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PURO U.S.A.: Strong Style comes State-side(C-Verse)

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Puro-Power.com(Mon. Wk.1 Jan. 08)


Japanese wrestling has always been a source of much fascination to many fans stateside and it seems those in the Great Lakes region will get a look that’s a little bit more hands on than grainy videos of BHOTWG and PGHW footage on Youtube.


This reporter has it on very good authority that Japanese film “star” Ikuhisa Homna is set to bring the hard hitting matches of Strong-Style wrestling states side with his newly formed PURO-U.S.A. promotion.


Homna gained a measure of fame and success in Japan by staring in the title role of the “Agent Nakamura:” series of films, which for those of you unfamiliar with Japanese cinema are, for all intents and purposes, basically a Japanese take on the James Bond franchise that have garnered modest success and amassed a sort of B-movie like cult following. Honma himself was born and raised in Cleveland to Japanese parents before heading to the East to start a film career. Even in the oftentimes bizarre world of Japanese pop culture Honma is considered a bit of an eccentric and with projects like this one has to wonder if there isn’t a bit of truth to this rumor.


While the PURO expects to run it’s first show next month and its product is expected to be very close to that of Japanese top dog BHOTWG any details as to the starting roster remain unknown. Here’s hoping this is a home grown product that states side fans of Japanese style wrestling can get behind.



-C.B. Williams


(OOC: First diary and I’m aiming a bit big this will be a new promotion set on Rock Hard that will use a slightly modified version of the BHOTWG product to bring Puro to the U.S. in the C-Verse. I plan to start off very unflashy with the matches being written via website recap and work my way up from there adding graphics ect. As the promotion and hopefully the intrest in the diary grows.)

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Puro U.S.A. has announced the card to it’s debut show and it promises to be a must see event for American Puro fans. The event which is planned for the Ohio Jewish Center in Columbus, Ohio will be called King of Strong Style 2008 and will host a four-man tournament to crown to first Puro U.S.A. World Champion.


The first match will pit CZCW mainstay Frankie Perez noted for his stiff offense and punishing kicks against calling FCW’s hottest prospect Kirk Jameson. Can Perez use his slick striking and aerial ability to overcome the hot young rookie? Or will the dogged technician who has been setting Puerto Rico ablaze with his no-nonsense mat work sink a submission?


The second match of the night will pit GCG wrestler in the person Tennessee’s own Julian Watson against another man who is no stranger to Japanese wrestling in the GCG bulldozer Rhino Umaga. Who will prevail in this match the fiery brawler known as “The Terror from Tennessee” or will Umaga’s size and strength advantage prove to be too much for Watson?


The winners will square off in the finals for both the Puro U.S.A. World Championship and the right to be called America’s King of Strong Style.


Click on over to Puro-Power.com for coverage of Puro U.S.A.’s debut as Ikuhisa Homna and his stable of stalwart athletes begin their experiment of bringing Puroresu to American audiences.




Match Predictions Form


Frankie Perez v Kirk Jameson


Rhino Umaga v Julian Watson


Tournamnet Finals: ??? v ???(Winner will be crowned first ever PURO U.S.A. World Champion)

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Welcome faithful readers and do we have a treat for you tonight earlier this evening Ikuhisa Honma’s PURO U.S.A. made it’s debut from the Ohio Jewish Center in Columbus, Ohio and it was the honor of this reporter to be ringside to see the birth of Strong Style in the U.S.


In true Puroresu spirit let me dispense with the fluff and get straight to the matches. Which were in this reports opinion a real treat to see live.





Frankie Perez vs. Kirk Jameson


The first match of the night was a lesson in brutality. After a quick shake of the hands Jameson circled Perez for quite awhile attempting to lock up while avoiding the lethal stikes of the West Coast Phenom.


Jameson finally locked up and took Perez to the ground after working an arm winger. He proceeded to work the arm a little while until Perez rolled his way out of a fujiwara and planted a stiff kick directly in the face of the still kneeling Jameson.


This set the tone for the rest of the match as Perez escewed high flying or technical work and instead simply assaulted the FCW man with an unending barrage of kicks, lariats, forearms, and palm strikes.


To his credit Jameson endured the onslaught and even had a couple of solid counters but overall this one was all Perez. It finally ended when Frankie drove Jameson into the corner and pulled him out of the corner with a thai clinch more at home in Alpha-1 than a wrestling ring before finally tossing him aside and locing in the P-Clutch to get the tap.


My Thoughts: The story of this match is the hellacious assault Kirk Jameson endured which I’m sure was to show the crowd who may be unfamiliar with his work he wasn’t just a pretty boy. Awful one sided though overall very solid for a promotion of this side.



Match Rating: D




Julian Watson v Rhino Umaga


This match had none of the feeling out process of the Perez / Jameson match as Watson came right at the big Samoan with a wild series of vicious overhand chops almost driving him back into the corner before eating a headbutt that sent him sprawling.


From their it was as a certain SWF announcer would say,:”A pier 6 brawl.” It got a little ugly at times even sloppy but these two men put together one of the most brutal and intense matches I’ve ever seen on this side of the Pacific without ever using a chair or weapon of any sort for that matter.


