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Texas Wrestling League: Old School Wrestling (C-verse '75)

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Disclaimer: This diary is for the pleasure and for fun of the reader and author. Taking this seriously will result mental breakdown.




Texas Wrestling League: Old-School Southern Wrestling


ooc: With my DaVE diary out of my way, I've been playing around with the C-verse '75 mod. And Just picking out with the North American promotions, I came in love with Texas Wrestling League. If I did not continue this diary, I'll just stick with the game instead. Anyways, I hope you have fun reading as well for me writing. Enjoy!

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....It All Started Here....




1950, Northern American Wrestling was quickly growing. Over the decades, many wrestlers would enter the American Wrestling scene to show their showcase talent. To show their great talent. To show real wrestling action. Charisma and talent. To the country of United States itself, wrestling was becoming a huge sport. Those who lived to see it became the ones who are to be seen. In those rings. In those wrestling gears. With their finishing moves. The founding fathers, most noted "Straight Edge Dale Christian, for his work as one of the top stars in the country but as well the one who created the wrestling industry itself. His creation was the Tournament called King of Wrestling. The tournament that made stars like the creator himself Dale Christian, Dick the Devastator, Micky Starr and its last winner, Micky Starr.


Dale Christian was an innovator. His talent to organize wrestling events influenced past wrestling promotion and soon its present. After the decade of 1950 flew, 1960 became the decade of wrestling.


1960, it is where it all began. Wrestling fans are starting to go to events. The King of Wrestling event even topped an all time record of 100,000 thousand attendants in 1966. Where Ares Aegaleus defeated his arch nemesis, Antonio Morretti to become King Of Wrestling. The feud between the two was at its peak.


Then 1968 came. The birth of the territories. Actually, Gene Plummelli started the concept of starting a wrestling promotion in 1960. But 1968, came the territories. The wrestling territories who occupied wrestling territories and made them turfs. Fans loved the idea but they were mostly separated. In 1960, Championship Wrestling From Boston was just a small company that gotten over with a loyal fanbase. But Plummelli's view of point is to only get his wrestlers and train them. That was the point. The territories had a different view and a different point. As 1960 continues on, wrestling was going to at its peak. Everyone was putting on great performances. The wrestlers were showing charisma that soon became a main subject to becoming a legend. Even though there were only those who can pull off a great interview, wrestlers told the story inside the ring. Their ability to do it made them legends. Territories became a main thing in the wrestling business sooner after they were established. Soon after American Independent shows were becoming too stale. After Dale Christian's retirement. After the signs of the end of King of Wrestling tournament.


The concept of the territories were simple. Get your own turf, defend it against other territories, make your own stars, and don't let your opponents (other territories) take your turf or you will find yourself falling down the earth as a wrestling promoter. But the goals of the promotion is simply become the best and overtake the other turf. That is not if they take your turf first.


After Dale Christian went onto retirement, no one was left to promote and organize the King of Wrestling event. So no one had an idea what to do. No one had an idea where to go. The birth of territories, wrestling promotions soon began. Simple. Wrestlers promoted themselves but fans wouldn't find it interesting since they have no one to wrestle for. Soon, some wrestlers became promoters. Some became to be the most successful and others created a promotion but find it soon to fail.


As the decade of the 60's come to an end, the birth of the promotions was born. The birth of territories, month after month in the year of 1968, promotions started to come and claimed the territories of Texas, Florida, New England, and the Tri-State area. It would soon influenced the infamous East Coast War in the late 1990's. The birth of these promotions influenced many fans. It influenced many wrestlers and soon, legends were born. Legends such as Mark "The Lariat" Krogan, Ares Aegaelus, Antonio Morretti, Dale Christian, Micky Starr, Edward Henson, and many more to come right after the start of the 1970's. Wrestling itself didn't just become a sideshow attraction for the people to watch. For the people to love. It became a sport. It became a competition. And sooner than you think, it just became a war. A war of dominance. A war between wrestlers, sharing their personal experiences. Sharing their personal secrets. It became personal for the wrestlers. Friendships were made and so did personal real heated feuds. That is where wrestling wasn't a tradition anymore. That isn't when wrestling wasn't something to love anymore.


