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NWA:TNA from inception

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May 2002


J Sports and Entertainment have sent out a press release announcing that they are due to promote wrestling events under the banner of NWA:TNA. In was is an interesting development, father/son combination Jerry and Jeff Jarrett will start producing wrestling events in partnership with the National Wrestling Alliance. Wrestling events are set to begin from mid July from the southern states of the United States; however, interestingly these events will be broadcast weekly on pay per view. Early recommended retail pricing have these events set at a cost of $9.95 to the paying customer.


‘Since early 2001 there has been a gap in the wrestling business left by former heavyweight promotions, WCW and ECW. Many promoters have failed in their attempts to fill the void but it is J Sports and Entertainment’s goal to build from the ashes and offer an entertaining alternative to the WWE. To succeed, the promotion needs to be innovative. The weekly PPV format offers opportunities to show unlimited action with no commercial breaks with pay per view quality matches – this is the TNA or Total Non-Stop Action element of the promotion.'


'Starting from scratch brings its own problems of name recognition. This has been combated by teaming up with the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). The NWA has the longest reaching history in professional wrestling today and although it may not be what it once was, we believe that the NWA and its championships are still relevant to wrestling fans. We are hoping for a long, mutually beneficial and prosperous partnership with the NWA.’


The weekly pay per view format is although, innovative, being suggested as possibly unworkable. It will be interesting to see if the schedule is maintainable. Nonetheless, NWA:TNA’s inaugural event is set to take place June 19th 2002 from the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Expect Jeff Jarrett to be involved and most likely a major player in the company due to his legitimate involvement in the promotion. Also, we will keep you up to date with other major signings as they develop.


NWA:TNA have announced their first major signing since making public their intentions to promote wrestling events. Former WWE and WCW superstar, Scott Hall is set to appear at the first NWA:TNA Pay Per View event on June 19th and the Von Braun Center in Huntsville Alabama.




‘Scott Hall brings a wealth of experience in professional wrestling to NWA:TNA. He has been at the fore-front of many big moments in professional wrestling not least being one of the founding fathers of one of the biggest wrestling groups, the NWO. Scott Hall will provide competition for anybody wishing to become the king of the mountain in NWA:TNA


Other wrestlers set to appear on June 19th are: AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Low-Ki, ‘Primetime’ Elix Skipper, Steve Corino and Jeff Jarrett


June 2002


Former UFC fighter and WWE wrestler Ken Shamrock is set to appear at NWA:TNA’s first PPV event at Huntsville Alabama June 19th. ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’ has been successful in his fighting and wrestling career to date and should be a real force to contend with in NWA TNA.




Jerry Jarret was quoted as saying: ‘Ken Shamrock brings with him the big match atmosphere which we hope can translate into NWA:TNA. He is an experienced wrestler and also brings with him a legitimate dangerous image that is very marketable in today’s climate.’


With the premiere edition of NWA:TNA, company officials have been finalising details of workers set to appear. Early indications show that the first even will feature a tournament to crown a champion for the vacant NWA World Heavyweight title.


Other wrestlers set to appear include Jerry Lynn, Psicosis, Buff Bagwell, K –Krush and Rick Steiner


OOC: This is my first diary here and it's the game I'm running since downloading TEW 2005. I'll try working on the layout until it's at a point where it's pleasing on the eye. Focus of the diary will be getting over the company and the roster first, there isn't any big storylines as such to begin with because of this. Any pointers etc to what I might be doing wrong would be greatly appreciated as the diary develops.

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NWA:TNA 1 – Gauntlet for the Gold scheduled card




NWA:TNA 1 – Gauntlet for the Gold scheduled card


NWA:TNA explodes onto the wrestling scene with its very first, action packed filled edition of NWA:TNA on pay per view. Join us for the very best of wrestling entertainment boasting popular superstars and exciting young prospects. An unmissable premiere episode will focus on finding a champion who will claim the vacant NWA World Heavyweight title. Eight wrestling superstars have been identified as the top contenders for the honour of becoming the first NWA World Heavyweight champion at a NWA:TNA event. The following men will compete in an eight man tournament and must win three matches on the night to earn the right to become champion:


Buff ‘The Stuff’ Bagwell

Jeff Jarrett

K-Krush [Former WWE wrestler K-Kwik]

‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’ Ken Shamrock

‘The Dog Faced Gremlin’ Rick Steiner

Scott Hall

‘The King of Old School’ Steve Corino

An as yet unannounced competitor


The NWA board have announced that the brackets the tournament will not be announced until the night of the event.


