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Thought I'd start a thread of this kind as I get jealous reading the ones in the TEW2010 forum lol


LTW - Lucha Tag Wrestling - Lucha Traditional product - Self created promotion focusing on lucha style tag wrestling in Great Lakes using Real World mod (Nov 09). Started with an empty roster at International level so I would have a chance of bagging some half decent workers. Bleeding popularity right now but thats fine, the furthest I'm gonna drop is National.



Jeff Hardy & Carlito

Young Bucks - Matt & Nick Jackson w/h Missy Hyatt

DragonFang - Dragon Kid & Fang w/h Paul Heyman

Jerry Lynn & Colt Cabana

Lucha Legends - LA Park & Ultimo Dragon

Heroes - Shark Boy & Taylor Wilde

PAC & Amazing Red w/h Paul Heyman

Double Suicide - Suicide A & B (Daniels & Sonjay Dutt)

Chris Hero & Scorpio Sky



USAss - Austin Aries & Petey Williams

Nigel McGuinness & Ryan Sakoda

New Oriental Express - Tajiri & Taka Michinocu w/h Jimmy Hart

Los Locos - Super Crazy & Psychosis

The Cult - Damien 666 & Halloween w/h James Michell

Lost in Los Palmos - Cybernetico & Mr Aguila w/h Midajah

Los Maximos - Joel & Jose Maximo w/h Midajah

FBI - Vic & Jimmy (Victor Imperial Porter & Nunzio)

Cross your Hart - Matt Cross & Teddy Hart

Silver Kobra - Quicksilver & Kobra Kai w/h Jimmy Hart



Inter Species Wrestling:

Hallowicked & Frightmare

Dash & Tweek Phoenix

Kizarni & Rick Hall(comp gen)


Jersey All Pro Wrestling:

Alan Funk & BxB Hulk

El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr

Zokre & Phoenix Star



LTW World Lucha Tag Titles (Main): Jeff & Carlito.

After a long feud J&C finally beat the original LTW World champs USAss, proving to the Canadian Williams & his sympathiser turncoat Aries that the US is still a force to be reckoned with. However after their title match they were jumped by Los Locos, who are now the Latino division of USAss, so they have two teams chasing them for the titles.


LTW US High Voltage Tag Titles (Mid): DragonFang.

Originally two titles (US Lucha Tag (mid) & High Voltage Tag(lower)) DragonFang held the HVT title and improved so rapidly in popularity that they were chosen to compete in the 4 team elimination match against Los Maximos, Lost in Los Palmos & The Young Bucks© for the US title. Scoring a shocking upset over Joel Maximos, Dragon Kid secured both the UST & the HVT titles for his team. The board of directors saw fit to then merge the two titles, meaning anyone in the lower card has to really step their game up if the want a title.

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Used in The Rise of the Dream diary




Total Wrestling Action



Big Problem

American Machine

Darryl Devine

Sgt. Buddy Lee West

Jacob Jett

Remmy Skye

Ace Youngblood

*Frankie Perez

Champagne Lover

Steven Parker

American Elemental

Joss Thompson

Flemmy Lemming

Thomas Morgan

Larry Wood

C.H. Threepwood

Crockett Tubbs

Keith Vegas

Tyler James Bailey





December 2005



South Bend, Indiana



Cutting Edge


Starting Funds



Game Started

December Week 1 2005

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