated powerbomb and rolled him up. This had some pretty fast paced action at the start. It ended on the same scale, with Craig getting that roll up following the senton. Not a bad opener, giving both teams some added experience at working together, and a decent chunk of TV time. The Can-Am Blondes take home the titles tonight.

Rated D



Tim Westybrook VS. RK Hayes

Hayes defeated Westybrook in 18:48 when he countered Westybrook's finisher with his own Double Powerbomb. Strong brawling contest by both men as it trailed to nearly 15 minutes with solid back and forth action. Not a bad effort by neither man as Hayes just simply overcame Westybrook using that slight advantage in ring experience. Westybrook took the loss in good spirit, and seemed to be wanting another go with Hayes in the end.

Rated C



Stephanie Hazel VS. Melody Cuthill (NOTBPW Womens Champion)

Melody Cuthill retained against Stephanie Hazel in 12:49, when she put her away with the Melody Maker. Good fast-paced action out of both ladies here, with some well planned technique shown in the middle.

Rated D+




We cut to the back where Johnny Bloodstone has attacked Dark Angel in his dressing room. Dark Angel garners the sympathy of the fans in this little segment, and it would appear that a face turn as been accomplished. This was a well played segment, with Dark Angel showing helplessness and Johnny Bloodstone playing the tough bad ass.

Rated B-



John Maverick VS. Mighty Cavanagh

Maverick defeated Cavanagh in 7:37 when he countered a chokeslam from Cavanagh with the Deadly Silence. Cavanagh displayed power moves and several chokeslam attempts that went unsuccessful. Maverick spent most of the time countering Cavanagh's brawling tactics, and finally the counter at the end which got him the finish. This one felt more like a filler match to just give Maverick a win and Cavanagh a few big moves. Not bad overall though.

Rated D+



Jeremy Stone & Dan Stone Jr. VS. Dean McWade & Dallas McWade

The Stone Siblings took the win in 19:35 when they put Dean and Dallas through submission, with Jeremy using a STF on Dean and Dan keeping Dallas down with an armbar. Dan and Jeremy toned down their technical wrestling approach in order to match up well with the ruggedness of the McWade Brothers. Still, in the end it was their strong grasp of technique that got them the win over a much powerful duo. Good team work shown by the Stone Siblings, as well as The McWade's.

Rated C




We cut to the ring where the McWades are built up with frustration as they are forced to watch the Stone Siblings take home another win. Both men snap and drop the Siblings with lariats. They follow up with sideslams and continue their assault with stomps on both Stone Siblings. Good work by both teams here with the McWades sending their message loud and clear that they don't approve of the Stone Siblings.

Rated B



Johnny Bloodstone (NOTBPW Canadian Champion) VS. Dark Angel

Bloodstone defeated Angel in 39:56 with the Bloodstone Multilation. Close Match which showcased plenty of submissions and technical wrestling from both men. Bloodstone ducked out of a corner splash attack from Angel, and put him into the finishing hold. All in all, not a bad straight forward, 1 on 1 wrestling contest. Dark Angel showed a lot of motivation all the way through which eventually turned into desperation. Angel missed a lot of finishes in this one, first with the Descent to Hell, then the trademark moonsault off the top, and then finally the splash in the corner which allowed Bloodstone to finally lock in the finishing hold. Great wrestling shown in this match, neither man missed a spot.

Rated B



Rating B-

Overall, they put on a hell of a show with this edition of NOTBPW Championship Wrestling. The openers, fillers, and micard matches were passable for TV. The main event was PPV quality material. And the angles were put together well. The Tag Titles change was very sudden, but needed to happen with The Can-Am Blondes being that middle team between lower midcarders like the Playaz and the big time main eventers like The Siblings. McWades/Stones feud could be big if both teams just step up their game a little. Dark Angel's face turn didn't have a whole lot of build up, but it was played well on screen. Bloodstone is the man once again, and a feud with him and Angel should bring us some very good matches. No mention of the business deal with USPW in this episode, but it's rumored to be a hot topic on the next show. We'll see what comes of that.

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Dan Stone comments on NOTBPW/USPW.

David Keltzer


Dan Stone had hoped to keep the whole deal covered up, but plans have changed now that word has gotten out. Despite all the recent internet uproar, Dan Stone Sr. is still said to be very positive on the whole situation as of right now. Initially, he had planned on keeping the relationship with USPW secret, but word got out quickly following several meetings and made it's way onto several websites.


"Sam Strong and I have been planning this for years now. Mainstream wrestling these days is not what it should be. You got Tommy going out there giving titles and TV time to his friends. Meanwhile, you got Richard Eisen putting out more tasteless storylines, and pushing crude workers such as Big Smack Scott and that power hungry son of his. It's time for a change people, and NOTBPW and USPW are going to work together to make it happen! Hard working men like Johnny Bloodstone and Chris Caulfield are the future of professional wrestling."


