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When I try to open the game nothing happens.

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The first thing is make sure you are running the game as an administrator. If you right click on the game icon you should see the option. Then try is disabling any antivirus you have running when you try and open the game. Then try this:


1. Right-click on "My Computer"

2. Select "Properties"

3. Click on the "Advanced" Tab.

4. Click on the Performance "Settings" Button

5. Click on the "Data Execution Prevention" Tab

6. Verify that "Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only" is selected. If it is not, select that option and click "APPLY" and then try and run the game.


Note: Even if you see that option checked already, go ahead and uncheck and then recheck it to ensure that its activated!


7. If the problem persists, go back and select the other option "turn on DEP for all windows programs and services EXCEPT those I select" and ADD the following files:


"runservice.exe" Will be found in C:\Windows

"FBCB2010.exe" Normally found in C:\Program Files\GDS\Fast Break College Basketball 2010


9. Click APPLY then Reboot and then relaunch the game.

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