Wrestling itself was a tradition. In both the countries of Japan and Mexico, wrestling was a tradition. In Canada, it was a sport. For everyone to love and get involved with. In the US, they care about putting out good shows. They wanted to get involved with the fans and get even more popular with their turfs.


The hit of major promotions started in 1968. Starting with Texas Wrestling League. The first of the major promotions who would soon claim the whole state of Texas and turn it into a southern traditional wrestling promotion that would host live events at Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and many more. You name the venue and they will go to that venue ASAP. Texas Wrestling League became the home of many legends. Many southern legends. Most of them.......brawlers who were able to reach international success.


Texas Wrestling League: Home of the brawlers, home of the legends, home of old-school wrestling.

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Clint Wayne, wrestling extraordinaire. One man smarter than Dale Christian or Gene Plummelli to start his own wrestling promotion. Someone smarter than these two. Clint Wayne was called the wrestling extraordinaire for many different reasons. Reasons shows that he has the talent of being an owner of a company and spreading the popularity within the state of Texas in just a matter of months before even the next major promotion was opened.


Number of reasons how he got TWL supreme popularity over Texas in just a couple of months, one is bringing in Mark "The Lariat" Krogan. A real southern legend. Now looking for the next southern legend to past on his teachings. To past on his skills. Another one is bringing in new faces most known as "Gorgeous" George DeColt and The Outlaw AKA Jackson Andrews. Then came along Rocky Streets. Clint Wayne's booking strategy is to make wrestlers really popular in Texas and establish the younger talents and once they grew, become the main stars of the show. Example of that are The Texas Outlaws. A group led by the Outlaw. Another was Chief Two Eagles. And most recent, Pat Deacon.


All these guys that you heard, half of them were legends. Legends in their own perspective. Legends of today but they have to pay their dues to become the legend they are right now. Clint Wayne put the title on "Gorgeous" George DeColt and become the first ever Texas Wrestling League World Champion. George put a lot of prestige into the belt itself by defending it against several main event wrestlers. All defences. As counted, 65. Only losing it to another Canadian Superstar, Jackson Andrews AKA The Outlaw.


Clint Wayne's success as the owner of Texas Wrestling League made him and the company unstoppable. They were reaching the status of a regional promotion. Along with major promotions, All American Florida Wrestling owned by Dick The Devastator, American Pro-Wrestling Federation led by Franco Lambert, and California Pro Wrestling, led by wrestler Preston Holt, these four promotions had the sights of becoming the biggest promotion in the US.


Texas Wrestling League was close to reaching the cult status of the promotion. They were getting closer to expanding their popularity out of Texas. They were already hosting shows at the Tri-State Area, Great Lakes, South East & West, Mid Northern Territory, and even California. They were even about to break out a television deal.


All that was ruined. Everything just one problem that caused Texas Wrestling League to rise to fame. To rise to national level. It was a very big financial mistake. One mistake became the near death of Texas Wrestling League. Mistake: Clint was offering too much money to make workers stay. Example, George DeColt worked for TWL and CWF, a promotion that Ed Henson created. DeColt wanted to leave but over the course of having more money, offered by Clint Wayne, he was offered to stay a little longer. Another mistake: going out of the Texas state and paying for big venues with only little fans to come put Clint on a big problem. But Clint never surrendered. He knew what he was doing.