The match basically fell into a rhythm of Watson coming at Umaga with everything he had and putting on display some sweet chops and forearms and even getting off a scoop slam on the power half of Samoan Destruction Inc. Every time Watson would take control though Umaga would come right back answering with some pig power moves including a powerbomb that seemed like it may have broken the young GCG wrestler in half.


Finally after a very nice spot where Umaga Rhino Charged the turnbuckle and Watson hit a sweet jumping neckbreaker for a near fall causing Watson to again resort to his overhand chop flurry but again Umaga answered with not one but two headbutts stunning Watson before hitting the Rhino Charge for three.


My Thoughts: They certainly brought the intensity here but it was a rather disjointed affair and despite a solid showing it was clear nobody in the Ohio crowd had the slightest clue who Watson was which killed some of the drama.



Match Rating: D-





Frankie Perez v Rhino Umaga


In the final match of the night both men laid it all on the line Umaga already sorting a black eye from the Watson match attempted the Rhino Charge right out of the gate. Perez was too quick and dodged it before opening up with an onslaught of strikes that made what he did to Jameson look like a tickle fight.


Umaga endured and in fact stayed on his feet before again roaring back with huge offense. From there they fell into the story of the Umaga v Watson encounter but with a much more talented worker playing the fiery underdog. Perez started out with just his martial arts style brawling before busting out a couple high risk moves including one memorable spot where Umaga snagged him out of the air during a springboard moonsault and planted him with a spinning sideslam.


The finish sequence saw Perez land three straight roundhouse kicks to Umaga before finally trying to put him down for good with an arc kick which Umaga caught and turned into a rather sloppy and somewhat dangerous looking capture suplex then hitting the Rhino Charge as Perez stood to capture the King of Strong Style 2008 Title as well as to become the first ever PURO U.S.A. World Champion.



My Thoughts: Nothing out of left field here and I really hope they can find another story for Rhino’s matches. That being said Perez has an arsenal and it worked much better than the Watson match and the image of Umaga bleeding and black-eyed holding both belts aloft and roaring was a memorable one.



Match Rating: D+





The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of PURO U.S.A. King of Strong Style 2008


The Good


Rhino Umaga is a beast: PURO certainly made sure their first champion was a good one as Rhino Umaga tore his way through the tournament and looked like a bad ass doing it.


The Spot: I still can’t get the image of Umaga staching Perez out of the air out of my head. A very innovative spot in an otherwise by the numbers card.


Julian Watson: Watson is an unknown commodity in the U.S. and PURO went to great lengths to make this young man look tough as hell.



The Bad


The Umaga Formula: Hopefully PURO will start varying up their match formula for Umaga otherwise their main events are going to look like a hard hitting FCW show.


Devaluing Kirk Jameson: I;’m not gonna lie I don’t follow FCW a lot but from everything I’ve heard Kirk is a bright kid with a lot of upside tonight PURO may have made him come off looking a little weak.



The Ugly


Rough Spots: I’m pretty sure Umaga took all that damage he was showing the hard way and his capture suplex on Perez was downright dangerous if the PURo roster doesn’t focus more on safety they are going to have some injuries on their hands given the danger and intensity of their matches.




Closing Thoughts


It was good to head down to the OJC and see some hard hitting PURO in my own back yard and as a whole I feel the event was wildly successful for a promotion of this size working on what is almost certainly a limited budget. There were a few rocky parts but overall I left impressed.



Over Grade: D+


Next time at Puro-power.com we run down the starting roster of PURO U.S.A.

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Ok so there's my first card originally I went with long in depth match write up but it became clear on about my second hour of writting the card that would lead to burn out and quick.


My basic idea then got retooled to show show PURO flaws and all and from the perspective of a third party. Here are the basic goals I have for the diary.


* Present a realistic product: Pretty simple so many diaries are great but I always hate to see an A* match on paper turn into a D in the game so I decided to write a D match...well like a D match. Maybe it's good a solid but there are some flaws and of course I have some Mainstream and yes even some Cult in the product so if it's a good match between two unknowns then maybe it will be noted the fans just weren't into an otherwise good match and that drug it down.


* The Presentation: Well as you can see I'm starting off with website recaps but after PURO lands a T.V. deal I plan to transition over to traditional "live" shows.


* Telling a Story: I'm going to attempt to involve some very simple stories without the aid of angles or even "backstage" angles, I'm going to let the matches and the rivalries speak for themselves without run-ins or turns.


* Let the "Fans" Decide: I have no face / heel divide and I'm going to present it as such. If you want to cheer Umaga for being an unstopable wrecking machine great, if you wanna treat him like a monster heel also fine. Overall I'm not trying to build faces or heels or middle ground anti-heros, what I'm trying to build is personalities who's actions you can react to in any way you'd like. Now certainly some guys will come off as heelish some as natural faces but overalll given the understated nature of the stories I view these guys more as atheletes and less as entertainers. This does not mean I'm going for Attitude era "Shades of Grey" instead I'm going for something much more "real" and less literary in presentation.


Well all that being said any feedback is appriciated be it to the card or to these ideas.

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