Also on the card a six man wrestling showcase in an every man for himself contest featuring; AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Jerry Lynn, Low-Ki, ‘Primetime’ Elix skipper and Psicosis


Quick picks:


Who will victorious and claim the NWA World Heavyweight championship?

Who is the mystery participant? [Hint - More of a vehicle to introduce a character and he was an original member of NWA:TNA]

Prediction: AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Low-Ki vs. 'Primetime' Elix Skipper vs. Psicosis

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TNA 1: Gauntlet for the Gold


from the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alamaba




Attendance: 4 722


[The pay per view broadcast gets off with a bang as a pyro display deafens the wrestling fans of Huntsville, Alabama. There’s empty seats visible, however, it appears to be a good turnout for the first NWA:TNA event.]




Announcers: Mike Tenay, Don West and Ed Ferrara


[The announce team of Mike Tenay, Don West and Ed Ferrara welcome everybody to premiere edition of NWA TNA on pay per view. They hype the fact that NWA:TNA will strive to host the best wrestling and entertainment on offer. The vacant NWA World Heavyweight title will be contested this evening by eight wrestling stars. Scheduled to compete are former NWA World Champion Steve Corino, Jeff Jarrett, Rick Steiner, Buff Bagwell, K-Krush, The World’s Most Dangerous Man – Ken Shamrock, Scott Hall and a mystery competitor.]


Tenay: NWA:TNA is going to respect and make history here in Huntsville Alabama tonight.


[They put over the fact that NWA:TNA will be the home of the talented young professional wrestlers in the world and the opening match is set to showcase this fact.]


AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Low Ki vs. Jerry Lynn vs. ‘Primetime’ Elix Skipper vs. Psicosis




A real treat here as some of the young stars of NWA:TNA such as AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Low Ki were up against more established stars such as Jerry Lynn, Primetime and Psicosis. After an exhibition in high flying, quick tags and fast paced action it was young AJ Styles who picked up the victory with his devastating finisher the Styles Clash and then pinning a fallen Low-Ki while the other participants battled on the outside. All participants soaked up the adulation from the crowd following the bout.]


Outcome: AJ Styles def. Low Ki with the Styles Clash


Match Rating: C


Tenay: What an opening contest to start the life of NWA:TNA


West: I can’t believe it Mike, they put their bodies on their line to entertain the fans!


Tenay: I've got word that a NWA representative is due to address the fans both here and at home right now


West: Who could it be?!!




Ricky Steamboat comes down to the ring and welcomes those in attendance and those watching on PPV to the inaugural NWA:TNA event. Steamboat comments that the wrestling world is buzzing in anticipation about the next big thing to hit the professional wrestling world. It is with great pride that Ricky Steamboat has been given the honour of being NWA Board Representative for NWA:TNA and mentions that all of the wrestlers in the back will have him to answer to. Ricky Steamboat proceeds to unveil the first matches for the tournament; K-Krush will face Buff Bagwell, Jeff Jarrett will face Rick Steiner, Scott Hall will face former NWA World Champion Steve Corino and Ken Shamrock will face a mystery opponent.


Ricky Steamboat: I am confident we can find a competitor deserving to be crowned NWA World Heavyweight champion.


Segment Rating: C


[Jeff Jarrett makes his way to the ring full of fury. He grabs a microphone and confronts Ricky Steamboat.]


Jarrett: Ricky Steamboat, I know you were once a revered competitor, I know you have an NWA legacy but I’m Jeff Jarrett and I have a wrestling legacy. I’ve been successful in every wrestling promotion I’ve competed in and have been a multiple time champion in each of them.


What I’m trying to say is, surely I don’t have to prove myself in a tournament. It’s safe to say I’m above fighting in such a tournament. By all means have a tournament amongst my competition but whoever wins should face me in a singles match at the end of the night to decide who becomes NWA World Heavyweight champion. I’m the man that the rest of the NWA:TNA wrestlers should be measured against and my offer is surely an acceptable proposition to the NWA Board.


