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Pow! The SWF has fallen into crisis mode, a state of emergency, the American economy has suffered a huge hit and ticket and DVD sales has fallen, however just on the brink of falling to a National level, at Christmas Clash 2007 SWF held an Epic main event, featuring Jack Bruce defeating Christian Faith in a Great match, slightly boosting sales, for now.... But in this current state, SWF had no other choice other than to hire me... Mr Avatar. (The Grand Avatar)




Richard Eisen: Hello, Please take a seat. So, Mr Avatar, how do you plan to turn my company around, I need action, I need it done, with no time to waste.


Avatar: (Demonic Laugh) Time? All things take time Richard, but it will not take a long time before you are on top, you see, destroying companies is my Job, I do it fast... I do it quietly, Mr Eisen, I single handedly destroyed the Ultimate Wrestling America promotion, from the inside, as head booker,


Eisen: (Frowns) So, how do I know you won't do the same to me?


Avatar: .... You... Don't (demonic Laugh)



Supreme Wrestling Federation


General Manager: Jerry Eisen

Commentary: Peter Michaels & Duane Fry

Backstage Interviewer: Ana Garcia


SWF Heavyweight Champion: Jack Bruce

SWF North American Champion: Rich Money

SWF World Tag Team Champions: Randy & Zimmy Bumfhole

SWF Shooting Star Champion: Marc Dubois




Main Event


Christian Faith


Eric Eisen w/ Enforcer Roberts & Richard Eisen

Jack Bruce

Lobster Warrior


Rich Money

Runaway Train w/ The Guru



Upper Midcard


Brandon James w/ Emma Chase

Elmo Benson

Enforcer Roberts w/ Eric & Richard Eisen

Groucho Bling

Jack Giedroyc

Joe Sexy

Squeeky McClean

Tom Gilmore




Akima Brave w/BJ O'Niell

Bart Biggz w/ Jessie

Big Smack Scott

Brett Biggz w/ Jessie

Fredrique Garcia w/ Andre Jones

Jim Force

Kid Toma

Kurt Laramee

Marc Dubois

Randy Bumfhole

Robbie Retro

Takyuki Avatar


Zimmy Bumfhole


Lower Midcard


Andre Jones

Greg Rayne

James Mainstream


Paul Huntingdon

Shady K




Antonio Ramoray



Tag Teams


Death Row

Knuckles & Shady K


High Concept

Elmo Benson & Groucho Bling


Sexual Aggression

Joe Sexy & Tom Gilmore


The Almighty Dollar

Remo & Rich Money


The Amazing Bumfholes

Randy & Zimmy Bumfhole


The Biggz Boyz

Bart & Brett Biggz


The Pain Alliance

Big Smack Scott & Kurt Laramee


The Samoan Wildboyz

Akima Brave & Kid Toma


Pay Per Views


When Hell Freezes Over 2008

Current Card


Jack Bruce © Vs Eric Eisen

World Heavyweight Championship



Nothing To Lose 2008

Current Card



Awesome Impact 2008

Current Card

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SWF: News & Notes For Week 1, January 2008!


The Year starts off with a bang as we will bring you a fantastic first show, are you ready? 2008: Gonna Bring The Heat!


Pushes For 2008!


In 2008 several new talents will be pushed to higher levels, truly testing their limits, Big Smack Scott, Brandon James, angry Gilmore and also, the young star Valiant looks to be thrown into a major push, apparently, the new head booker has decided that the young man has great potential and want to reach it, even talks of him winning the big one next year!


New Signings!


To make the SWF even more fresh for 2008, SWF have decided to sign some new talents, Local independent star and loyal CZCW wrestler Remmy Skye is said to have being spoken to, trying to reach a deal, new English talent Ricky Storm has also being spoken to, despite only ever wrestler 6 official matches, with great technique, he may very will be signed, as well as many others, one superstars brother is being approached from Japan.


Drug Tests!


Big Smack Scott Failed: Stern Warning


What To expect on Supreme TV


Christian Faith to address the recent attacks upon him.


Jack Bruce & Eric Eisen Vs Lobster warrior & Christian Faith


Brandon James Vs Rich Money © NA title match

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