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WWF does SmackDown!

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<p>From SmackDown.com</p><p> </p><p>

<em>The historic WWF draft took place today and there was no lack of excitement and stunning picks as Vince McMahon and Ric Flair each chose the new rosters for RAW and SmackDown! respectively. With names like Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Steve Austin and even The Rock arriving on the SmackDown! roster and each of the four McMahon's going to RAW, there is no doubt that a new era in SmackDown! will begins starting this Thursday night when the vacant WWF title is put up for grabs in a 10-Man Battle Royal! It's the biggest main event in Television history and you can only see it live on UPN!</em></p>

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WWF SmackDown! Draft Results, the full breakdown of what to expect during Thursday nights!


Main Event:

Hulk Hogan


Scott Hall

Steve Austin

The Rock

The Undertaker


Upper Midcard:

Booker T


Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy





Brock Lesnar



Hardcore Holly

Mark Henry

Mr. Perfect

Scotty 2 Hotty



Lower Midcard:

Lance Storm



The Godfather



Crash Holly

Steven Richards

Tommy Dreamer


Enhancement Talent:


Justin Credible

Mike Awesome

Shawn Stasiak


Women's Division:

Dawn Marie



Molly Holly


Occasional Wrestlers:

Big Boss Man



Debra Williams

Teddy Long

Terri Runnels

Torrie Wilson



Kevin Kelly

Michael Cole


Colour Commentary:

Jerry Lawler




Chad Patton

Earl Hebner

Jim Korderas

Mickey Jaye

Tim White


Authority Figure:

Ric Flair


Road Agents:

Fit Finlay

Gerald Brisco

Jack Lanza

Pat Patterson

Sgt. Slaughter

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WWF SmackDown! Preview:


From Redbird Arena in Normal, Illinois!


10-Man Over-the-top-rope Battle Royal for the WWF Title!

Billy & Chuck vs. The Hardy Boyz

Brock Lesnar vs. Scotty 2 Hotty

Tajiri © vs. Steven Richards for the WWF Cruiserweight Title

Lita vs. Molly Holly

Batista vs. Big Boss Man


Plus SmackDown! General Manager "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair makes an appearance to address the state of SmackDown!

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Just wanted to give some info on this dynasty, plus a shameless bump. :o


- This will be completely kayfabe, meaning that no match ratings or worker signings will be announced. Everything will be presented as it would be seen on SmackDown! in 2002.

- Real time results, SmackDown! will be posted on Thursdays (tomorrow), Velocity on Sunday (quick results) and PPV's on the respective Sunday.

- The current titles are:

WWF Title: Vacant

WWF United States: Vacant

WWF Cruiserweight: Tajiri

WWF Tag Team: Vacant


plus the King of the Ring tournament in June.


- RAW started out with no workers because I was too lazy to do all those contracts too, once they start running shows I'll let you know what they're doing.

- Game is being played on Freestyle, SmackDown! has OVW and HWA as Child Companies and are at war with RAW.


If anybody else wants to predict on the card feel free to. Also to correct a goof here are the 10 Battle Royal competitors:


The Rock, Steve Austin, Scott Hall, Hulk Hogan, Kane, The Undertaker, Booker T, Mr. Perfect, Test and Mark Henry.

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WWF SmackDown!

Live from Redbird Arena in Normal, Illinois!



Following the new SmackDown! intro video we are welcomed to the Redbird Arena as the camera pans around showcasing the wild wrestling fans in Illinois. We then head to ringside with SmackDown! commentators Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler!


Michael Cole: "Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to a historic edition of SmackDown! Here before a capacity crowd of 10,000 screaming fans. Tonight's main event is set to be the biggest in the history of free Television as 10 of the top stars on SmackDown! compete for the vacant WWF Championship. My partner, wrestling legend Jerry "The King" Lawler, who do you see winning that huge match here tonight?"


Jerry Lawler: "Well Michael, let me tell you how great it is to be here on SmackDown! following the WWF draft, but Scott Hall has to be the clear favorite in tonight's Battle Royal. Scott will do whatever it takes to win and that will lead him to his very first WWF Championship!"


Michael Cole: "I can't agree with you "King" considering that superstars like The Rock, Steve Austin and even Hulk Hogan are competing in the Battle Royal! Either way, it's all up for grabs tonight on SmackDown! After a quick break we'll get the action underway!"













As we return from the commercial break Big Boss Man is waiting in the ring. As his music fades out we see a video playing to introduce an unknown superstar named Batista!



