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Need help with the Color codes

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[QUOTE=rayps23]just wondering in wk 1 when u have to set the budget and scouting service what color means what. i know red is bad what is the color for the best color u can have. this game is worth the wait. thanks for the help[/QUOTE] This is the color coding used throughout the game: Blue--Very Good Green--Good Yellow--Average Orange--Below Average Deep Red--Poor The logic is that blue is the best; yellow is average; red is worst. Green is a combination of yellow and blue. And orange is a combination of red and yellow. This scale applies to all the ratings in the game, e.g. player skill levels, scouting service ratings, school prestige ratings, etc. You can safely assume that if you see something coded blue in the game, it is good, and, similarly, red is bad.
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