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WWE Smackdown - After the 2010 Draft

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The 2010 Draft was hard on Smackdown (shown below). They lost some of their top stars, but gained some picks with huge potential. Can Smackdown become the 'A' Show even with a lack of top stars?




RICHMOND, Va. – While the outcome of Extreme Rules rattled the WWE Universe just 24 hours prior, the following night’s 2010 WWE Draft on a special three-hour Monday Night Raw shook many of the Superstars themselves to their very core. The quake resulted when both the Raw and SmackDown rosters competed in inter-promotional matches to determine which brand would earn a Draft pick. (WATCH)


Further aftershocks will also be felt live on Tuesday, exclusively on WWE.com, as we gear up for the 2010 Supplemental Draft. Be sure to check back for all the latest seismic shifts.


Batista def. Sheamus and Randy Orton in a No. 1 Contender's Triple Threat Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)


Enraged? Disappointed? Embarrassed? After having his feet duct taped together by WWE Champion John Cena and losing at Extreme Rules, chances are high that Batista was feeling all three. That may explain his motivation for interrupting prior to the match between Sheamus and Randy Orton to become No. 1 contender for the WWE Title.


The Animal growled that he deserved to be part of a No. 1 contender’s bout. While The Celtic Warrior and The Viper threw up roadblocks, John Cena settled things, calling for a Triple Threat Match.


With all the treachery, cunning and chilling power ricocheting around the squared circle, Batista managed to redeem himself somewhat by defeating his two opponents, but only after Edge slid into the ring and dropped The Viper with a surprise Spear, which allowed the exhausted Animal to lay an arm across Orton's chest for the three-count.


Hornswoggle def. Dolph Ziggler by Count-out; Chris Jericho drafted to Raw (PHOTOS | WATCH)


It must have seemed almost too easy for Dolph Ziggler, insulting even. His platinum blondness was chosen to go face to … kneecap against Hornswoggle for the final Draft pick. Alas, the wee, wily leprechaun outsmarted Mr. Ziggles when he kept him outside of the ring for a count-out victory. As Hornswoggle danced a little jig, an irate Ziggler locked the sleeper hold on ‘Swoggle and sent him off to dreamland while Raw collected their bounty in the form of Chris Jericho.


Wayne Brady to act as special guest host of Raw next week

Next week, which Superstar will get what’s behind Door No. 3 and which Superstar will get a Raw Deal? The WWE Universe will find out when the funnyman and host of the daytime game show Let’s Make a Deal, Wayne Brady, drops by to take charge as special guest host of Raw.


World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger def. John Morrison; Christian drafted to SmackDown (PHOTOS | WATCH)


Fresh off a tremendous victory at Extreme Rules, World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger was chosen to face off against John Morrison to determine which brand would clinch the next Draft pick. For the second time in a 24-hour period, “The All-American American” seized triumph from his opponent. While Swagger celebrated, SmackDown claimed a charismatic pick: Christian.


Chris Jericho def. Christian; Kofi Kingston drafted to SmackDown (PHOTOS | WATCH)


Even when Chris Jericho suffers a loss, like he did to Edge the night before at Extreme Rules, his ego won’t let his mouth admit it. After dismissing his Steel Cage defeat, the self-important Superstar fought Raw’s Christian for the next Draft pick. When Jericho managed the win, a visibly irate Kofi Kingston was snatched up by the blue brand and promptly charged to the ring and leveled “Mr. Vocabulary.”


Ted DiBiase won a 10-Man Dual-Branded Battle Royal; John Morrison, R-Truth and Edge drafted to Raw (PHOTOS | WATCH)


Fighting not just for their respective brands but perhaps for themselves, SmackDown’s Rey Mysterio, Kane, R-Truth, Shad & Drew McIntyre faced off against Raw’s MVP, Mark Henry, Ted DiBiase, Yoshi Tatsu & Santino Marella in a 10-Man Dual-Branded Battle Royal for the right to three Draft picks. When the sweat had finally settled, it was Raw’s DiBiase who managed to earn the pin for his team.


As a result, Raw picked off three of SmackDown’s finest: John Morrison, R-Truth and Edge.