Dan Stone and Sam Strong will meet today in order to finalize their contract. The details have no been confirmed, but the contract will most likely allow talent to be shared between the two companies.


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Champions of the North:

NOTBPW Canadian: Johnny Bloodstone

Defenses: 3


NOTBPW Tag Team: "The Can-Am Blondes" The Natural & Owen Love

Defenses: 1


NOTBPW Womens: Melody Cuthill

Defenses: 2


  • Border Fighters:
    (Organized by Push)


  • Johnny Bloodstone
  • Jeremy Stone
  • Dan Stone Jr.
  • Dark Angel
  • Dallas McWade
  • Dean McWade
  • John Maverick
  • RK Hayes
  • Omar Brown
  • Mighty Cavanagh
  • The Natural
  • Steve Flash
  • Tim Westybrook
  • Harrison Hash
  • Owen Love
  • Craig Green
  • Lord James King
  • Derek Frost
  • Gregg Boone
  • Jason O'Conner
  • Robbie McNamara
  • Harlem Haynes
  • Stephanie Hazel
  • Emma Bitch
  • Melody Cuthill
  • Grace Harper



NOTBPW Championship Show Ratings:

(Date/Grade/Rating/Main Event)

January Week 1 | B- | .71 | Bloodstone vs. Angel

January Week 2 | C+ | .79 | Bloodstone vs. J. Stone

January Week 3 | C+ | .68 | Bloodstone vs. Dan Stone Jr.

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USPW Champions:


USPW World: James Justice


USPW Television: Nicky Champion


USPW Women's: Alicia Strong


USPW Tag Team: Mick Muscles and Danny Rushmore


  • USPW Roster:
    (Organized by Push)


  • Al The Hillbilly
  • Alicia Strong
  • Anger
  • Bruce The Giant
  • Captain USA
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Chris Caulfield
  • Commissioner Doom
  • Danny Jillefski - Play by Play
  • Danny Rushmore
  • Darryl Devine
  • Des Davids
  • Eric The Bull
  • Freddie Datsun
  • Giant Redwood
  • Happy Elwood
  • James Justice
  • Java
  • Jim Force
  • Jumbo Jackson
  • Lex Appeal
  • Mick Muscles
  • Nadia Snow
  • Nicky Champion
  • Pete The Hillbilly
  • Peter Valentine
  • Sam Strong - Commissioner/Owner
  • Seduction
  • Shane Sneer - Colour Commentary
  • Sheik Mustafa - Manager
  • Stephanie Wade
  • T-Rex
  • Tribal Warrior



USPW Championship Show Ratings:

(Date/Grade/Rating/Main Event)

January Week 1 | D+ | .27 | James Justice and Bruce the Giant vs. Jumbo Jackson and T-Rex

January Week 2 | D+ | .21 | James Justice and Bruce the Giant vs. Jumbo Jackson and T-Rex

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NOTBPW Championship Wrestling Preview

Dan Stone and Sam Strong meet.

Craig Green & Gregg Boone vs. Owen Love & The Natural (NOTBPW Tag Champions)

John Maverick vs. Dark Angel

Dan Stone Jr. vs. Dean McWade

Johnny Bloodstone (NOTBPW Canadian Champion) vs. Jeremy Stone

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USPW News: Sam Strong hires new head writer

Jay Falwell


Sources within the USPW have told me that USPW owner and new on screen authority figure Sam Strong has signed on a former SWF writer Jim Seltzman.


Falwell's Analysis: This is a return to the pro wrestling for Seltzman who left the SWF shortly after Sam Strong's departure. Sam has spoken highly of Jim Seltzman in a shoot interview with David Keltzer prior to the formation of USPW. This is a move that has been in development for a while, but Seltzman's decidedly taken time off from the business. The jury is out on whether to expect any major changes to the product with this move.

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<div style="width:320px; text-align: center;"><embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" src="

http://wmg.photobucket.com/pbwidget.swf?pbwurl=http://wmg.photobucket.com/albums/v224/zachalous2/7fa32103.pbw" height="240" width="320"><a href="http://photobucket.com/slideshows" target="_blank"></a></div>

NOTBPW Championship Wrestling

report by Dean Thornton



Gregg Boone & Craig Green VS. The Natural & Owen Love(NOTBPW Tag Team Champions)

The Can-Am Blondes defeated The Kelowna Playaz in 10:45, when Owen and Natural hit the Hart Attack on Craig Green. A lot of high flying action in this one, with the contest looking even on both sides. When the ending came, momentum shifted to the Champion's side as they separate Gregg from Craig with a double clothesline to the outside. They then went to put Craig away with their double team move.