Then 1970 came. Clint doesn't know what the hell he is doing know. As the booker of the promotion, he doesn't know what he was up to. The workers look at him, not fine. He was going nuts and crazy. Even got stricter backstage when he was strict with his wrestlers and putting them all under probation. He was becoming strict. He was starting to become an ego. Couldn't control of himself. As he goes in the ring, disobeys the rules. Disobeying the notes. Instead of losing, he pulled off a win even though he wasn't supposed to. Texas Wrestling League was going into a wrong direction. A direction leading the promotion to its own death.


1970, the year that Texas Wrestling League was on financial troubles..

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..An Savior Comes, A Demon Is Born..





..A Savior..Rocky Streets..


Summer of 1970, Clint Wayne was going crazy. It was already foretold. It was already said. Some of the wrestlers backstage want him out. The financial problems that TWL has been putting Clint Wayne into his demonic side. Into his bad side. Some men like Chief Two Eagles and The Outlaw are concerned about the TWL owner. Everything wasn't going well. The fans aren't liking what they are seeing. Each night that Clint Wayne is on a event, there won't be any sell outs at all. No ticket sell outs. It was putting Clint Wayne on a situation where he becomes the monster. Everyone wasn't impressed.


With Clint Wayne going crazy. Going down just because of financial problems, the other major promotion took the advantage.


But one man had to save the future of Texas Wrestling League. One man have to save the future of Texas Wrestling. Someone. A savior. Enough to put out Clint Wayne to his bed and make him go on hiatus.


One man. The Savior. The second owner of Texas Wrestling League. Rocky Streets.


Someone who is another legend. A legend who had never won a major title in any promotions. Before territories existed, he was putting out good matches with Aegaelus or Morretti, or Dale Christian. Just name his opponent.


He came in TWL back in the '69. The fans loved him to wrestle at Texas. The fans loved him. Of how good of a wrestler he is. Whether he is a face or a heel. It didn't matter. Rocky Streets had the money and fame. He reached a good fame throughout the whole United States.


After seeing what Clint Wayne has become, Rocky Streets had to take action. Gathering his own money, he buys Texas Wrestling League from the Clint himself. Offering a big amounts of cash, Rocky had told Clint as well to take a break from wrestling itself. Soon, Rocky Streets owned Texas Wrestling League and put it back to where it should've belong. He was trying to repair all the damages that Clint Wayne had done. All the big damages.


Starting with the fans, he soon put out his best with the advertisements and soon, Streets were putting out shows that would be a sold out crowd. More fans are attending TWL shows. More fans are getting into any good stories that wrestlers put out just by their matches. It just didn't stop with that.


Rocky Streets was putting out the best of the best. The greatest talent that Texas Wrestling League ever made. The big Russian guy named Baron Von Rambis. The menacing Rick Rumble. Half of the roster became main eventing success. Half of the roster became popular within the area of Texas. One man was behind everything. Rocky Streets and his mind of putting TWL back on the major territory scene. People loved what Streets created. Eventhough Clint Wayne is gone, his own stars wasn't being held back. Chief Two Eagles was becoming a fan favorite. Professor Nero was becoming a real hated person in-ring. The Texas Outlaws are really with the Texans and how they are being convinced with the gimmick. At the same time, the stars that Rocky Streets made over the course of his ownership years with TWL became a national success.


1971, Rocky Streets was considered the Savior of TWL. A man going through the slow retirement, never gave up the chance to retire. He wasn't concerned with what he is going to go through next. He loves to train the young lions and also making his opponent look good while getting a good popularity increase.


With the mind of Rocky Streets being played out in the scene of major territories, TWL was going back and take anything that they can take. Anyone that they can convince to come and wrestle for the legendary southern promotion. Rocky Streets was preparing to put TWL to a great national status.


Or was he.



..A Young But Threatening, Richard Eisen..

(Credits to FINisher for the alt)


A young wrestling promoter. A young man with new ideas for wrestling itself. For the business itself. A new view. A new product. In which he calls New School Entertainment. A young wrestling promoter. Someone who formed his own company. A promotion that becomes a threat to every American major promotion. A promotion that becomes the biggest company in America so far. The Supreme Wrestling Federation.