WWE Champion John Cena arranged Sheamus vs. Randy Orton for the No. 1 contender spot (PHOTOS)


After handing Triple H one of the worst beatings of his storied career at Extreme Rules, Sheamus insisted that he be the No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship. Only one problem – so did five-time former WWE Champion Randy Orton. Amidst their bickering, current titleholder John Cena intervened. The Champ arranged a match between The Celtic Warrior and The Viper with the winner earning an opportunity at the title.


CM Punk def. Evan Bourne; Big Show drafted to SmackDown (PHOTOS | WATCH)


CM Punk, still clinging to his greasy locks, had narrowly escaped the follicular homicide at Extreme Rules with an underhanded assist when Serena, Luke Gallows and a masked mystery man helped him defeat Rey Mysterio. During Raw, the holier-than-thou leader employed his followers again, including the mystery man, in his fervent attempt to down Evan “Air” Bourne and give SmackDown another pick in the Draft. For their second pick in the Draft, the blue brand selected Big Show.


Michelle McCool & Layla def. Divas Champion Eve & Maryse; Kelly Kelly drafted to SmackDown (PHOTOS | WATCH)


With both the Raw and SmackDown rosters being represented, the first Draft match of the evening fell to Divas Champion Eve & Maryse representing Raw against Michelle McCool & Layla of SmackDown with the winning brand receiving a Draft pick.


Unfortunately for the red brand, Maryse let her ego get the best of her. After relinquishing her Divas Title to Eve a couple of weeks before, the conceited Canadian seemed more interested in fighting with her tag partner, allowing Lay-Cool the opportunity for victory. For their first Draft pick of the evening, SmackDown acquired Kelly Kelly.


Hart Dynasty def. Unified Tag Team Champions Show-Miz (PHOTOS | WATCH)


It must have been a bittersweet night for Big Show & The Miz. While Bret Hart made good on his agreement with the Unified Tag Team Champions and proclaimed that they were “the greatest tag team of all time,” the time also came for them to prove it.


After defeating Show-Miz the night before at Extreme Rules to earn a title opportunity, The Hart Dynasty squared off against The Mountain & The Mouth. With Natalya and The “Hit Man” looking on, Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith toppled the duo to capture the Unified Tag Team Titles.


(This will be the style of all the RAW shows throughout)









Drafted from: Raw


Montel Vontavious Porter returns to SmackDown to keep Friday nights poppin'. The Franchise Playa from the 305 brings his athleticism, swagger and call-it-like-he-sees-it honesty to the blue brand. Whatever direction he decides to take at SmackDown, one thing is guaranteed: MVP will keep things real.








Drafted from: SmackDown


On the night of the 2010 WWE Draft, David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd rocked Raw by capturing the Unified Tag Team Titles from Big Show & United States Champion The Miz. Now that they make a move to Monday nights, what will the future hold for these fired-up young champions?








Drafted from: Raw


Zack Ryder is going to be a very unhappy man when he finds out that his gorgeous arm candy, Rosa Mendes, has been drafted to SmackDown. Still, even without The Long Island Loudmouth by her side, the fiery Diva will have no problem making an impact on Friday nights.







Drafted from: Raw


For the third consecutive year, this tiny tussler has factored big-time into the WWE Supplemental Draft. And now he returns home to the Friday night brand from where he started. Hornswoggle may be a pint-sized pugilist, but the WWE Universe knows that his presence is huge wherever he is!







Drafted from: SmackDown


The Bizarre One descends upon Raw with his love for gold and mind games that are guaranteed to tarnish any opponent's ring strategy. A veteran Superstar who's no stranger to championship gold, Goldust will test his adversaries' mettle, and leave them down on the canvas holding onto "Shattered Dreams."







Drafted from: SmackDown


Think about it - 23-inch arms, a 52-inch chest, a 20-inch neck and 30-inch thighs. Is it any wonder why Big Zeke may become one of the Monday night brand's most dominant competitors in 2010? He was the last Superstar to capture the ECW Title, and you can be sure that he'll have his sights set on the WWE Championship before long.