Rated D+



Melody Cuthill (NOTBPW Womens Champion) VS. Stephanie Hazel VS. Tamara McFly

Melody Cuthill successfuly defends against Stephanie Hazel and Tamara McFly in 9:57, after hitting the Melody Maker on the returning Tamara McFly. McFly returns to NOTBPW after a short absence and does pretty well for herself. Decent enough womens match here, with Cuthill continuing to fend off the competition.

Rated D+




We cut to the ring with Dan Stone and his son Dan Stone Jr. in the ring as they get ready to call down their guests for the evening. Some rockin' patriotic music plays as Sam Strong enters with Chris Caulfield to a heel reaction from the fans. Caulfield wards them off, waving his American flag, as he goes into heel mode on the angry Canadians. Sam Strong shakes hands with his business partner Dan Stone. Dan gives Strong and Caulfield a welcoming speech, touching on how NOTBPW and USPW can bring dignity back to the sport of professional wrestling by working toghether. It then starts to get heated as Sam Strong puts over the USPW talent and television show. Dan Stone Jr. steps in and straight up calls Sam Strong out. Strong begins to back off a bit a he starts to feel threatened. Caulfield steps up in Jr.'s face now. Jr. says he wants nothing to do with Caulfield, but he knows someone who will take care of him. He tells Caulfield if he has the courage, he'll step in the ring with... Tim Westybrook!

Rated C+




Just as Caulfield is caught off by the comment, Tim Westybrook rushes in behind him and Strong. Strong recieves a lariat from Westybrook, and Caulfield gets a shoulder block. Strong falls out of the ring as Westybrook sets up Caulfield, and drops him with an F5 in the center of the ring! Westybrook rips his shirt off, mocking Sam Strong, and poses in the ring with his fellow canadians.

Rated C-



Dean McWade VS. Dan Stone Jr.

Dan Stone Jr defeated Dean McWade in 13:32, when he made Dean tap instantly to the Stone Ankle Stretch. Both men kept their offense standing as they tried to overpower each other in a fairly even contest. It wasn't until the end when Jr. came out with the submission when he ducked a big boot coming from Dean. He then went straight for the ankle and locked in the hold.

Rated C+



John Maverick VS. Dark Angel

Dark Angel defeated John Maverick in 17:53, when he covered Maverick after the Falling Angel Moonsault. Solid match that mostly showcased Angel's skill and move set. This match was primarily centered around Dark Angel, emphasizing his desire at making a big come back. He hit the usual finishing routine of flying forearm, tornado ddt, and finally his amazing moonsault off the top.

Rated C-



Chris Caulfield VS. Tim Westybrook

Chris Caulfield defeated Tim Westybrook in 14:32, using the Danger Drop to pin Westybrook. This wasn't your typical NOTBPW match, but it was passable for TV. Westybrook stayed dominant over Caulfield until the end when Caulfield slipped out of a firemans carry, and hit his finishing move.

Rated D-



Johnny Bloodstone (NOTBPW Canadian Champion) VS. Jeremy Stone

Johnny Bloodstone retained his title against Jeremy Stone in 29:43, after getting Stone with the Bloodstone Mutilation following some outside interference by The McWade Brothers. Very good TV match which only flaw was Townsends occasionally annoying commentary. They start off with a flurry of back and forth chain wrestling to show off their well-matched styles. It eventually goes into a submission fest as both men fight to get their special submission move on. More back and forth action, and it's the outside interference by the McWade which is the difference maker. Jeremy Stone takes his eyes off the match to focus on the McWades, and it costs him as Bloodstone throws him into the Bloodstone Mutilation.

Rated B



Rating C+

This weeks edition of NOTBPW took a different route than last weeks. This weeks was a little more entertainment oriented, with sports-entertainment characters showing up. This may not have been the best thing for their fan base, but it was a good show regardless. Strong/Stone had their historic moment in the ring, making it official to everyone that they are working together in making USPW and NOTBPW big. Caulfield may have dragged that segment down a bit since he's not that big of a player in Canada. His match against Westybrook didn't turn out as well as they hoped, but it wasn't a complete disaster. The main event featured the greatness of Bloodstone/Stone, Jeremy. This one was definitely up to par with last weeks show, and had the continuation of this McWade/Stone Sibling tag team feud. All together, this show came across well. It did lack a bit in some areas, but was picked up shortly after with good wrestling.

