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FBCB 2010 Beta Patch 2.0.4

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I have uploaded a patch to the current build. I'll tend to release several smaller patches in between each official patch. You can get it here:




Extract the files to the directory where you installed the game. When you start the game it should say version 2.0.4 in the bottom left corner after applying the update.


Version 2.0.4

************************************************** **********


*3BI or 4IT appearances now satisfy the goal to play in a postseason tourney.

*The edit team screen in the default league editor now loads the correct conference for each team.


Version 2.0.3

************************************************** **********


*Fixed sorting by DRb% on team stats screen.

*Fixed error 62 issues related to tourneys.csv



*Increased the effectiveness of players with high passing skill.

*Increased stamina recovery at half time.

*Increased the number of touches for good post players.


Version 2.0.2

************************************************** **********


*Awards screen now loads blank if accessed before the first awards have been announced.

*Conferences with no tourney berth will not automatically send their regular season conference champ to the FBIT if they don't get a championship tourney berth. (Great West).

*Added code to prevent error 383 during recruiting

*Fixed sorting on roster screen when viewing defense.

*Editing future recruits should save properly now.

*Fixed a bug that could cause the selection show to appear before selection sunday



*Increased the odds of underclassmen entering the draft.

*Conferences with no championship tourney berth and prestige of 3 or less will send their tourney champ to the 4IT (Great West).

*Added more descriptive error messages when the game can't locate or can't write to the data folder.

*Added printing to the team schedule screen.

*Head to head record is now the main tie breaker for conference standings

*Added an open folder button the default league screen.

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