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Editing team names

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<p>I just spent an hour or so editing team names in the "edit default league" under the Tools tab, only to get an error message regarding the MAAC. The message is that the East has 13 teams, and the West has none. When I go in to edit the Sun Belt teams into divisions, each one of them shows up as the Summit, and in the Summit I've got the option to put them into the East and West (though the Summit doesn't have any divisions). When I change the conference back to Sun Belt, the division selection box greys out). I haven't touched the conference defaults, so the Sun Belt still says it has 2 divisions on the conference tab.</p><p> </p><p>

Possibly related, just about every team in the Independents, Ivy League, Great West, WCC, and WAC come up as another conference when I select them in the edit tab.</p>

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