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USPW American Wrestling

Report by Mitch Stiller


The show started with announcers Danny Jillefski and Shane Sneer discussing the news going around regarding the working agreement between USPW and NOTBPW. They confirmed that Sam Strong will indeed be in the arena to provide further information. B+


Captain USA and Tribal Warrior fought to a double DW in 4:03

Both men were distracted when Tag Team Champions the Towers of Power scouted the match. The match, much like last week's tag match spilled to the outside of the ring. The match was decided a double disqualification as The Forces of America and Savage Fury rumbled on the outside. The tag champs however wisely stayed out of it. D-


Following the show's first commercial break USPW's latest sensation Des Davids made his entrance. Shane Sneer set him up for crushing defeat, mentioning that we're about to see him take on Bruce the Giant. After Davids' entrance, a returning Commissioner Doom came out to the ring after being surprisingly absent from last week. He cut a promo critiquing Sam Strong, saying "how un-American of Sam Strong to turn to the Canadians for help." He said that he doesn't mind that his Commissioner position was taken away from him, because people are starting to forget that he's not a Commissioner, and that he's a Corporal. He said that Sam Strong doesn't have to worry about global domination, because with his help, he knows someone who's gonna do it first. He then introduced us to Bruce the Giant. B-


Bruce The Giant defeated Des Davids in 2:04

Here's a match that was about a minute and a half too long. These two didn't gel very well, and it seemed like Bruce was ready to go home early. Des Davids could've sold Giant's offense a little more convincingly, which couldn't have been too difficult, wouldn't it be harder not to sell Bruce's offense? Bruce won easily with a Giant Choke Slam. D


Post match, Bruce in similar fashion to last week, picked Des right back up and chokeslammed him to the canvas. C


Following the attack, James Justice came to the ring and passionately questioned Bruce the Giant. He said "if this is all about a Title shot, all you had to do was ask. This isn't the Bruce the Giant I know. These people love you." Corporal Doom stepped in and retorted "these people are idiots!" Doom continued by explaining that God didn't make a freak like Bruce the Giant to get along with people. Everything happens for a reason and Bruce the Giant was created to destroy the USPW roster. Before the two could further debate Bruce's calling in life, Corporal Doom summoned Bruce away. C


Giant Redwood defeated Happy Elwood in 0:48

One squash after another, Giant Redwood made short work of Happy Elwood in a display that Bruce the Giant should take notice from. Somehow with worse chemistry than Bruce the Giant and Des Davids. Was this match Redwood's fault or Elwood? I'm inclined to say the former. E-


Sam Strong then came out and greeted the audience. He excitedly announced that "today is the first day of the rise of USPW to the top of the wrestling world. He said he's got a big announcement for tonight's main event that should have fans of both USPW and NOTBPW fans salivating. He said he doesn't want to make the announcement himself, so he called in NOTBPW owner Dan Stone. B


Dan Stone thanked Sam Strong for having him. Before Dan Stone could make his announcement, Peter Valentine interrupted the two. Peter Valentine cut a promo about how he's not being treated fairly, he made it clear last week that he wanted Nicky Champion's Title in a rematch, but instead is being booked in a mixed tag, and what's worse is he doesn't even get to know his opponent. He asks Sam Strong what he has to do to be treated with respect in the USPW without having been born out of Sam's wife. Dan Stone responds by saying he thinks what Sam and him have planned for Peter and Cherry is extremely fair as he announces Cherry Bomb and Peter Valentine will take on Alicia Stone and his son Dan Stone Jr. C+


After the commercial break we see Dan Stone and Sam Strong having a conversation backstage when Johnny Bloodstone interrupts the two. He says there's no point in the USPW/NOTBPW merger if they don't get the best NOTBPW has to offer. Dan Stone tells him that he hears him loud and clear, and determines the best way to prove himself is to fight none other than James Justice in tonight's main event. Johnny Bloodstone doesn't look so sure of himself after the announcement. B


Backstage Des Davids is backstage holding ice to his neck. Chris Caulfield and Seduction approach him, Seduction tells him that her offer still stands. Davids doesn't respond, as Caulfield tells him he "might have had it rough earlier today, but in USPW that's just another day in the office." He needs someone to have his back against brutes like Bruce, and tells Des that he's gonna show him what Caulfield can do about people like him. D+


Nicky Champion is interviewed backstage in a pre-recorded segment. Almost a repeat performance of last week. Talks about the support he's received since beating Peter Valentine, but he's not looking backwards, he's looking forward and he's gonna keep defending his belt. D-


Nicky Champion defeated Jumbo Jackson in 5:31

Jumbo Jackson dominated the first few minutes, in the final minute and a half Champion mounted a comeback, and it looked like he had another defense in the bag, before T-Rex made an appearance rushing Champion with a clothesline. Champion ducked, but T-Rex stopped before coming into contact with Jumbo. Champion used the distraction to win with a schoolboy pin. D-


After the commercial we see T-Rex and Jumbo Jackson arguing backstage, talking over one another. C-


A hype video played, hyping the fact that Madman Boone will debut in USPW at Stars, Stripes and Slams. Footage played of some indy matches he had after leaving TCW. D+


