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Heel Percentage - Performance question

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Ok, you guys that read the forums you will now by now that I have started a character with F- grades in all... including the gimmick performances.


I started my character as an F- heel and using the editor I saw the stat progressing at 1% Heel performance per match. So after 20 months my Heel performance was 20%. I turned to face and after 19 months (booked to match every single match) my stats were 19% Face and 20% Heel.


I created my own company after leaving EWA and assumed the role of the Heel again. After 25 months I now see that the rating is stuck at 40%.


Gimmick Rating was A and the Gimmcik is called Worker Ant (B-, B-, F-, F-, F-Unique Gimmick).


Is there a performance Block? Has something to do with the small company that I have? Is it because I am classified as Virtually Unknown?


Did anyone raised his performance stat above 40%?

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