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What are some of your stables


in my SWF Game i have 3 current stables feuding eachother


The Eisen Incorporated

Started by Richard Eisen to get rid of people like Robbie Retro, Jack Bruce & Christian Faith, Richard First enlisted the help of The Money Incorporated (Remo, Rich Money, Emma Chase & Brandon James) and his son Eric Eisen, putting him against Christian Faith in losing fashion, The Money Incorporated would attack Eric and Faith & Bruce would make the save after weeks of attacks on Eric Eisen, The Eisen Incorporated got the help of Dan Stone Jr. who would help them but not getting any titles.



Richard Eisen

Rich Money

"Big Money" Brandon James


Emma Chase

Nate Action (Nevada Nuclear)


SWF Warriors

Started to rebel the unsuccesful Eisen Incorporated and keep them down started by Christian Faith & Jack Bruce they would let Eric Eisen in to help them feud Eisen Incorporated, getting beaten in every way at Awesome Impact bringing in 2 very shocking members into their stable, Jeremy Stone would appear and help Eric & Christian defeat Remo & Dan Stone Jr, and also "Big Money" Brandon James would be surprised by the mysterious signing of Sam Keith who would defeat him and claim himself as one of the SWF Warrrios.



Christian Faith

Jack Bruce

Sam Keith

Jeremy Stone

Eric Eisen


The Darkness

Started by Nemesis mysteriously to eliminate anybody that screwed him out of SWF, destroying Pat Deacon & Chief 2 Eagles with the help of Vengeance he would start a relationship with Karen Killer who was managing Dark Plague & Dark Acid at the time. as a surprise entrance in the 3 way bout set for The World Is Watching between Jack Bruce, Rich Money & someone from The Darkness everyone thought that the opponent was going to be the dominant Vengeance, Nemesis would surprise everybody with the guy who was mysteriously attacking Jack Bruce for weeks Bryan Vessey who would win the title and take it to the darkness.





Karen Killer

Dark Plague

Dark Acid

Bryan Vessey

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Guest ShortShortsarentdead


The Circle of Blood


Dark Eagle

KOKI Ishibashi

Magnum KOBE

The Incredible Koyama

Nothing much to say except there feuding with Hell Monkey and Emerald Angel

The Underdog Alliance

American Elemental

Beetle Kimura

Cyber Fighter 3001(his legacy lives on)

Panda Mask II

The Tic

They haven't debuted yet.



Offtopic sorry but Shigakai wanted to know if you wanted to be the other coach in his dynasty

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