Darryl Devine made his entrance to the ring, no comment as to who he's scheduled to face tonight. An unfamiliar face made his entrance, armed with a microphone. He talked about how he appreciates the fact that everyone in attendance are willing to put money in his pocket in spite of the current recession. As he enters the ring he closes in on Devine, questioning how low on the payroll Devine must be to look the way he does. He teases Devine asking "are your parents pooling up your money for a college education?" He introduces himself as "Money" Jack G. D+


"Money" Jack G defeated Darryl Devine in 4:47

"Money" won with a handful of tights. Pretty close match on both accounts. Jack G looks to have potential and people have had eyes on Devine for a while now, quick paced match. D-


Dan Stone Jr. and Alicia Strong cut a quick promo together. Dan Stone Jr. put over the USPW saying that his appearance tonight is billed as one night only, but he has high hopes that tonight won't be the last they see of him. Alicia directed her promo towards Cherry Bomb, saying she might be the boss' daughter, but she beat Cherry Bomb fair and square. C+


The announcers talked about the upcoming Cherry Bomb/Valentine vs. Alicia Strong/Dan Stone Jr. match. C-


Chris Caulfield and Seduction made their way to the ring. He cut a promo about how the locker room has been a bit more quiet lately since Bruce the Giant changed the colour of his stripes last week. He says he doesn't know what got into him, but he's out to make an example for the young bucks in the locker room, and beat it out of him tonight. Bruce the Giant's music hit as he and Corporal Doom came out. C-


Bruce The Giant defeated Chris Caulfield in 5:13 in his second match of the night

Bruce the Giant dominated the most of the match, but Caulfield took control after hitting a surprise spinebuster that played the equalizer. Corporal Doom distracted the referee as Caulfield tried for a pinfall victory, as Caulfield tried getting the referee's attention back, Bruce recovered and hit the giant chokeslam for the win. C-


Alicia Strong and Dan Stone Jr defeated Cherry Bomb and Peter Valentine in 8:26

Definitely a match booked to suit the merger. Dan Stone Jr. looked great in the match, and was a fun pairing but I'm not sure Peter Valentine was having as much fun. The match ended when Alicia Strong beat Cherry Bomb decisively with the Angel Driver, while Dan Stone Jr. kept Valentine at bay. D


The announcers stated after the commercial is time for the main event. C


James Justice defeated Johnny Bloodstone in 12:13

See saw match, could've gone either way until the closing minute, when James Justice built momentum and won with the Liberation Slam. D+


Bruce the ever so busy Giant hit the ring with Corporal Doom, and took advantage of the tired James Justice, hitting him with a chokeslam and knocking him out to close the show. B


Overall rating: D


A more focused and action packed show than last week's, which was seemingly more of a prequel to this one. Dare I say a new head writer may be making the difference, unfortunately I'm not sure the USPW fans are in tune with the heavy NOTBPW cross promotion, the in ring product is fun to watch, but you can audibly notice the disconnect between the Canadians and the live audience.

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USPW American Wrestling rating

Jay Falwell


USPW American Wrestling featuring NOTBPW heavy hitters Dan Stone Jr. and Johnny Bloodstone replicated last week's 0.27 rating.


Falwell's Analysis: The intentions of the heavy NOTBPW/USPW crossover is to boost DVD sales across North America, since DVDs are the only real way for Canadian fans to see their product. No substantial conclusions can be made until we see the rating either improve or decline.

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NOTBPW rating

David Keltzer

The ratings are in, and it's an increase in viewership for NOTBPW by .8 points. The show featured guest hosts Sam Strong and Chris Caulfield which may have been what gave the show this little bump. Dan Stone is said to be pleased and wants to continue to bring in some of the USPW talent to see if the trend continues.


NOTBPW Championship Wrestling Preview

Melody Cuthill & Gregg Boone/Craig Green vs. Stephanie Hazel & The Natural/Owen Love

Dean McWade vs. Jeremy Stone

Tim Westybrook vs. John Maverick

Dark Angel vs. Steve Flash

Dan Stone Jr. vs. Johnny Bloodstone (NOTBPW Canadian Champion)

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Background on "Money" Jack G

Jay Falwell


If USPW debuting wrestler "Money" Jack G didn't look familiar to you , he's wrestled on the independent scene for six years as "Southern Justice" Jack Griffith.


Falwell's Analysis: As Stiller said in his report of the USPW American Wrestling show both Devine and Jack Griffith played their roles well and could be the future of the promotion. Both provide a very entertaining and youthful feel to the show.