Drafted from: Raw


"The Masterpiece" has the tools to draw himself prominently into the landscape of Friday Night SmackDown. A sculptured portrait of pure power, he's also more than capable of slapping on a Master Lock that will secure his rise to the top.







Drafted from: SmackDown


One night after the Hart Dynasty Diva celebrated as David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd captured the Unified Tag Team Titles, she was drafted over to Raw. Still, any member of the Hart lineage is a force to be reckoned with, and Natalya is certainly no exception.







Drafted from: Raw


Cody Rhodes brings the experience he gained under Randy Orton’s tutelage to Friday nights. After being punted in the head by The Viper at WrestleMania, the son of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes will no doubt look to regroup and follow in his father’s footsteps, thus creating his own legacy at the top of SmackDown.







Drafted from: Raw


The self-proclaimed “Mexican Warrior” returns to Friday nights. Whether or not he's accompanied by the seemingly perennial chip on his shoulder is another question altogether. Regardless, Chavo is a top competitor who's guaranteed to stir up trouble no matter which WWE brand he's part of.







Drafted from: SmackDown


The Great Khali says that he and his brother Ranjin Singh are happy to make the switch to Monday nights. At 7-foot-3 and more than 420 pounds, The Punjabi Playboy is a former World Champion who will no doubt leave a sizeable impression on Raw when he makes his return to WWE.







Alicia Fox [H]

Batista [H]

Brie Bella [F]

Carlito [H]

Chris Jericho [H]

David Hart Smith [F]

Edge [F]

Evan Bourne [F]

Eve [F]

Ezekiel Jackson [H]

Gail Kim [F]

Goldust [F]

Jerry Lawler [F] (ANNOUNCER)

Jillian [H]

John Cena [F]

John Morrison [F]

Justin Roberts [N/A] (RING ANNOUNCER)

Mark Henry [F]

Maryse [H]

Melina [F]

Michael Cole [F] (ANNOUNCER]

Mr. McMahon [H]

Natalya [H]

Nikki Bella [F]

Primo [F]

R-Truth [F]

Randy Orton [F]

Ranjin Singh [F]

Santino Marella [F]

Sheamus [H]

Ted DiBiase [H]

The Great Khali [F] (TAKING TIME OFF)

The Miz [H]


Tyson Kidd [F]

Vladimir Kozlov [H]

William Regal [H]

Yoshi Tatsu [F]

Zack Ryder [H]














Beth Phoenix [F]

Big Show [F]

Caylen Croft [H]

Chavo Guerrero [H]

Chris Masters [F]

Christian [F]

CM Punk [H]

Cody Rhodes [H]

Dolph Ziggler [H]

Drew McIntyre [H]

Finlay [F]

Hornswoggle [F]

Jack Swagger [H]


Kane [F]

Kelly Kelly [F]

Kofi Kingston [F]

Layla [H]

Luke Gallows [H]

Matt Hardy [F]

Matt Striker [H] (ANNOUNCER)

Michelle McCool [H]


Mystery Masked Man [H] (TO BE REVEALED)

Rey Mysterio[F]

Rosa Mendes [H]

Serena [H]

Shad [H]

Theodore Long [F] (GENERAL MANAGER)

Tiffany [F]

Todd Grisham [F] (ANNOUNCER)

Tony Chimel [N/A] (RING ANNOUNCER)

Trent Barreta [H]

Tyler Reks [H]

Undertaker [F] (TAKING TIME OFF)

Vance Archer [H]

Vickie Guerrero [H]







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Little under a week after the 2010 draft, Theodore Long is set to make an announcement concerning who will face Jack Swagger at Over the Limit. Dudebusters are also set to be in tag team action against a mystery tag team. Kelly Kelly is also set to team up with Beth Phoenix and Tiffany to face Michelle McCool, Layla and Rosa Mendes


Confirmed Matches:


Dudebusters vs ???

Kelly Kelly, Tiffany and Beth Phoenix vs Layla, Rosa Mendes and Michelle McCool

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I have just gone to load up the file with the Smackdown show on and I have lost half the show :( Unfortunately I do not have enough time to write the half again so I'm going to post the half of the show done and the rest will just have a short review.




