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XWA: The New Land of Extreme

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In 2001 ECW the land of Extreme went out of business because of financial problems within the company. Since then a lot of the ECW originals have gone on to wrestle in WWE, TNA, Indies, or leave wrestling all together. The ECW name was bought by Vincent Kennedy McMahon in 2003 later to become a brand of the World Wrestling Entertainment. The new ECW is a sad shell of what Mr. Heyman bought us in the 1990’s, but luckily someone will save us.


In 2009 a loyal member of the original ECW came up the idea to make a wrestling promotion designed mostly after ECW. This original was the one and only “The whole F’n Show” Rob Van Dam. When Rob was asked about his promotion he said “ I’m not going to say much, but this is not all about ECW this is the XWA the Xtreme Wrestling Action and were going to blast on the map soon….really soon.” Van Dam also said that there will not be too many ECW originals and him self would not be competing.


XWA consists of mostly hardcore high flying and Anti-main stream. They held their first show on July 2009 to a crowed of 200 wrestling or should I say fighting fans. The full roster has not been relapsed to the public yet but should be coming soon. The companies catch phrase is “Once hardcore always hardcore. **** the Mainstream wrestling companies.” The company has a PPV deal and has a show each week entitled “XWA Blood, Sweat, and Ears.”


What’s in this company’s future? Time will only tell but if you ask me the XWA will be bigger and better then ECW ever was.

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