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Some Dirtbag Makes fun of Eddie's Death


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Hey everyone, I think the time has come for all the wrestling marks and smarks alike to unite against a common enemy. I found this on another forum and have yet to see it make it's rounds through the wrestling community. and I am thinking that's cause it was on espn radio. But anyways here it is Well, Colin Cowherd is a complete mother****ing douche bag. Apparently on his radio show (you know, the one nobody listens to ever) he said "Who cares that he died" and said that Eddie's death is not newsworthy because wrestlers use steriods. There's a lot of people here who won't like this comment, but I mean it 100%: Colin Cowherd, I hope YOU are found dead in a hotel room and I hope YOUR family has to suffer because of it. You are a worthless pile of fecal remnant and you do not deserve to be on this planet, much less have your voice heard by a handful of people each day. People like you are complete worthless scumbags and you deserve zero respect as a human being. You're not a human being. You're garbage and I hope you get the most painful, incurable combination of disease. You are a disgrace of a person. Have some god damn respect for the dead. Here's a little bit about the ******* in question Cowherd took over for Tony Kornheiser on ESPN Radio over a year ago. He's on Mon - Fri between 10am - 1pm on your local ESPN Radio affiliate. and here's the mother ****er's email addy [email]theherd@espnradio.com[/email] Please Please post this on every single wrestling forum you frequent
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