Smackdown begins with Theodore Long in the center of the ring with a microphone in hand. "Holla, holla, holla and welcome to Friday Night Smackdown! Last week on RAW, it was the WWE draft, during which we lost 2 former World Champions in Edge and Chris Jericho. I admit I'm disappointed to lose 2 great talents but we gained many top superstars such as MVP, Christian, Kofi Kingston, Big Show and Cody Rhodes. All of the new stars want a shot at Jack Swagger's World Championship at the next WWE PPV, Over the Limit. Tonight, both new stars and old stars have the chance to get a title shot at Over the Limit, when we have 4 single match, with the winners all going onto Over the Limit to face Jack Swagger in a Championship Scramble match! So tonight, CM Punk will face off with Christian in our main event, Kofi Kingston will face Matt Hardy, Chavo Guerrero and MVP will also battle it out to go to Over the Limit but now, in our first qualifying match, Rey Mysterio will face one of our new additions, Cody Rhodes." Rey Mysterios music hits as we cut to a commercial


Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes


We return to Smackdown with both Rey Mysterio and Cody Rhodes in the ring and Cody Rhodes' theme fades out as the bell rings to start the match. The match kicks off with a lock up in the center of the ring. Rhodes pushes Rey into the corner and the ref begins to count, which Rhodes breaks up cleanly, but as he walks towards Mysterio, he is hit with kicks to the thighs by Rey. He continues to kick Rhodes until he fulls to the mat. Rey then bounces off the ropes and hits a moonsault to a now standing Rhodes before attempting a pinfall that Rhodes kicks out of earlier. Rey then punches Rhodes to thhe head a few times before running into the ropes before rebounding into a huge closeline from Rhodes that sent Mysterio flying. Rhodes went for the pinfall but Mysterio manages of kick out. Rhodes took full control of the match, using his size advantage over Mysterio to send him all over the ring. Afterr delivering enough punishment to Rey, Rhodes went for and hit the Cross Rhodes. He hooked the leg but somehow Rey managed to kick out. Rhodes then lifted Rey up but was hit with a hurricanarana and landed on the middle rope. Rey then hit the 619 sending before going to the top rope. As the ref was looking at Rhodes, the hooded man knocked Mysterio of the top rope before running through the crowd. Rhodes got to his feet and picked up Mysterio then hits the Cross Rhodes and picking up the victory.


Cody Rhodes grabs himself a microphone and starts to speak, "Now I'm on Smackdown, I can complete my destiny and follow in my father footsteps and become World Champion. On RAW, I was undervalued and overlooked and stuck in a dead-end teamm first with Hardcore Holly, then with Ted DiBiase and Randy Orton. I have never been given the chance to show my abilites in singles action and never been giving a title match. But now it all changes. I've been given a chance and beat former World Champion, Rey Mysterio, and now I am going to have an opportunity at the World Title at Over the Limit and I promise, I will NOT this opportunity pass by and I WILL become World Heavyweight Champion!


Dudebusters vs ???


After a commercial we return with Caylen Croft and Trent Berreta in the ring when WELL...ITS THE BIG SHOW red pyro then exlodes as ane's music plays. Kane and Big Show mae their way down to the ring while Berreta and Croft freak out in the riing. Both Kane and Big Show get into the ring and as they do, Kane hits an uppercut to Croft, knocking him out while Big Show hits a big boot to Berreta. Kane and Big Shwo both hold their hands in the air, calling for a Chokeslam. Berreta is first to his feet and is grabbed by the throat by Kane and then Big Show who then hit the double chokeslam before Kane pinned him for the win.




