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First off, I'd like to start by saying I started this game completely handicapped as I haven't watched basketball of any sort in ten years(unless you count some highlights on Sports Center or flipping through channels during March Madness).


So yeah, I decided $35 was worth it to give something a try, and boy am I happy that I did. I'm still learning a lot about the game as I go along, but it's been really enjoyable thus far. Major kudos to GDS for another amazing sim release.


(Note: if this belongs in the suggestions forum, my bad)Now, my only complaint, and maybe I'm the only one.... But why is it that the mouse scroll button doesn't work on... anything? That's the only downside to the game that I've found thus far... I'm lazy. I want to sift through text with my mouse wheel, but other than that I can seriously find nothing to complain about with this game. I played/simmed through 20 seasons(depending on whether or not I had a team worth using), and only had a couple of crashes.


Felt like maybe I needed to explain the mouse wheel situation a bit better... It does function on certain things, like the dialog boxes for instance... I can scroll through those. But just to give an example... If you open Tools and 'Edit Default League', it would be nice to be able to click in on one of the teams and have the game realize you're wanting to scroll through the teams with the wheel, and not change to something else. It's a habit that is ridiculously hard to break :p

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