Steamboat: Now Jeff, the board anticipated unrest amongst the competitors and I was given strict procedures to follow. The NWA board insist that the vacant NWA World Heavyweight title is competed for in a fair tournament to maintain the integrity of the title. If you don’t like it, I’m sorry but, if you don’t want in on this tournament now is the time to say and we can schedule a replacement for your spot.


Jarrett: That’s won’t be necessary but I’m warning you Steamboat I gave you a fair chance. I will give you the benefit of the doubt this time but in the future I may not be so forgiving.


[steamboat steps closer to Jarrett]


Steamboat: Are you threatening me Jeff?


Jarrett: Make of it what you want but one way or the other, I will be NWA World Heavyweight champion and there is not a damn thing you can do to stop me.


[Jeff Jarrett and Ricky Steamboat engage in a brief stare down which is broken up by cheers from those in attendance.]


Segment Rating: B-


[Jarrett and Steamboat turn their attention to the entrance way where The World’s Dangerous Man, Ken Shamrock is heading down. Shamrock enters the rings and takes a microphone from a member of the ring crew.]


Shamrock: What’s wrong Jarrett, you afraid of the competition? I think you know that you can’t take me on in a fair fight and win. I promise you, if we meet tonight, I will break your damn ankle. You know that tonight, nobody in the locker room can beat me and the NWA World Heavyweight title around my waist will prove it tonight!


[Jarrett is about to respond to Ken Shamrock when K-Krush (former WWE wrestler K-Kwik) ambushes Shamrock from behind. Jarrett joins in on a two on one attack until Buff Bagwell and Rick Steiner come from the back to Ken Shamrock’s aid. Masses of NWA officials and security separate the competitors and start to shepherd them backstage leaving only K-Krush and Buff Bagwell in the ring separated by the remaining officials.]


Segment Rating: C+



[K-Krush demands a microphone]




K-Krush: All you rednecks want to know why I would attack Ken Shamrock out here tonight. Well I’m gonna give you all the truth. Y’see, I’ve busted my ass for years to get myself to the position I am today. I’ve been held back from being the competitor I always knew I could be for too damn long. I could have been World champion long before this opportunity I got here tonight and that’s the damn truth. Well, this stops right here right now. I’m going to seize my opportunity and not let go. NWA:TNA are going to see a different man. I aint no ‘K-Krush’, I’m certainly not no ‘K-Kwik’. I am Ron ‘The Truth’ Killings and I’m going to show you all what I’m all about and it starts with you Buff Bagwell right now.


Segment Rating: C


[Order is restored and the NWA officials head to the back. The referee calls for the bell and the NWA World Heavyweight title tournament is underway.]


Buff Bagwell vs. Ron ‘The Truth’ Killings





Bagwell has the crowd on his side and you could probably go as far to say that he is over with the crowd in Alabama. Killings, following his attack on Ken Shamrock and his speech before the match is very much labelled as the bad guy in the match. After a good start by Bagwell, Killings stops him in his tracks with a closed fist. The referee warns Killings of the infraction but the damage is done and Killings capitalizes. He pummels Bagwell in the corner with rights with both his fists and his elbows before calling out ‘Who’s the man?!’ Killings executes a suplex on Bagwell before going for a cover which only gets a two count. Killings goes to whip Bagwell into the corner but Bagwell reverses. Killings stops himself in the corner before leaping over an on rushing Bagwell before back flipping further back. Bagwell tries to clothesline Killings who ducks by performing the splits. He then scores with a jumping sidekick. He goes for another cover but Bagwell kicks out again. Bagwell slowly gets to his feet where Killings is waiting for him with a kick to the mid section. Killings goes off the ropes before connecting with an axe kick and he is sensing the end. He climbs the top rope and comes off with a 450 Splash…NO! Bagwell moved. Bagwell takes it to Killings and the crowd are fully behind him. He drops Killings on his head with a double underhook DDT. Bagwell poses for the crowd before climbing the top turnbuckle himself. Killings slowly makes it to his feet while Bagwell is perched on the top waiting but Killings as it scouted and shakes the ropes crotching Bagwell. Killings engages Bagwell in the corner and hits an elevated cradle neckbreaker picking up the win.


