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<p>Any of you recruiting gurus feel like putting out a short tutorial to educate the rest of us (and by that I mean my obviously stupid persona).</p><p> </p><p>

Playing with Kansas. Four scholarships. I have now had my scholarships all rejected twice (so through two months) and now as a top ten team that has won two national championships in seven years (prior to my arrival) I am now looking at a potential recruiting class where (a) I can't fill all four scholarships and (b) my top recruit just might be ranked in the 500's or worse.</p><p> </p><p>

Is there a recommended order to make your pitches?</p><p>

Should you do Assistant AND Head Coach visits in the same week?</p><p>

Why can you offer campus visits to some players but not others in certain weeks?</p><p>

Basic tips that you've had success with in recruiting?</p><p> </p><p>

Thanks to any of you gurus that are willing to help educate the masses.</p>

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Its updated through my first 7 seasons at Texas Southern a small Prestige School


Just in case anyone really cares, Ive finished with Texas Southern and have moved up into a mid major program. I try to show the minor differences in recruiting between a small prestige program and a mid major program with hopes of doing the same with a large prestige school. Coach Charlie Shocker continues his run......

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With March Madness right around the corner I decided to continue the tutorial and the journey of Coach Charlie Shocker.


I started off at a low prestige school and worked my way up to a mid major and have shown how I go about recruiting along with some other useful tid bits that might be helpful if you are new to the game.


If people are interested in taking a look its below.



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