Batista vs. Big Boss Man


Batista charges right down to the ring and takes it to the Boss Man hitting him with a series of big slams. Boss Man tries to rally with a flurry of punches but takes a massive spinebuster sending him right back on his back. As Boss Man climbs up to his feet, Batista hits him with his finishing Batista Bomb to win his WWF debut match.


Winner: Batista by Pinfall


We leave the ring and head backstage where The Rock is standing by with Terri Runnels. "The People's Champion" is greeted by a huge ovation from the fans in the background.


Terri Runnels: "Rock, tonight you will be in the Battle Royal for the WWF Championship. What do you think of your chances to leave with the belt?"


The Rock: "My chances? My chances!? Are you trippin'! Tonight 9 men are gettin' tossed over the top rope and going home with a Rock-sized boot-print's on their asses! Stone Cold is gonna get stunned! The Undertaker is gonna get taken out! It doesn't matter who when or where, but when you get in that ring with "The Great One" and the WWF Championship is on the line, you might as well quit! IF YA SMELL-LA-LA-EL!"


*Raises Eyebrow*


The Rock: "What The Rock IS COOKIN'!"











Lita vs. Molly Holly


Two of SmackDown!'s top diva's took center ring as Lita and Molly Holly entered the ring. It didn't take long for Lita to gain the upper-hand with a trademark hurricanrana followed with a near pinfall finish. After hitting a scoop slam, Lita went up top but came crashing down on the mat as Molly rolled out of the way of a spectacular moonsault that could've ended her night. With the momentum now in her corner Molly went to work on Lita, locking her in a series of excruciating submissions before trying to roll her up from behind holding the ropes for leverage. It looked like the match was over, but as the referee was counting 3 he noticed Molly's hand on the rope and broke up the pinfall. As Molly complained to the ref, Lita rolled her up from behind for the pinfall victory.


Winner: Lita


Molly sits in the ring in shock as Lita celebrates and we head to the parking garage. Terri Runnels is standing by as a large pickup truck arrives and out steps "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to an ear-shattering reaction from the fans.


Terri Runnels: "Ste-"


Steve Austin: "Nah, you don't even need to talk. Battle Royal tonight right? Yeah, thought so. Well let me tell ya' this, "Stone Cold" is in the damn building and whenever that happens you know damn well whose leaving with the WWF Championship. It's gonna take a lot more than 9 guys to stop me from taking the title back home where it belongs. And that's the bottom line... 'cause Stone Cold said so!"


A loud chorus of "Hell yeah"'s answer from the crowd. The scene then switches over to the locker room of Torrie Wilson who is getting ready to head down to the ring to corner Tajiri in the Cruiserweight title match.











Tajiri © vs. Steven Richards - WWF Cruiserweight Title


Tajiri doesn't have much difficulty in this match, he takes it right to Richards and dominates him for several minutes. Just when it seems like it's over for Richards, he begins to mount a comeback but Torrie Wilson climbs onto the apron to provide a key distraction and allow Tajiri to connect with a brutal roundhouse kick to the face and get the three count to retain his title.


Winner: Tajiri











Brock Lesnar vs. Scotty 2 Hotty


Squashed like a bug.


Winner: Brock Lesnar


Backstage The Undertaker is walking down the hallway when he bumps into Kane. The two brothers glare at each other for several seconds and you can cut the tension with a knife. Finally they go they're separate ways.


Michael Cole: "Interesting meeting between Kane and The Undertaker, both of whom will be competing in the WWF Championship Battle Royal tonight!"


Jerry Lawler: "Interesting indeed, it's almost impossible to pick an odds on favorite in this Battle Royal! And don't forget, we still have Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall competing!"











Billy and Chuck vs. The Hardy Boyz


The Hardy Boyz take an early advantage in this match as Jeff and Matt tagged out repeatedly while beating down Chuck. Jeff connected with his signature Whisper in the Wind and it looked like the match was over but Billy intervened and broke the pinfall, the distraction allowed Chuck to tag out. Billy started off strong with a solid combination of punches landed on Jeff Hardy but eventually he recieved more of the same abuse his partner took only his ended with taking a Swanton Bomb from Jeff Hardy and suffering a pinfall loss, as the Hardy Boyz take a huge step towards the currently vacant WWF Tag Team Titles!


After the match The Hardy Boyz and Lita celebrate in the ring, when out of nowhere Molly Holly enters the ring and begins to put a beating on Lita. As Jeff and Matt try to intervene, Billy and Chuck attack them from behind and put the boots to them and making the message clear that this wasn't over.











As we return from the commercial break, the announcers are in shock as Stephanie McMahon is standing in the ring with a microphone. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler had been talking about their being no McMahon's on SmackDown! just earlier tonight and now here is one standing in center ring!