Outcome: Ron ‘The Truth’ Killings def. Buff Bagwell


Match Rating: C+


Jeff Jarrett vs. Rick Steiner




The match starts off with a standing brawl, which Rick Steiner ends up on the better side of. The fans are behind the dog-faced gremlin and they bark in support. Jarrett quickly regains his composure however and surprises Steiner with an enzuigiri. Jarrett takes control and applies a sleeper hold to his downed opponent. After a few moments in the hold, Steiner reacts to the crowd’s motivation. He manages to reach for the ropes and the referee calls for Jarrett to break the hold. Jarrett reluctantly breaks before running off the opposite ropes and hitting a leapfrog body guillotine with Steiner still on the ropes. The referee has a stren talkingto Jarrett complaining about his conduct. Jarrett makes his way back to Steiner and sets him up for a suplex. Steiner fights out and goes to whip Jarrett into the ropes. It’s reversed by Jarrett who sends Steiner instead. He comes off the ropes and he hits a Steiner-line, flooring Jeff Jarrett. Steiner picks up Jarrett and executes a release german suplex before firing up the crowd with some barking noises. Rick Steiner calls for the end before lifting Jarrett into position for the Steiner Driver. Jarrett fights free, however, before stomping to Steiner’s chest. The exposed Rick Steiner is left vulnerable for Jeff Jarrett to hit the stroke. He covers Steiner for the pinfall much to the annoyance of the fans.


Outcome: Jeff Jarrett def. Rick Steiner


Match rating: A


Ed Ferrara: Jarrettt pulls it out the bag like a real champion can only do.


Don West: Unbelievable! I thought Rick Steiner had him there!


Mike Tenay: Guys we can’t stop, the next match is coming right up.


Don West: Are you kidding me?!!!


[steve Corino makes his way out to the ring full of self importance. He ignores the fans before demanding a microphone.]




Corino: Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honour to bring honour and credibility to the title tournament taking place here tonight. As the only former NWA World Heavyweight champion in the tournament, I should have been given the bye to the final that Jeff Jarrett mistakenly thinks he should have received. Tonight I, Steve Corino, the King of Oldschool proves to the world that he is the greatest professional wrestler alive today and in doing so becomes a two-time NWA World Heavyweight champion. It starts tonight with Scott Hall, if he has even managed to lift himself out of whatever cesspool he’s been lying in the last few years. Get yourself down to the ring if you dare Scott Hall and I will give you a wrestling lesson you will never forget.


Segment Rating: C+


[With that Scott Hall makes his way to the ring, appearing not too affected by Corino’s words.]


Scott Hall vs. Steve Corino




As Hall enters the ring, Corino rushes to attack, not waiting for the bell. It gives Corino the advantage he was looking for at a price of only a quick telling off from the match official. He takes it to Hall laying in the boot while he’s defenceless on the mat. Corino steps onto the ring apron before catapulting himself back inside and landing a leg drop on his downed opponent. He then applies a front facelock and forces Hall to his feet. Bridging snap suplex, Hall kicks out at two and a half. Corino picks Hall up from the mat again and this time hits a brainbuster. He goes for the cover again and gets another near fall. Steve Corino looks frustrated at the two near attempts but again picks Hall up from the mat. Hall is in the piledriver position. But he reverses countering with a back body drop. Corino quickly attempts to get back to his feet and keep his momentum but Hall is waiting for him with right hands. He pummels a sorry looking Steve Corino. His attack has left Corino staggered and Hall uses the opportunity to execute a fallaway slam. Corino is down and out in the centre of the ring, Hall calls for the end. Scott Hall sets Corino up and the fans are on their feet. Corino falls victim to the Outsider’s Edge. Surely that’s it! One, two, three and it’s over! Scott Hall advances and former NWA World Heavyweight champion Steve Corino is eliminated.


Match rating: B-


Outcome: Scott Hall def. Steve Corino


[Ken Shamrock comes out to a godd reception from the crowd, ready for his first round match.]


[James Mitchell AKA Sinister Minister comes down the ramp with a microphone.]




Mitchell: Get ready for your worst nightmare and your impending doom, Ken Shamrock, your first and last opponent tonight is none other than…Malice.