..The Future Of Wrestling? Or The Threat To The Wrestling Industry?..

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..Texas Falls Down, Only To Be Risen Once More..





..The Savior Became The Traitor, Rocky Streets Shows Colors..


Showing his true colors. Real colors. Rocky Streets. A man who many Texans would trust to lead Texas Wrestling League to the national status. To fame itself. The fans are really counting on this guy. Some even say that he should be the governor of Texas that year. That isn't until he shows his true colors.


All those things he had done for the company, all those two years, it ended. It just ended like a snap as soon as Supreme Wrestling Federation opens. When Richard Eisen shows his power. His dominance and soon, his ability to put up a good showing for the fans. His ability to show his product to the fans with ease. It wasn't fair for the other promotions. Especially Texas Wrestling League.


1972. Christmas. With Supreme Wrestling Federation just opened at start of spring. Texas Wrestling League wasn't threatened but the rest of the major promotions were.


Richard Eisen took out the best of the major promotion talent. Micky Starr signed an exclusive contract to Richard Eisen's SWF. Every major promotion wasn't safe.


Texas Wrestling League thought they will be safe in the hands of Rocky Streets and those who are loyal to Texas Wrestling League. But they don't know what came to them.


Betrayal. The biggest betrayal. Texas Wrestling gets betrayed. By their own booker. By Rocky Streets.


It was a big news. It was a big news for SWF of the signing of Rocky Streets. It was big because soon, he became the head booker of SWF.


Rocky Streets wasn't the only one who jumped shipped to SWF. From TWL to SWF with Rocky Streets, there jumped shipped Baron Von Rambis and Rick Rumble, two of the biggest stars of TWL. Then soon, half of the TWL roster came with Streets to SWF. It was the biggest blow. Bigger than how Clint Wayne almost put out TWL into bankruptcy.


SWF raided the best of the major promotions indeed and also the signing of Iron Michael Milligan and Tyson Lang were big. Former boxers who fitted with the New Entertainment product.


SWF was becoming a powerhouse. Raiding talents and trying to end every major territory promotion. First off with Texas Wrestling League and giving them a big low blow. Showing that they can kill any territory, they were trying to kill TWL. Were they really successful with this plan? Stealing Rocky Streets and half of the TWL roster???


It was bad enough but another savior shows up. A savior.



..The Best of Midcard Talent..The Next Savior..A Texan Native..The Lone Star Stampeder..

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..Texas Rises, Texas Falls, & Texas Comes Back..




With the opening of Supreme Wrestling Federation and the big loss of Texas Wrestling League, TWL itself was on the biggest trouble.


Behind the scenes: Rocky Streets and half of the Texas Wrestling League roster was on their way out. They are going to leave the favorite southern promotion, leaving with no notice. With half of the roster gone, TWL was going to be closed. A declaration by Rocky Streets, he was going to close TWL and leave the other half of the roster unemployed.


That's until The Lone Star Stampeder shows up, talks with Rocky Streets and just gives up everything he has to save the job of many wrestlers in the company itself. After Clint Wayne's demise from the company, everyone thought that TWL will be a success. But Rocky Streets was a traitor.


The Lone Star Stampeder, who gave up everything. Who gave up everything. Every dime he has to buy Texas Wrestling League. To save it.


As 1972 passed by, Rocky Streets and many more left to work for Richard Eisen's Supreme Wrestling Federation. Texas Wrestling League and America Pro Wrestling Federation got the biggest blow with the opening of the new promotion. The new promotion that brings promise to wrestling industry.


Now that the Lone Star Stampeder owns Texas Wrestling League, he has to fill in the holes. Those holes. Main event stars that came with Rocky Streets.



..Rising Star..And Rising Booker..