Stephanie McMahon: "Let me make ONE thing clear. My father is the chairman of the World Wrestling Federation! He decides where people go and Ric Flair's blatant attempt to keep my family off of SmackDown! did not go unnoticed. My father Vincent Kennedy McMahon has sent me here to keep this brand under control, whether Ric Flair likes it or no-"




The fans go wild as the music of the legendary "Nature Boy" and current SmackDown! General Manager Ric Flair begins to play and he walks down to the ring with a case in his hand. He is smiling at Stephanie as he enters the ring but takes the microphone away from her.


Ric Flair: "Stephanie! I'm actually so glad to see you because I knew one of the devil children would be arriving sooner or later. I was looking forward to this because as SmackDown! General Manager, you were NOT drafted to this brand so I CAN send you right on out of here!"


Flair is laughing while Stephanie looks furious, the crowd goes wild for her reaction.


Stephanie McMahon: "You can't do that!"


Ric Flair: "Security! I want her out of the damn building!"


Stephanie is in complete shock as security comes down to the ring and escorts her out of the arena. Flair is in hysterics before addressing the crowd one more time.


Ric Flair: "Well, now that we took the trash out, I have one more matter to attend to. We all know that this is a new era in the World Wrestling Federation and SmackDown! so I decided... I decided that it was also time for a newer, slicker, more stylin', more profylin' World Championship! I have in my hands what ten of the best superstars on SmackDown! are set to fight for here in mere minutes, now lets have a look!"




Ric Flair: "Now ring the damn bell! We're ready for some action! WOOOO!"











10-Man Battle Royal for the WWF Championship (Featuring The Rock, Steve Austin, Scott Hall, Hulk Hogan, Kane, The Undertaker, Booker T, Mr. Perfect, Test and Mark Henry)


With the Main Event finally underway, it was pandemonium in the ring from the beginning as each men realized what was on the line. Mark Henry and Scott Hall seemed to be working together as the two of them eliminated both Test and Mr. Perfect early on in the match. But as Mark Henry posed for the crowd following the second elimination, Scott Hall showed that it was definitely every man for himself as he dumped Henry over the top rope and out of the match. As a furious Henry stormed to the back, an epic slugfest was taking place between Kane and The Undertaker who both seemed hellbent on eliminating the other. Hulk Hogan was remaining unusually quiet during all of this as he sat in the corner watching the action, that included Booker T being double teamed by Steve Austin and The Rock of all people. After Austin sent Booker T over the top rope, the Hulkster sprung into action to try and eliminate Austin from behind but before he could move an inch he was met with a huge clothesline from former teammate Scott Hall sending him to the canvas. Hall then went after The Rock but after barely a few punches were thrown Hogan launched himself at Hall sending them both over the top rope and out of the match. Now with Austin, Rock, Undertaker and Kane remaining. The two brothers stopped exchanging blows and then stared down The Rock and Austin before all hell broke loose and all four men began throwing everything but the kitchen sink at each other. Eventually Kane began attacking The Undertaker again and had him dazed against the ropes, as Kane charged in for the finishing clothesline, Undertaker ducked down and sent him flying over the top rope. As 'Taker turned around he was met with a Stone Cold Stunner that sent him back to the ropes where Kane was waiting and looking for revenge. Kane grabbed him by the throat and chokeslammed him out of the ring! Officials quickly intervened and began to take Kane and The Undertaker to the backstage area, struggling to keep them apart.


Michael Cole: "How fitting is this! Two of the greatest superstars in WWF history going at it to become the new WWF Champion!"


Austin, who had been watching the Undertaker fighting Kane turned and ate a massive spear from The Rock. Rock lifted up Austin and it seemed like he was going to send him over the top ropes but Austin, in a last burst of energy, broke free and nailed a Stone Cold Stunner leaving both men on the mat. As they each struggled to their feet, Kane came charging back down the ramp tossing officials aside as he re-entered the ring determined to take everyone out. Kane immediately went for Austin and as he was grabbing Austin by the throat and preparing to chokeslam him, The Rock slid under the ropes and grabbed a steel chair and after sliding back into the ring, blasted Kane in the back with the chair. Rock then landed his signature three punch combination sending Kane out of the ring. Austin and The Rock then stared each other down. Austin nodded his head at The Rock to thank him for getting rid of Kane but The Rock then blasted Austin with the steel chair!


Michael Cole: "NO!"


Jerry Lawler: "YES!"


The fans boo viciously as The Rock lifts a lifeless Austin up and sends him flying out of the ring. The bell sounds and we have a new WWF Champion, but not without a ton of controversy as the fans continue to boo relentlessly.








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