[Mitchell starts to laugh as he moves the microphone away from his mouth. A physically imposing figure comes down to the ring to accompany James Mitchell. He receives some last minute orders from James Mitchell before focusing on his opponent – Ken Shamrock.]


Segment Rating: C-



Ken Shamrock vs. Malice




Shamrock doesn’t quite know what to make of Malice and he goes to strike his opponent. Malice takes a few heavy hits but he doesn’t appear to be too fazed by them. Whatever punishment Shamrock serves, Malice appears able to take. Shamrock keeps his head and tries to ground the big man but Malice fights him off and then grounds Shamrock with a back breaker. Shamrock writhers in pain whist Malice takes instruction from James Mitchell. Malice drags Shamrock from the ground and powers him in the corner. He follows up with a big body splash. Shamrock falls to the ground and Malice applies a foot choke which the referee quickly breaks up. Undeterred, Malice lifts Shamrock from the ground once more and this time goes to power him into the ropes. Shamrock comes back, straight into a big boot. Malice stalks Ken Shamrock with his hand raised in the air. He grabs Ken Shamrock with a choke before lifting Shamrock up by his throat. Malice holds Shamrock in the air and is about to drop Shamrock to his doom until Shamrock counters. Shamrock uses his legs to mount an offense and comes up with his own choke by wrapping his legs around Malice’s throat. He completes the counter by grounding Malice with a hurricanrana. James Mitchell jumps on the apron but Shamrock levels him. Shamrock turns round to an attack from Malice but he ducks a right hand and then hits a belly to belly suplex on Malice. Shamrock moves in for the kill and applies the anklelock, James Mitchell is still knocked out on the outside. Malice is in agony but he can’t bring himself to submit. He passes out with the pain and the referee is forced to stop the match.


Mike Tenay: Shamrock’s done it, he progresses to the next round of the tournament


Don West: What a match, I can’t believe it!


Ed Ferrara: I think Shamrock got lucky there, Malice almost got the job done on him for a moment there.


Match rating: C+


Outcome: Ken Shamrock def. Malice (Submission stoppage)


[Filler spot where Joel Gertner hosted a bikini constest involving Francine, Elecktra, Alicia Webb & Traci Brooks. Traci Brooks was announced as the winner.]


Segment Rating: B-


[Graphic while announcers hype up Hall/Jarrett]


Tenay: Coming up next; the first semi-final on this NWA World Heavyweight title tournament as Scott Hall takes on Jeff Jarrett.


Don West: These guys are just one step away from the final and that chance to be champion, I can’t wait.


Ed Ferrara: Guys, I think we are going to see Jeff Jarrett show here exactly how lucky Scot Hall was to make it this far.


Segment Rating: B


[scott Hall makes his way out down to the ring to a generous reception. He takes in the cheers before asking for a microphone.]




Hall: Hey yo…what’s up Huntsville Alabama?


[The crowd cheer for the cheap pop]


Hall: It seems that a certain Steve Corino may have mis-underestimated Scott Hall. Well, you sure did pay the price for that my friend. I may be getting older but I still got the fighting spirit to beat punks like you in the ring. Next stop is Jeff Jarrett. Jeff, I know we go back a long way but we both know all bets are off, especially considering the prize that is on the line. I’m here to prove to everybody in the world and more importantly, myself that I’ve got what it takes to be world champion. I’m here in NWA:TNA to become NWA World Heavyweight champion and I aint gonna let anybody get in my way and stop me.


Segment rating: B+


Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Hall




Both men give it their all in an out and out brawl as they both try to prove to one another who is the better man. The fans are into the match and are desperate to see Hall come out victorious. The momentum swings from one wrestler to the other numerous times until it appears that Scott Hall is ultimately on top. Hall has Jarrett up for the Outsider’s Edge! Jarrett fights free, sliding down the back of Hall. Back to back Jarrett uses a back heel kick to the groinal area that the referee manages to miss. Jarrett schoolboys Hall and the ref starts to count but fails to notice another infraction as Jarrett has hold of Scott Hall’s tights. The referee counts the pin and awards the victory to Jeff Jarrett. Unbelievably, Jeff Jarrett progresses in extremely dubious circumstances. Jarrett makes a quick exit from the ring before an irate Scott Hall can react. Scott Hall shoots a murderous glare at Jeff Jarrett, who stops in his tracks to smile in a mocking way at Scott Hall.


