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Split Diary: NWA Dott

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I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a Split Diary for the NWA in DOTT.I will be the president of the NWA and we will do board meeting when it comes time to For NWA Title Changes, Which would be the World,US and World Tag Team. Each person would send me the results and match write-ups for their company.Send me results by PM and we will vote on title changes by PM.I know this was done one time before, But was closed due to a computer crashing.I felt like I would like to start it up.Also PM me wrestlers u want to use in ur company.

The NWA orginizations are as follows









MACW: TNAfan 123


The first four to reply will be in the game.I want this mainly to be old school style booking.Also u can do ur own storylines and we will discuss storylines for NWA Titles

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I will let u know some of the rules.


I already got a few.


I am wanting to be directly like it was in 1983 which means there were no 3-way matches back then. No elimanation chamber matches.Cages matches are fine as long as winner is pinfall or submisson.I am not a fan of the cage escape crap.TV shows back then had about 2 to 3 5 minute Job matches and interviews and angles to set up certain matches.We will vote on title matches. For example, Ric Flair is the NWA World Champion and if we will feel it time for him to drop the Title we will discuss through pm and take a vote.

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