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<p>No, I'm not talking about -Excellent- rated fights. The rating doesn't matter(and in a lot of cases really misses in terms of excitement imo), but what I'm saying is... fights that you've watched the engine unravel that you have read and been amazed by. </p><p> </p><p> Anyway, this idea spawned to me after simming a few years with the UFC, and putting together a "sportmans" fight between Jeremy Horn and Drew Fickett. The match got a "Good" rating, which baffles me. Anyway, this fight was awesome to read as it went along, enjoy it along with me. I think this fight is an excellent example of Adam's work he puts into the game. But this fight should have been rated as 'Epic'. lol</p><p> </p><p> </p><blockquote data-ipsquote="" class="ipsQuote" data-ipsquote-contentapp="forums" data-ipsquote-contenttype="forums" data-ipsquote-contentid="27571" data-ipsquote-contentclass="forums_Topic"><div>>Another match is about to begin; Jeremy 'Gumby' Horn fights Drew 'The Master' Fickett in the UFC Welterweight division. <p> >And here we go!</p><p> >Fickett throws a couple of jabs as a set up, then shoots in for a takedown.</p><p> >The takedown is successful, Horn pulls guard.</p><p> >Fickett is trying to pass guard.</p><p> >He can't quite manage to get past guard on this attempt.</p><p> >Horn tries to ensare Fickett in a guillotine.</p><p> >Horn uses the guillotine position well, sweeping Fickett over into side control.</p><p> >Horn looks to roll Fickett slightly and slip behind.</p><p> >Horn isn't able to get behind Fickett this time around.</p><p> >Fickett transitions to half guard.</p><p> >Horn tries to ensare Fickett in a kimura.</p><p> >Fickett defends himself well and is in no danger.</p><p> >Fickett reaches over and tries to lock Horn in a guillotine.</p><p> >Horn pulls his head free before the hold can be applied properly.</p><p> >We go past the halfway point of this round.</p><p> >In half guard, Horn throws a couple of punches designed to keep Fickett guessing.</p><p> >In half guard, Horn begins working to get side control.</p><p> >Horn isn't able to pass from half guard thanks to the tenacious defence of Fickett.</p><p> >Fickett tries to pull Horn into a guillotine choke from the bottom of half guard.</p><p> >The choke is applied, but with only a few seconds left Horn will survive!</p><p> >The time runs out on round one.</p><p> >That round goes to Fickett, 10-9 on my card.</p><p> >And here we go, round two!</p><p> >From what we could hear of his corner, it sounds like Horn has been instructed to try and get Fickett to the floor in this round.</p><p> >Fickett throws a couple of jabs as a set up, then shoots in for a takedown.</p><p> >Horn saw the takedown coming, he tries to grab a guillotine.</p><p> >He has the takedown! Horn pulls guard.</p><p> >Fickett is trying to pass guard.</p><p> >Horn is ready for the attempt though, and keeps Fickett firmly in guard.</p><p> >Horn tries to pull Fickett into a guillotine choke from the bottom of the guard.</p><p> >Fickett gets turned over via the guillotine, ending up on his back under side control.</p><p> >Horn tries to grab a leg to prepare Fickett for a knee bar.</p><p> >Fickett blocks it.</p><p> >Fickett tries to sweep Horn but can't do it.</p><p> >We are now at the halfway point of the round.</p><p> >Horn starts trying to work to go from side control to mount.</p><p> >Fickett keeps Horn at side control, not letting the mount happen.</p><p> >Fickett struggles and gets half guard.</p><p> >Horn fires off a few punches as he catches his breath.</p><p> >We move into the final sixty seconds of this round.</p><p> >Horn is trying to get out of half guard and into a better position.</p><p> >Fickett comfortably blocks the attempt and keeps Horn in half guard.</p><p> >Fickett tries to ensare Horn in a guillotine.</p><p> >Horn stops Fickett from applying it.</p><p> >Round two ends as time expires.</p><p> >I think Fickett took that round, 10-9 on my score card.</p><p> >And here we go, round three!</p><p> >Between rounds we could hear the corner of Horn telling him to take it to the ground early.</p><p> >Horn is looking to turn this into a wrestling match, and is getting in closer to Fickett.</p><p> >Fickett ends up grappling for supremacy with Horn.</p><p> >Horn attempts to take down Fickett from the grapple.</p><p> >The takedown is completed, Fickett is on his back and pulls guard.</p><p> >Horn tries to pass the guard.</p><p> >Horn isn't able to pass guard on this attempt.</p><p> >Fickett tries to ensare Horn in a triangle.</p><p> >Horn pulls his arm free before the triangle can be locked in.</p><p> >Horn keeps Fickett guessing with a few quick strikes.</p><p> >Fickett raises his legs and tries to get Horn into a triangle choke.</p><p> >Fickett gets the triangle fully applied...and there's the tap out!</p><p> >By Submission, the winner is Fickett!</p><p> >Official Result: Drew 'The Master' Fickett defeats Jeremy 'Gumby' Horn (Submission in 2:57 of round 3). The match was rated as being Good.</p></div></blockquote>
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