Outcome: Jeff Jarrett def. Scott Hall (cheating)


Match rating: B+



Mike Tenay: Is their any level that Jeff Jarrett will not stoop?


Ed Ferrara: He did what he had to do to still be in with a chance to become NWA World Heavyweight champion, Mike. He’s a smart wrestler


Mike Tenay: I’m not sure about that but we must proceed and up next is the second semi-final between Ken Shamrock and Ron ‘The Truth’ Killings.


Don West: Mike, I am so psyched for this one


Mike Tenay: Both men were impressive in their first round bouts and it isn’t an easy match to call


Don West: I think Ken Shamrock has the edge, they don’t call him the World’s Most Dangerous Man for nothing.


Ed Ferrara: You see Don, this is where you are going wrong. Totally dismissing The Truth’s chances before he sets foot in the ring, this is the exact disrespectful attitude that he addressed earlier on. Ron Killings showed earlier that he is a highly impressive athlete and I think we will see tonight that he has all the answers to the questions posed by Shamrock’s offence


Mike Tenay: Maybe so, one thing for sure is that we are in for one hell of a semi-final bout next. It’s ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’ Ken Shamrock versus Ron ‘The Truth’ Killings.


Segment Rating: C


[Ron Killings makes his way for his semi-final match]




Killings: I told you all, I told the world, that tonight you would see a new man. I proved it tonight by beating that waste of space Buff Bagwell and now I’m going to prove it by beating Ken Shamrock. It’s fitting that we meet tonight so I get the chance to finish off what I started earlier when I slapped you like the little bitch that you are. You say you are ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’? Well I say that I grew up with more dangerous people than you can ever imagine. Words mean nothing, tonight I will prove to be more dangerous than you can ever dream of being by beating you’re ass in the ring and advancing to become NWA World Heavyweight champion and that, my friend, is the truth!


Segment Rating: C+


Ken Shamrock vs. Ron ‘The Truth’ Killings




Ron Killings uses his speed to supringsly take a quick advantage in the match. Killings has been rather impressive so far in NWA:TNA with his lightning quick speed and devastating power. Killings hits a beautiful corkscrew flying forearm smash. Shamrock has to quickly adjust and he comes back with his own speed using a jumping calf kick to slow Killings down. Shamrock uses an assortment of grappling holds to keep Killings grounded but he can’t keep him down for too long. Killings hits a reverse STO to swing the momentum back in his favour.


Killings winds Shamrock with a blow to the mid section and he bounces off the ropes looking to hit and axe kick. Shamrock is waiting and he catches the attempt in mid-air and drives Killings into the mat. He motions that enough is enough and goes for the ankle lock! Killings is in sheer agony but luckily he is close to the ropes forcing the break of the move. Shamrock moves towards Killings but Killings is ready and he hits a sit out hip toss. Killings climbs to the top turnbuckle but he takes too long and Shamrock is alert. He meets Killings at the top turnbuckle. Belly to belly suplex on Killings from the top turnbuckle. Shamrock makes the cover and picks up the win. Shamrock advances to the final


Match Rating: B- (Submission)


[Announcers hype main event ]


Mike Tenay: OK guys that completes the early rounds and we now know that the final match will be between Jeff Jarrett and Ken Shamrock where the winner will become NWA World Heavyweight champion.


Ed Ferrara: Let me stop you right there Mike Tenay, Jeff Jarrett, I believe has this one in the bag. He has proved to be the best competitor in this tournament so far and in my eyes Ken Shamrock is lucky to even make the final.


Mike Tenay: You’re entitled to your opinion…


Ed Ferrara: Damn right…


Mike Tenay: But I don’t think that is accurate and I think out of the two finalists, Jeff Jarrett’s place is more questionable.


Ed Ferrara: You don’t know what the hell you are talking about Tenay


Don West: Come on guys, let’s just look forward to an incredible main event!


Mike Tenay: Guys, Jeremy Borash is backstage with Jeff Jarrett.


Segment Rating: C-





JB: Jeff Jarrett you are moments away from stepping foot in the ring with ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’ Ken Shamrock. Can you tell us your thoughts going into the match?


