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The Wrestling Diary || Nemesis and SWF 1997

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Doc Messing : Doc Messing here with PSW After Hours. As you know, tonight, was a very special night for one man, who just recently won the PSW National Championship. It's surely a dream come true for this young man, who comes from a very well known wrestling legacy. Ladies and Gentlemen watching through your computer screen, I would like to introduce to you, the one and only, son of Nemesis, Ash Campbell !


Ash Campbell : Thanks for having me Doc, Glad to be here ! It's definitely an honor to have earned this title, and I hope that I'm able to keep it for awhile with all the talent that's here at PSW.


Doc Messing : Stop Kissing Up ! You know damn well that you're at the top of the heap right now, and you should damn well be proud of it !


Ash Campbell : Hey, I'm on Camera right now, I can't help it.


Doc Messing : So I thought we'd do this little interview tonight, so let's get to the questions huh ?


Ash Campbell : Fine by Me, Let's get going !


Doc Messing : Alright, Christopher from Pensyl... Pensyl... PITTSBURGH ! Asks : Ash, How does it feel to have won the PSW National Title from the very tough JD Morgan ?


Ash Campbell : Well Chris, I myself was shocked when I beat JD, he was a very tough opponent and...


Doc Messing : LAME ! Why don't you spice it up a bit ?


Ash Campbell : Fine ! Chris, I F*cken dominated JD tonight. The Belt is Mine, and Nobody's going to take it from me ! How's that ?


Doc Messing : That's better, anyways, another Pittsburgh kid asks : Ash, Can you tell us about your father ?


Ash Campbell : Well buddy, let me tell you a story...





The Supreme Wrestling Federation

The Year : 1997

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