Throughout the year of 1973-74, Texas Wrestling League was trying to recover. Under the booking of rising southern star, "Professor" Mycroft Nero, Texas Wrestling League was kept under regional level. Going to the process of rising again, The Lone Star and Nero put the TWL Championship belt on the lead babyface "Perfect" Pat Deacon. And soon Deacon was the lead star of Texas Wrestling League along with the Outlaw and his Texas Outlaw stable as the lead heels of the company.


But soon in '75, The Texas Outlaw lost a member. The leader itself, the Outlaw or as we like to call him, Jackson Andrews. Andrews went back to Canada's biggest wrestling promotion, Ed Henson's Canadian Wrestling Federation and soon became their main eventer. The Outlaws got a replacement, enter former SWF Austin McCoy.


But with '75 going in, Jackson Andrews leaving, Austin McCoy entering, The Lone Star Stampeder got the biggest deal for his company. A blockbuster signing.



..Rip Chord..The Greatest Wrestlers Ever..


Rip Chord. Who has been considered the best worker in the American wrestling industry, signed to Texas Wrestling League. After a worth reign with APWF & AAFW, he was convinced by The Lone Star Stampeder to be the major player of the company. Rip Chord, was standing at his peak. The best wrestler yet. And since he made his presence to Texas Wrestling League, he had made friends since.


Rip Chord soon booked many shows for Texas Wrestling League and soon ended Pat Deacon's TWL Champion reign and gave himself the belt. He would carry it to produce the best shows, get the venue filled with crazy wrestling fans and make 5-star matches that no one would forget.


The Lone Star Stampeder made the best choices yet. But with the wrestling industry going down, and so did the economy, Rip Chord couldn't keep up with the job done.


It is becoming a cold war. Rip Chord and Professor Nero were definite great bookers. And so was The Lone Star Stampeder. Those three men were behind the creative mind of TWL. But with September 1975 coming, one man comes back to the state of Texas. Coming from hiatus 5 years ago, he comes back to take over his dying company and his dreams of success. Enter.......



.."The Texas Dragon" Clint Wayne..

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August 15, 1975

.."Let's Get Out Of Rehab"..

Location: Rehabilitation Center, San Antonio Texas


The sign on the front door says "Texas National Rehabilitation Center, Where We Take Care Of You."


Inside the rehabilitation center at a Doctor's office, we see Clint Wayne in his old school suit and an old cowboy hat that he uses to wear in his wrestling matches back in the day. Ready to go with his baggage, out of the facility itself. For almost 5 years in the making since his stint with his own promotion, Texas Wrestling.


"So Mr. Wayne, are you ready to get out our facility?" The doctor says with her full confidence to the patient itself.


"Sure do ma'am. A've been here lone enough. Its time for to get out of this place." Wayne says with a rigid Texan Cowboy accent.


"Well as we can see, you have been improving throughout the course of your five year stay here in the facility. We remember you coming in here by yourself and you said you need time out of wrestling."


"I thought're that because I did need some time off. Dang now I realize what kind of monster I've been since my last run at wrestlin' itself." Clint remembers his run with Texas Wrestling League. Hell it was for the other wrestlers who worked for him.


"Mr. Wayne, you could use a little more stay here at our facility. We aren't so sure if you are a hundred percent fit going out there on the public." The doctor says after listening to what her patient said. Just to have been remembered, he still had a little left with his sickness.


"What? What the hell d'ya mean pretty lady? I'm damn cured! Why the hell do I need to stay here?"


As Clint punched the doctor's desk with his right fist, the doctor calms him down and talks to him once more.


"Your physical results shows us that you are not ready to go out there. You still have a minor injury with your cranium that we tried to cure. For the last three years you almost cracked your cranium after slamming a glass bottle of beer on your head, it is still in the process of curing itself."


Clint, pissed off, gets back at his seat.


"Here is what you don't figure out ma'am. I've been here for five years and I'll be DAMNED if I didn't get out of here. Something tells me that I need to get out of this asylum."