Jarrett: My thoughts? How did you get a job here Jeremy Borash? We’re on the eve of the most important match in my professional wrestling career and you want ‘my thoughts?’ What’s wrong with you? This is what my career as been building to, immortality as an NWA World Heavyweight champion. Jeff Jarrett alongside wrestling legends like; Harley Face, Dory Funk, Buddy Rogers and Lou Thez. You may claim to be ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man’ but Ken Shamrock you are going up against the greatest professional wrestler in the world today looking to put the finishing touch on a remarkable and illustrious career. You haven’t got a hope in hells chance of beating me Ken Shamrock, not tonight, not ever.


Segment rating: C+


Jarrett/Shamrock tournament progress video


[A video is shown of the progress of Ken Shamrock and Jeff Jarrett’s progress through the title tournament here tonight in case anybody has forgotten]


Segment Rating: B





Jeff Jarrett vs. Ken Shamrock





The bell rings and Jeff Jarrett and Ken Shamrock get up close and try to stare one another out. Jarrett cracks and goes to strike but Shamrock has it scouted and he blocks it by reversing into an arm before kicking Jarrett away. Shamrock gets fired up and shouts ‘Is that all you got?’ Jarrett regroups and comes back this time with a boot to the mid section but Shamrock again reverses and goes to lock in the ankle lock. Jarrett hurriedly escapes before protesting to an unconcerned referee. Jarrett goes to lock up with Shamrock but Shamrock comes out on top and moves into position before putting on a well executed kneebar. Jarrett is getting frustrated and this time he goes for an eye rake which is successful. The referee is furious with Jeff Jarrett and warns that next time will be an automatic disqualification. The damage is done however and Jarrett goes on the offense seemingly targeting Shamrock’s neck and back with a variation of neckbreakers and suplexes. He seems effective in wearing down Ken Shamrock who seems to be affected by the matches already participated in tonight.


Shamrock fights back and manages to block an attempt by Jarrett of a Stroke, countering with a belly to belly suplex. Shamrock manages to eventually cover Jarrett scoring a near fall. Jarrett gets back to his feet and walks straight into a roundhouse kick. Shamrock makes the cover but Jarrett kicks out at two once more. Both men get to their feet, Shamrock, the aggressor whips Jarrett into the ropes before running into the opposite ones. They meet back in the centre of the ring with a crushing double clothesline. Both men are beat and as they recover they stare at each other across the ring.


The competitors get back to their feet to face off again. Shamrock swings and misses with a right hand. Jarrett uses the advantage to hit a Russian legsweep on Shamrock. He makes the cover and gets a near fall. Jarrett lets his opponent get back to his feet and then kicks Ken Shamrock in the stomach before attempting an enzuigiri. Jarrett is horrified as Shamrock ducks. The nightmare worsens as Shamrock keeps hold of Jarrett’s foot. Shamrock has the ankle lock on Jeff Jarrett, Tenay screams at the viewers to watch for the tap. Jarrett is trying to fight it off but he’s in the centre of the ring and has little chance of escape. He is desperate not to tap and miss out on becoming champion. The pain, however, is too much and he is resigned to giving up. The referee tells Shamrock it’s all over and breaks the hold. Ken Shamrock is the NEW NWA World Heavyweight champion. Jarrett lies in a heap on the floor.


Outcome: Shamrock def. Jarrett for the NWA World Heavyweight title (Submission)


Match rating: B+


Ricky Steamboat comes inside the ring and presents Ken Shamrock with the NWA World Heavyweight title. Shamrock lifts the title as a ticker tape parade begins. Jeff Jarrett slowly makes his way backstage, not before shooting an envious glare in Ken Shamrock’s direction.


Segment Rating: C-


Mike Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen thank you for joining us on this momentous night. Ken Shamrock is the new NWA World Heavyweight champion and he thoroughly deserves it, in my opinion.


Don West: What a night, what an event!


Mike Tenay: Join us next week, only on pay per view!



Show Rating: B-

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NWA:TNA Roster






The word from those backstage is that everyone connected with the show was delighted with how it went. The mix of established and up and coming talent is said to have gone across with those watching well and Ken Shamrock was accepted as a legitimate champion.