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USPW American Wrestling Preview


Des Davids vs. Mick Muscles


Chris Caulfield vs. Eric the Bull


Interbrand Handicap Match

Bruce the Giant vs. NOTBPW's The Can-Am Blondes(The Natural and Owen Love)


USPW Women's Championship Match

Alicia Strong vs. Nadia Snow


Darryl Devine vs. Peter Valentine


USPW TV Championship Match

Nicky Champion vs. Giant Redwood


Justice vs. T-Rex and Jumbo Jackson


Card subject to change

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USPW American Wrestling

January - Week 3

Report by Mitch Stiller


Chris Caulfield defeated Eric the Bull in 2:05

The show started right away with Chris Caulfield making his way out to the ring. Sneer and Jillefski made a quick mention of the night's main events featuring Bruce the Giant taking on NOTBPW's Can-Am Blondes, and James Justice taking on T-Rex and Jumbo Jackson. Easy win for Chris Caulfield hitting the Danger Drop quickly. D+


Cherry Bomb and Alicia Strong were face to face in the backstage area, with Cherry Bomb being awful pokey, telling Strong that nepotism can only get her so far. She assures Cherry that as soon as she gets another Women's Title shot, her run is through. Alicia tells her to get in line before storming off. Jillefski notes that Alicia will be in action next. C-


Coming back from the break, Jillefski and Sneer discussed the Stars, Stripes and Slams event, hyping the main event of Bruce the Giant and James Justice. B+


Alicia Strong defeated Nadia Snow in 6:51

Women of USPW continue to impress as Alicia appears to be carrying to new heights, this was a close fought match but Alicia eventually connected the Angel Driver for the pinfall victory. D-


Jillefski was informed of a commotion in the backstage area as we went backstage to see Chris Caulfield's valet Seductress calling for help, as he was seen motionless on the floor below her. EMTs rushed to the scene heading into commercials. D


Nicky Champion defeated Giant Redwood by DQ at 6:15

A match dominated by the menacing Giant Redwood. Nicky Champion struggled to get one over the bigger man, until Redwood did himself in on his own by becoming too aggressive in choking Champion beyond Robbie Sanchez's five count. D-


Post match Peter Valentine came out and before Giant Redwood could think about calling it a night, Valentine encouraged Redwood to continue his assault. Redwood placed Champion in a camel clutch, while waffling him with multiple forearms, drawing the ire of the crowd in attendance. D+


Peter Valentine then was handed a microphone. He gave the fans a mouthful, saying that the last two weeks haven't been kind to Valentine, saying "the last two weeks have proven that lightning does in fact strike twice." He looked down on a beaten Nicky Champion, saying "you may have scored a pin on me two weeks ago, but that doesn't make you better than me. You took my dignity and at Stars, Stripes and Slams I'm taking your Title." C-


Doctors were still looking at Chris Caulfield as Seduction was asked what happened. Seduction responded by saying that "Des Davids is taking on one half of the World Tag Team Champions tonight and Mick Muscles and Danny Rushmore are doing what they can to make sure it's not a fair fight." She continued saying "the plan might have worked this week, but when Chris Caulfield falls, he gets right back up, and then my man's gonna get'cha." D-


Mick Muscles defeated Des Davids with help of Danny Rushmore at 6:34

Mick Muscles seemed to be a bit out of focus this match, moments where he was in control seemed like he wasn't sure of where to go move by move, and there was a long resthold that didn't get much heat. Business picked up when Des made his comeback and Muscles got it together. Before Des could pickup the win, Rushmore jumped on the apron trying to get some attention, he dropped down when Davids swiped at him, allowing for Muscles to his his finishing Full Nelson Slam for the pinfall. E+


Another hype package played hyping the returning to the business Madman Boone. The end of the video hyped that he'll be returning to action at Stars, Stripes and Slams. D+


Backstage, Cherry Bomb, Nadia Snow and Stephanie Wade were all complaining to Sam Strong simultaneously. Strong looked like he was having a migrane headache when he told them all to be quiet, and said that if they all want a shot, he's gonna make things interesting. He booked Cherry Bomb, Nadia Snow, and Stephanie Wade against Alicia Strong in a fatal fourway match. D


Bruce the Giant defeated The NOTBPW's Can-Am Blondes at 3:58 by pinfall.

Solid performances by all involved, Can-Am Blondes were always moving, constantly saving each other from pinfall attempts. Eventually Bruce the Giant's size overcame their effort with a double chokeslam. D-


After the match, as has been the pattern in the past few weeks, Corporal Doom laid out the instructions as Bruce the Giant assisted both men back to their feet, only to send them back down with a double chokeslam. D


With both men down, Corporal Doom took the microphone and put over his monster and the mess he made. He laid out the groundwork for the night's main event, saying "Justice, you think what Bruce can do, you can do better? Well Bruce the Giant just beat two men with his bare hands, there's no way you're gonna beat T-Rex and Jumbo Jackson tonight. B-


After the commercials, new face "Money" Jack G was already in the ring with a mic. He again introduced himself. He put over his win last week against Darryl Devine, and explained that he's out tonight as part of a "sociological experiment". He elaborated explaining that Darryl Devine is like everyone in attendance, ugly, dumb and poor. Fans booed as Jack further elaborated by in short, saying that Darryl Devine is the bizarro Jack G. He wants to study him tonight, as he tries to figure out how a guy like him could be successful without money like him. D+


