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Looking back to 1993, who would have thought a brand new sport would be created? Not just any sport, but a sport which would be all over the world almost two decades later? With MMA coming to Boston, Abu Dhabi and Australia this year, and with the UFC travelling back to Canada for another monster event, one has to appreciate the journey of which it took to get here. Alas, I am left with a few questions. MMA is known for being an unpredictable sport, to a degree. Anything can happen in a fight. Fighters get caught, careers can be altered with one bad decision. So, just how different would the UFC and MMA be today if some things went down differently?


Many will immediately think of ZJ Penn (aka Dr. Lucien Sanchez) and his diary which was posted both on GDS and EWB. As far as I'm concerned, that's okay. I was a HUGE fan of his story, and his UFC main event between Bas Rutten and Randy Couture is easily my favourite "match-up" I've ever read on here. I had been following from very early on, and I consider it a compliment to be mentioned in his company. Thanks to him helping release his data for the "UFC 1993" campaign for World of Mixed Martial Arts 2, other people can create their own MMA storylines, starting all the way back in 1993.


Our rules:

- All fights will occur within the Octagon.

- Every fight will have a cap of 1 round, 60 minutes.

- A referee is NOT allowed to separate fighters if they are stalling.

- If no decision has been achieved by the end of the fight, it will go to the scorecard of three judges.

- All basic strikes, other than groin-strking and eye-gouging are considered legal.


Now that I've gotten the basic introduction out of the way, it's time to introduce you to UFC 1: The Beginning.




The Beginning


QF1: Art Jimmerson vs. Gerard Gordeau

QF2: Kevin Rosier vs. Teila Tuli

QF3: Jason Delucia vs. Ken Shamrock

QF4: Royce Gracie vs. Trent Jenkins

SF1: AJ/GG vs. KR/TT

SF2: JD/KS vs. RG/TJ

Finals: ??? vs. ???


NOTE: Both Patrick Smith and Zane Frazier were expected to be involved with the tournament, but decided to fight in an indy match, which Patrick Smith won by Decision. UFC brass were not impressed, and both were left off the card.


Bonus questions:


1.) Which fight will be rated as the fight of the night? (Will earn a "Fantastic" rating.)

2.) Which fight will be rated as the worst fight of the night? (Will earn a "Very Poor" rating.)

3.) How many fights will go to a decision?

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