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WCW - The Rebirth

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Authors Note

Hey there everybody, this is my first real attempt at a dynastiary or whatever, so bear with me here. I've decided to take over WCW, using the TEW07 WarsEnd Rebirth Mod, but I am playing it with TEW 08, obviously. I'll be presenting my shows as if you were reading them on the internet, blow by blow action and commentary. Along with full promos and what-not. Like I said, this is my first one, so I want to try to put as much detail as I can into it. I will be editing this post to change the current champions, but I will keep a history of the champions on this page as well. I'll also update the rosters when necessary as well.


But anyway, thanks for taking the time to read it, and hopefully, enjoy.


- Enkay







Once upon a time, these lands were filled with war. The bloodshed still stains the battlefields, but for the most part, the war has subsided. The North is prevailing. For a fleeting moment, it looked as if the high and mighty McMahon was to be shoved off of his throne atop the sports entertainment industry. But alas, McMahon used his wit, cunning, sharp business mind along with Stone Cold Steve Austin to gain some serious momentum.


For a time, it appeared that the south was in danger of falling apart completely. WCW was going to tank. Hard. It would take someone with some serious booking skill to get WCW out from the bottom of the shark tank. But who would take this role? Many investors would probably turn up their nose at the idea of running a failing wrestling company. But, one investor was clamoring for a shot at taking WCW back to the top.


Not much is known about the investor, other than hes a puppet-master of sorts, rumored to be from a parallel universe. Something about Corn, or Hell, or something else. But, the name he goes by, is The Grand Avatar. With shady yet sturdy financial backings and a fine mind for the wrestling industry, who better to revive WCW? Who better to rekindle the fire the Monday Night Wars set across America? Who better than The Grand Avatar? Or Kanyon for that matter?



World Championship Wrestling



United States - B-

Canada - C

United Kingdom - C-

Europe - D

Japan - D

Australia - E-



50,000,000 In the Bank.



Sports Entertainment


Match Ratio

TV - 60%

Events - 90%





Any good booker, or reader, needs to know his champions.


WCW World Heavyweight Champion




Booker T

Won from Scott Steiner - Week 4, March 2001


WCW United States Champion




Booker T

Won from Rick Steiner - Week 3, March 2001


WCW World Tag Team Champions




Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo

Current 1 Time Champions

Won from Kevin Nash and DDP - Week 2, January 2001

WCW World Cruiserweight Championship




Shane Helms

Current 1 Time Champion

Won from Chavo Guerrero Jr. - Week 3, March 2001




World Championship Wrestling Roster


WCWs Main Event

Hulk Hogan - Babyface

Ric Flair - Babyface

Bill Goldberg - Babyface

Scott Steiner - Heel

Booker T - Babyface

Sting - Babyface

Kevin Nash - Babyface

Diamond Dallas Page - Babyface

Jeff Jarrett - Heel

Shane Douglas - Heel

Rey Mysterio Jr. - Babyface

Buff Bagwell - Heel

Dustin Rhodes - Babyface


WCWs Upper Midcard

Bam Bam Bigelow - Babyface

Konnan - Babyface

Mike Awesome - Heel

Rick Steiner - Heel

Sean O'Haire- Heel

Chris Kanyon - Heel

Disqo - Babyface

Mark Jindrak - Heel

Mike Sanders - Heel


WCWs Midcard

Alex Wright - Babyface

Big Vito - Babyface

Billy Kidman - Babyface

Brian Adams - Heel

Bryan Clark - Heel

Chavo Guerrero Jr. - Heel

Chuck Palumbo - Heel

Hugh Morrus - Babyface

Johnny The Bull - Babyface

Lance Storm - Heel

Lash LeRoux - Babyface

Norman Smiley - Babyface

Shane Helms - Babyface

Shannon Moore - Heel

Shawn Stasiak - Heel


WCWs Lower Midcard

Evan Karagias - Heel

Jamie Knoble - Babyface

Jason Jett - Babyface

Jimmy Yang - Babyface

Kaz Hayashi - Babyface

Kwee-Wee - Heel


WCWs Opening Act

Christopher Daniels - Babyface

Elix Skipper - Heel

Kid Romeo - Heel

Reno - Heel


WCWs Jobbers

AJ Styles - Babyface

Air Paris - Babyface

Mike Modest - Heel



WCW Television Shows


Monday Night Nitro

Networks - TNT, TSN, Sky Sports

Airs Monday Nights in the Prime Time Slot (TNT)

Announcers: Scott Hudson, Tony Schiavone and Stevie Ray

Wednesday Night Thunder

Network - TBS

Airs Wednesday Nights in the Evening Slot

Announcers: Mike Tenay and Larry Zbysko


Currently Running House Shows Throughout the Continental United States Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.




WCW Pay-Per-View Events

WCW Sin - Sunday, Week 4, January

WCW Superbrawl - Sunday, Week 4, February

WCW Greed - Sunday, Week 3, March

WCW Spring Stampede - Sunday, Week 3, April

WCW The Big Bang - Sunday, Week 3, April

WCW The Great American Bash - Sunday, Week 3, June

WCW Bash At The Beach - Sunday, Week 2, July

WCW Road Wild- Saturday, Week 3, August

WCW Fall Brawl - Sunday, Week 2, September

WCW Halloween Havoc - Sunday, Week 4, October

WCW Mayhem - Sunday, Week 4, November

WCW Starrcade - Sunday, Week 4, December




Let the games begin!




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WCW Presents Monday Night Nitro!

Emanating Live From the Alexander Memorial Coliseum in Atlanta Georgia!