Peter Valentine defeated Darryl Devine by pinfall at 5:52

Jack G provided commentary for the match. Valentine dominated most of the match, but things came close near the last minute and a half when Devine mounted his comeback. Devine had Valentine shaken up when he took to the top rope to hit his finishing Cross Body Block off the top, but he was momentarily distracted by Jack G, allowing Valentine an opportunity to gorilla press him to the mat and score the pinfall. E+


Backstage Nicky Champion is interviewed on the looming threat of Peter Valentine, holding ice to his neck, Champion explains that he wants to prove his win over Valentine wasn't a fluke as badly as Valentine wants to prove it was one. He accepts the challenge for Stars, Stripes and Slams. C-


Following another commercial break, Sam Strong is seen backstage reprimanding the Towers of Power for their assault on Chris Caulfield and cheap win over Des Davids, saying that for their actions he's serving them a Tag Title defense against Des Davids and Chris Caulfield and Stars, Stripes and Slams. D+


The Forces of America(Captain USA and Jim Force) defeated Savage Fury in 4:23

Just passing time with this match, the standard fare between these two, not entirely interesting. Captain USA got the pin on Tribal Warrior with a sunset flip. E+


As the Forces of America were celebrating, Savage Fury quickly retaliated, beating the tar out of them and knocking them out, so no one wins, really... D-


James Justice then cut a standard promo backstage. Repeating himself a little from previous weeks. He says he doesn't know what convinced Bruce the Giant to see things through Corporal Doom's eyes. He warns Bruce the Giant that anyone who calls himself Corporal Doom is obviously out of his mind. Everyone in the locker room respected Bruce, but one by one he's singlehandedly chokeslamming that respect right through the canvas. He concludes "well you can chokeslam all of your peers and take all the cheapshots you want, but you're not gonna get that chokeslam on me at Stars, Stripes and Slams." B+


T-Rex and Jumbo Jackson defeated James Justice at 9:50

All three men worked hard, but eventually the odds caught up to Justice when an exhausted T-Rex made Justice tap after spending a good while in the Jurassic Crush. D


After the match Bruce the Giant made his way out with Corporal Doom. T-Rex and Jumbo Jackson helped a worn out James Justice to his knees, holding him by each arm, prepping him for a Giant Chokeslam. But Bruce had other plans, as he double chokeslammed Jackson and Rex to the approval of the audience. The celebration was short lived when Bruce then chokeslammed Justice as well. The show ended with Bruce the Giant celebrating to a jeering audience. B-


Overall: D-


Great hype for the main event, and other storylines showing promise such as Valentine/Champion, Caulfield/Davids going for the tag titles, but there are some stragglers. The Savage Fury/Forces of America feud is really status quo and in spite of an interesting story, I'm not sure Peter Valentine has it in the ring anymore and the TV Title match could suffer at the big event. Next week is the "go home" show, so we'll see if that will peak audiences.

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Stars, Stripes and Slams preview


Falls Count Anywhere Tag Team Match

Java and Tribal Warrior(Savage Fury) vs. Captain USA and Jim Force(American Forces)


Darryl Devine vs. "Money" Jack G


Four Way Dance

Women's Championship

Alicia Strong© vs. Cherry Bomb vs. Nadia Snow vs. Stephanie Wade


Mick Muscles and Danny Rushmore(The Towers of Power)© vs. Chris Caulfield and Des Davids


The Return of Madman Boone


Television Championship

Nicky Champion© vs. Peter Valentine


Main Event

World Heavyweight Championship

James Justice© vs. Bruce the Giant


Stay tuned for possible additional matches

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<div style="width:320px; text-align: center;"><embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" src="

http://wmg.photobucket.com/pbwidget.swf?pbwurl=http://wmg.photobucket.com/albums/v224/zachalous2/7fa32103.pbw" height="240" width="320"><a href="http://photobucket.com/slideshows" target="_blank"></a></div>

NOTBPW Championship Wrestling

report by David Keltzer



Melody Cuthill & Gregg Boone/Craig Green VS. Stephanie Hazel & The Natural/Owen Love

Melody Cuthill and The Kelowna Playaz defeated The Natural, Owen Love and Stephanie Hazel in 11:32, when the Playaz separated the Blondes from the action to allow Cuthill to get the Melody Maker on Hazel. This was one of the better matches of the night, which featured a lot of hot tags and back and forth flying action.

Rated D+



Dean McWade VS. Jeremy Stone

Jeremy Stone defeated Dean McWade in 13:28 by DQ when Dallas McWade attacked Stone after a distraction by Carl Batch on the outside. Solid back and forth brawling with good action. The ending took a dangerous route by have a DQ finish which left the fans with a bad taste in their mouth. Carl Batch's debut may not have been on the best terms with the fans, but it does look like Carl will be acting as a mouth piece for the McWades. He'll probably play a role similar to his run with the Peak's back in DAVE.