"Mr. Wayne, you are not fully cured. I suggest that you unpack your bags and go back on your dormitory."


"Pretty Lady, no one is going to stop me. Your guards ain't stoppin' me. Your facility ain't stoppin' me. And you are absolutely not stopping me"


Clint gets up with his bag. One suitcase. He fixes his hat and turns around, heading for the door.


"Sir, we'll have our guards stop you!"


"I'll beat the hell outta' 'em"


And there, Clint Wayne leaves the rehabilitation facility. After 4 years of being in the rehabilitation facility, will Clint Wayne be ready to get out of the facility itself?

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August 21, 1975

.."Its Been Years? What Happened?"..

Location: Ranch Of San Antonio, AKA The Headquarters of TWL


The Ranch of San Antonio. Designated and soon it became a home to Texas Wrestling League. The fans had been coming here since. But since Clint Wayne's demise from the company, it has become nothing but a corporal headquarters to Texas Wrestling League itself. With Rip Chord on the booking job, they have been booking any show of every show at the Irvine Hall.


Inside the ranch, there is a ring. A facility. Where the veterans train the younger wrestlers. The young lions. Training the future and make them become a successful wrestler. Someday maybe even successful than them. The veterans.


The ring itself became a training facility. On the ring, we see those young lions wrestling each other.


Clint Wayne, goes inside the facility of the infamous Texas Wrestling League. There inside, he finds one man. Only one man he is looking for. Rocky Streets.


As he looks for Streets himself, he finds him no where. He hasn't even heard about the news. Until he finds The Lone Star Stampeder.


Going inside, he doesn't even know the wrestlers he used to wrestle with no more. For the exception of Mark Krogan, Lone Star, Nero, and The Outlaws, everything was all a new concept to Wayne himself.


As he wears the same hat, he comes in with confusion after not finding Rocky Streets, the man he sold his company to. Everything was just becoming clear to Wayne. It became clearer until Stampeder approached him.


"Is that you Clint? Is that really you?" He says his line with a confusing shock, happy to see his old boss.


"Yeah boy. Now where the hell is Rocky Streets? That bastard owes me one damn company and I ain't leaving until I get my company back.


That is not until Clint Wayne found out another truth. Truth that reveals everything that he needs to know. Clearing a even more truth.


"Actually Clint, Rocky ain't with the company no more. He left."


"What in tarnation? What the hell do you mean kid?"


"Chill man. He's no longer the owner of this company. This facility, he doesn't own it man."


Clint had a angered look on his face.


"What the hell are you trying to do? Fool me? I sold the company to him dammit and I won't stop...."


Clint was interrupted, by Lone Star.


"Clint, Rocky left because he went to work. To SWF."


"What in the tarnations is SWF? Wrestling company?"


"Yes, just another company that took half of our roster."


Clint smiled, thought he was joking. But as Lone Star looked at him, he wasn't joking.


"Why the hell would he leave this company?"


"He left because he was friends with the owner. I know own this company. I damn own it man."


"Well I want it back. How much will it cost you?" Clint, confident with his decisions offered the Lone Star Stampeder a takeover.


"Hell no ain't gonna happen Clint. I've been leading this company for years. This company has been a success. I ain't going to leave it back to you only to ruin it!"


"Hey I didn't screw up! I was on f*ckin' drugs and all that sh*t. I'm looking for a job."


"How bout working for me. Here at Texas Wrestling League?"


Clint laughed.


"I ain't working for you. I don't work for anyone."


But Lone Star was serious.


"Ya got no choice partner."


Clint had to give up.


"Dammit man. Fine. As long as I get into the damn creative team then I'll be working with you!"


"Fine. Our headbooker for the shows is...."


Clint interrupted with all of a sudden.


"I know I know. I'll find it out on my damn own!!!'


Then everyone took off. The Lone Star gave the tour to Clint Wayne himself.

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