Advertised Matches

WCW World Heavyweight Championship

Booker T © vs Scott Steiner

The WCW Champion Booker T has his hands full with the man he beat for the championship a few months back. Will Scott Steiner reclaim the Championship he claims is his? Or will the man of the people, Booker T, continue his dominant reign as champion?

Falls Count Anywhere

Bill Goldberg vs Jeff Jarrett

Recently, Jeff Jarrett has gotten under the skin of Goldberg, taunting him from afar, yet never getting close enough for Goldberg to manhandle him. This week, Goldberg gets his chance, when he battles Jeff Jarrett in a Falls Count Anywhere Match!


WCW World Tag Team Championships

Palumbo and O'Haire © vs Konnan and Rey Mysterio Jr.

Palumbo and O'Haire have been on a tear since winning the Tag Team titles in January. Can the Filthy Animals use their high-flying expertise to knock the champions of their feet long enough for a three count?


Singles Match

Diamond Dallas Page vs Buff Bagwell

The Stuff is on a quest to become the World Heavyweight Champion, but he has to go through the veteran Diamond Dallas Page to do it. Can Buff get one step closer to immortality? Or will DDP bring him back to reality?

Catch Nitro live, Monday Nights at 9 EST, only on TNT!



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Mike Tenay

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of Monday Night Nitro!


Scott Hudson

When you come looking for wrestling, there isn't any better place than WCW, man have we got a show tonight!


Mike Tenay

Indeed we do, our Main Event of the evening will see Booker T defend his WCW Championship against the man he won it from, Scott Steiner.


Stevie Ray

Bookers gunna trash that sucka once and for all tonight, no doubt about it.


Scott Hudson

Well, before that, we have the insufferable Jeff Jarrett going head to head with the unstoppable Goldberg.


Mike Tenay

Finally, Goldberg gets his hands on Jarrett!


Stevie Ray

Man, somethin' tells me Jeff Jarrett is next.


Mike Tenay

Who, Goldberg?


Scott Hudson

But, thats not it, we've also got Palumbo and O'Haire, the self-professed New Blood, defending the coveted WCW Tag Team Championships against the Filthy Animals, Rey Mysterio Jr. and Konnan!


Stevie Ray

Power vs speed man, I can dig it.


Hulk Hogans music hits unexpectedly, the fans rise from their seats, as Hogan makes his way out from the back to the ring. After a bit of posing, Hogan grabs a microphone, putting on a more serious expression.


Mike Tenay

Well, we haven't seen Hogan in a few months! I wonder what hes doing here?


Stevie Ray

Man, Nitro feels right again with Hulkster back.


Hulk Hogan

You know something dudes? For the past six years, I've worked in this company. I've bled for this company. I've sweat for this company. I've broken my body to pieces for this damned company.


I've turned against you people. I've fought for you people. From the red and yellow, to the New World Order, to plain old Hulk Hogan. The thing is, I can't express how great it feels to be back in the middle of this ring.


Now that I know, for sure, that you Hulkamaniacs still have faith in me. That you Hulkamaniacs are still training. You're still eating your vitamins. You're still saying your prayers. That means everything to me.


What I want to do, for you people, is put on the greatest match of all time.


The match of the past century, reinvented, reinvigorated for the new millennium brother! What I want-Who I want to see in this ring standing across from me...Ric Flair.


Hogan vs Flair.


The greatest match that should have been. Sure, we've wrestled before. But we've never put on that unforgettable spectacle of a match that I know Hogan and Flair are capable of.




The crowd pops hard for Ric Flair, who makes his way down to the ring, clad in one of his trademark suits. Flair enters the ring and grabs a microphone. He stands in front of Hogan, locking eyes with the Messiah of Hulkamania.


Ric Flair

So...What you're saying is, you want Hogan vs Flair? What you're saying is...You want one more chance to give these fans everything they deserve, and then some?


Hulk Hogan

That's exactly what I'm saying.


Ric Flair

Well I hear you Hulk. I hear you. Just like I hear these people every time I walk that aisle. Just like I have heard the announcement, your winner and new World Heavyweight Champion, Ric Flair! I've heard that sixteen times Hogan! What makes you think you can still hang with me? You've got a bum hip. A lame knee. You've got a messed up back, thanks to Andre. Hulk Hogan you...




Flair stands, breathing heavily, his face red. Sweat glistens on his forehead as he stares down Hogan, who returns the stare, a thin smile spreading across his lips.


Hulk Hogan

You know something Ric Flair-


Eric Bischoff

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! Hey, you two. Wait a second.


The crowd bursts into a chorus of boos, as Eric Bischoff emerges from the back, microphone in hand.


Eric Bischoff

Who in the hell gave you two the authority to make matches around here? In case you've forgotten, I run this damn company! I'm the guy that books the matches! Just like I'm the guy that signs your paychecks!


Hulk Hogan



Eric Bischoff

No! I don't wanna hear it. I don't want you here Hogan. I don't want you here either Flair. So there is no chance in hell that you two are going to have one final match. None! I won't have it, not in my company damn it!


Ric Flair

Eric, sometimes, I forget how much of an ******* you are. Are you stupid? These people want to see Hogan vs Flair, am I right?


The crowd responds with a huge cheer, infuriating Bischoff.


Eric Bischoff

I don't give a damn what these people want Flair. Just like I don't give a damn what you or Hogan wants. So get the hell out of my ring. Come on, cut to commercial damn it!









WCW World Tag Team Championships

Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo © vs The Filthy Animals (Rey Mysterio Jr. and Konnan)


(Notice: So, I'll finish this Nitro soon enough. I'm too tired to type the rest of it out. lol, procrastination.)





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