In bad news however, the buyrate was an abysmal 2,311 buys. Pay per view carrier InDemand are said to be less than impreesed with the figure and rumour has it that the PPV deal which NWA:TNA are basing their business model on might not be given more than a few weeks to prove viable before it is pulled. NWA:TNA management hope that the buyrates will improve as more episodes are produced and awareness improves.


Results from the NWA:TNA pay per view were:


AJ Styles def Christopher Daniels, Low Ki, Jerry Lynn, ‘Primetime’ Elix Skipper & Psicosis in a six way dance. It was revealed that the win translated to AJ Styles competing in a four way ladder match at next weeks show to crown the NWA:TNA X Division champion. The other three places will be filled during the show


The NWA World Heavyweight title tournament was won by Ken Shamrock as he beat Jeff Jarrett in the final


Previous rounds:

Ron 'The Truth' Killings def. Buff Bagwell

Jeff Jarrett def. Rick Steiner

Ken Shamrock def. Malice

Scott Hall def. Steve Corino


Jeff Jarrett def. Scott Hall

Ken Shamrock def. Ron 'The Truth' Killings


Ken Shamrock is set to defend his NWA World Heavyweight championship against and as yet unannounced challenger. Expect the challenger to me named early in next week's show.


NWA:TNA Roster


NWA:TNA have posted a list of workers on their brand new website. From the roster section it is possible to determine their positions within the company


Main Event


NWA World Heavyweight champion: Ken Shamrock (Face)


Buff Bagwell (Face)

Jeff Jarrett (Heel)

Rick Steiner (Face)

Ron 'The Truth' Killings (Heel)

Scott Hall (Heel)


Upper Midcard


Jerry Lynn (Face)

Konnan (Face)

Low-Ki (Heel)

Malice (Heel)

Steve Corino (Heel)




Chris Harris (Face)

'Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels (Heel)

James Storm (Face)

Lenny Lane (Heel)

Lodi (Heel)

Monty Brown (Face)

Norman Smiley (Face)

'Primetime' Elix Skipper (Heel)

Psicosis (Heel)

Sonny Siaki (Heel)

Tempest (AKA WCW's 'Crowbar') (Heel)

The Amazing Red (Face)

Vampire Warrior (Heel)


Lower midcard


Alan Funk (Heel)

Alexis Laree (Heel)

David Young (Heel)

Slash (Heel)




AJ Styles

Jimmy Yang

Jorge Estrada




James Mitchell (client: Malice)


Authority Figure


Ricky Steamboat

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NWA:TNA 2 – Rise of the X-Division scheduled card



Hot on the heels of last weeks explosive debut event, NWA:TNA fires back on the scene with 'Rise of the X-Division'. A night dedicated to the birth of what is set to be the latest in innovative, high flying, high risk, fast paced wrestling from some of the best wrestlers around. The event will culminate in a four man, ladder match to crown the first X-Division champion. However, entry to the title match must be achieved by winning a qualification match. Young star AJ Styles has already qualified due to being victorious in the six man match that took place in gauntlet for the gold. The remaining three places will be competed for at 'Rise of the X-Division', the matches have been decided as:


Chrisopher Daniels vs. The Amazing Red

Jerry Lynn vs. Psicosis

Low-Ki vs. 'Primetime' Elix Skipper


Seven men have the opportunity to become the very first NWA:TNA X Division champion.


New NWA World Heavyweight champion Ken Shamrock has been scheduled to defend the title that he won at 'Gauntlet for the Gold'. Amazingly, Shamrock does not, as yet, know who his opponent is set to be. With numerous opponents claiming to have a legitimate claim to challenge for the title, NWA representative Ricky Steamboat will address the situation at 'Rise of the X-Division'. There will be interest from many corners as to his decision.


Be sure to order for all of this plus more only on pay per view!


Quick picks:


Prediction: Ken Shamrock vs. ??? [NWA World Heavyweight title]

Prediction: AJ Styles vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? [NWA:TNA X Division Ladder Match]

Prediction: Jerry Lynn vs. Psicosis

Prediction: Low-Ki vs. 'Primetime' Elix Skipper

Prediction: Christopher Daniels vs. The Amazing Red

Out of the blue prediction: Who will be Ken Shamrock's opponent?

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