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is weight is purely cosmetic?

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is weight is purely cosmetic? here some issue that some are concern about at FOFC forum. [quote] Let me ask this...does weight really matter in this game. My guess (and hope) is it does, but I'm noticing something odd about how my team's weight is distributed. It seems like most of my DE outweigh my DT when it should be the opposite. The same is true of ILB and OLB. Am I wrong that ILB's will generally be bigger than the outside guys? I've seen this consistently, but just as an example of my current ILB's (for UGA) not a single one weighs 230 pounds or higher (and one weighs 218), whereas there is only two olb that doesn't weigh more than 230 with one starter weighing 245. Now, it doesn't look totally off because I often see seniors at DT or ILB playing at heavier weights than I see the outside players, but it seems like most of my outside guys are fat and inside guys are thin.[/quote] [quote] To add to that... on my two games I've actually got into I have not had a running back over 200lb's, and I've had a couple under 200lbs who look (to me anyway) like they are decent power backs. This makes me worry that weight is purely cosmetic, which I sincerely hope it isn't.[/quote]
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