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New Version vs. Old Version

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I mean no disrespect with this post. Aside from a different look, how is this version different from Fast Break College Basketball 2003? I own the old version and I anxiously downloaded the 2010 demo. However, as I played the demo and played the old version, I saw two games that appeared very similar. I don't mind spending $35 for a game. I've spent far more on games that held my interest for far less time. However, I need some reassurance that I am not spending $35 on a game that I already own. What has changed (aside from the interface)?
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The basic goal of the new version was to bring the game up to date with the changes that have occurred in real life and to fix areas of the game that didn't work well. The other goal was to make as much stuff as possible customizable so people will have the ability to make future changes themselves or with the help of a small patch. If you decide the old version was good enough, I can respect that. Here's a sample of what was done.


*New postseason tourneys

*FTP support for online leagues

*Better AI for computer teams especially in recruiting


*Fully customizable default league. The game is no longer hard coded to use a certain number of teams, conferences, or preseason tourneys.

*Updated conference tourneys to match the structures used in real life.

*The ability to add teams to your league in the offseason

*Updated the hiring code so you no longer constantly lose all 3 assistants.

*Ability to make more than one offer at a time per position for assistants.

*More realistic use of rules like redshirting

*Playing time matters more for development so you can't just stash tons of good players on the bench then play them as seniors with no penalty.

*Better tracking for the top pro prospects with new code to determine who enters the draft

*Game engine improvements: all out pressing and trapping isn't a super tactic any more, more realistic distribution for shot blocking, good defenders are more effective

*More realistic height distribution

*Ability to expand the records for teams to up to 50 spots

*Pace independent stats leaders

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Thank You


I appreciate the response to my question. Again, I did not ask it to insult the developer. I think the first version was amazing and I think the new one looks amazing as well. I intend to make my purchase and support great products like this.

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