Rated D




Dan Stone is in the ring and calls for Sam Strong who he has invited once again to the show. Strong comes out to a moderate pop, with some boo's mixed in. Strong tells Stone they may have started off on the wrong foot, and wants to apologize for Caulfield's actions last week. Stone refuses to hear Strong's apology and cuts him off. "You american's like to cause a bunch of destruction, disregarding other people's lives, and then you want to make apologies to try patching things up so we can be buddies again," says Stone. Stone says he's tired of it, and instead wants to fight back like the rest of the world should be doing.

Rated C-




Stone removes his jacket and rolls up his sleeves as it starts to get heated in the ring. It looks like the two promoters are about to fight. All of a sudden, a metallic object is smashed over the back of Sam Strong's head. And it's Sean McFly who hit him! McFly has one of his crutches and is beating Sam Strong relentlessly with it. He finally stops after striking Strong unconscious. He takes the other crutch and wobbles back up the aisle with Dan Stone, who looks pleased.

Rated B-



Tim Westybrook VS. John Maverick

John Maverick defeated Tim Westybrook in 13:47 when he hit the Deadly Silence on Westybook for the pin. Fans did not like the fact that Maverick used underhand tactics leading to the finish, and it hurt the overall quality of the match. Other than that, the action was decent with many reversals, but nothing spectacular.

Rated D



Dark Angel VS. Steve Flash

Dark Angel defeated Steve Flash in 17:48, when Flash missed with the Flash Bang and got hit by the Descent into Hell from Dark Angel. This one had some fast back and forth action between the two best all around workers in the business. Nothing negative can be said about this one, it was a very competitive match and allowed Flash to get in plenty of offense. His momentum is a little weak, but Flash should become more exciting as he rebuilds his popularity in Canada.

Rated C



Emma Bitch VS. Wanda fishVS. Tamara McFly

Wanda Fish defeated Emma Bitch and Tamara McFly in 8:09, when Fish hit the inverted DDT on McFly for the pin. This was a short, filler match that didn't have a whole lot going behind it. Tamara and Wanda still need time to build up their reputations, while Bitch is just average in the ring. No real noticeable flaws here, these ladies just need more build up if they're gonna be taken seriously.

Rated E+



Johnny Bloodstone (NOTBPW Canadian Champion) VS. Dan Stone Jr.

Johnny Bloodstone defeated Dan Stone Jr via submission in 29:58 with the Bloodstone Mutilation. Even match, with both men fighting to keep an advantage over the other. The McWade brothers and Carl Batch showed up half way through to serve as distractions. Jeremy Stone came out to try evening the sides, but Dallas once again weaseled his way in to the ref's blind spot, and hit Stone with a running lariat. This allowed Bloodstone to hit a german suplex and follow up with the finish. We were definitely expecting a classic match out of these two, but as usual they seemed to not "click" in the ring. They will probably go on to put these two against each other sparingly.

Rated B-



Rating C

Another NOTBPW show that leaned a little into sports-entertainment territory. Not a bad show, but a lot of the booking did not sit well with the fans. The opening match was a good start and showed attention to the rivalries with the Tag Titles and Womens Title. The McWades/Stones feud is Ok, but will need more work if they expect it to be memorable. Flash's return is a little soft at the moment, but he'll build his reputation over time and have some good matches again. Bloodstone gets another good match in. We all know him and Dan Jr. aren't that great in the ring together, but both are skilled enough to still take it to an appropriate level of excitement. NOTBPW's relationship with USPW is great and all, but they should probably stick to their traditional roots, or things could turn nasty pretty soon. The Sam Strong segments did well, and it should lead to a great Stone-McFly/Strong feud down the line. But they shouldn't let it interfere with their product. NOTBPW has a fan base that wants clean wrestling, and hopefully the booking team has seen that with this show.

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USPW American Wrestling Preview (January, Week 4)


Cherry Bomb vs. the debuting Candy Floss


Jim Force vs. Giant Redwood


The debut of NOTBPW's Steve Flash


Chris Caulfield and Des Davids vs. Java and Tribal Warrior(Savage Fury)


Darryl Devine in action


Main Event

James Justice/Nicky Champion vs. Bruce the Giant/Peter Valentine


Card subject to change

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NOTBPW Championship Wrestling Preview

Craig Green vs. Owen Love

Wanda Fish vs. Stephanie Hazel

The McWade Brothers vs. Mick Muscles & Darryl Devine

Dark Angel vs. Dan Stone Jr.

Tim Westybtook vs. Johnny Bloodstone (NOTBPW Canadian Champion)

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