Edge makes his way to the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd. He gets into the ring andd grabs a mic. "Last Monday on RAW, I was drafted back to RAW and no I'm back on RAW for the first time in 3 years. I've heard all the people who have been drafted saying they want to make an impact on their new show, but I no longer need to, I made my presennce felt on RAW when I cost Randy Orton his match. A lot of people havee been saying that I only did what I did was to make an impact, but I've come out here to say that the only reason I did what I did was because I have unfinished business with Randy Orton. You see 3 years ago, Rated RKO split up. The greatest tag team of all time broke up because of Randy Orton being shelfish and putting himself over me constantly and as I was about to teach Orton a lesson, I moved to Smackdown to cash in the Money In The Bank. Every night since that day, I wished I had of stopped on RAW to get a piece of Orton, but there was no turning back, so I made a promise to myself that when we are both on the same show, I will make his life a misery and now I have the chance to, I WILL! (This is where I lost up to)


Kelly Kelly, Tiffany and Beth Phoenix vs Michelle McCool, Layla and Rosa Mendes


Kelly Kelly picked up the win for her team when she hit the K2 on Layla. After the match, Mendes, McCool and Layla attacked Kelly, Tiffany and Beth, leaving them all knocked out


Backstage, Theodore Long is talking to Kane and Big Show where he says they have a number one contenders match for the Unified Tag Titles on RAW


Matt Hardy vs Kofi Kingston


Matt Hardy is making his way to the ring when he is attacked by Drew McIntyre with a chair. Kofi chases him off but it is announced that he is the winner by forfeit.


MVP vs Chavo Guerrero


In a short match, MVP dominated and hit the 305 on MVP, picking up the win and going onto Over The Limit


After a commercial we cut to the ring where CM Punk is standing alongside Serena, Luke Gallows and the hooded man. "Last Sunday at Extreme Rules I dfeated Rey Mysterio when the newest member of the straight Edge Society attack Rey. He also made a statement earlier when he cost Rey Mysterio his match. People have been asking me who the mystery member is and I will reveal who he is soon, but why reveal him now, because if we are the only ones who now who he is, then its an advantage to us, and any advantage that doesn't destroy your body is good! (Had this promo saved as i put the matches in the wrong order)


Christian vs CM Punk


Christian started the match well but Gallows, Serena and the hooded man distracted him and Punk took advantage. With the extra help at ringside looking to cost MVP the match. Mysterio came out and attacked Gallows, but before he could get the hooded man he ran through the crowd and escaped with his identity still a mystery. Punk stared at Rey and when he turned around, he walked into a Killswitch by Christian and won the match.


After the match Punk challenges Rey to a match at Over the Limit. Rey accepts the match but if Rey wins, the hooded character must reveal himself. Punk accepts but if he wins, Rey must join the Straight Edge Society. The match is accepted

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Jack Swagger's music hits and he makes his way to the ring with the World title on his shoulder. He gets in the ring and grabs himself a microphone. "Last week, I was given the week off by Teddy Long so I sat back and watched Smackdown at home. Last week, my 4 opponents for Over the Limit were revealed, and from what I saw, I can easily beat all of them. Firstly, none of them has won a World Title, which I have. Secondly, all 4 of them were lucky to make an appearance on RAW before the draft they are that pathetic. Cody Rhodes is the son of a nobody, he has never won a singles title and couldn't even win fairly last week, he has no chance at Over the Limit. Next, Kofi Kingston, who has never even won his match last week, I have more talent in my little toe. Next is MVP who is a convicted criminal and doesn't even deserve to be in WWE. Finally Christian, who has been in WWE for nearly 10 years and STILL hasn't won a World Title, that just shows how good he is. None of these have a career that matches up to mine, and if this is the best competition Smackdown has, I'm going to be World Champion for a long, long time!




Christian makes his way to the ring from a huge pop from the crowd. He slaps the crowds outstreched hands as he gets into the ring and grabs a mic. He waits for the crowd to calm down before beginning. "Jack, you have come out here and mocked your 4 competitors at Over the Limit and their personal achievements over their careers but I'm out here to defend them. Firstly, Cody Rhodes, who is only 24 and has already won 3 tag team titles, he has a good 20 years left in his career andd your mocking him for not winning any singles titles? He has plently of time to win singles titles and eveen World Titles. next, Kofi Kingston, he may not have won his match but over the past year, he has defeated Randy Orton and a number of occassions and deserves at title shot regardless of the result last week. Next, MVP, yes he was arrested as a teenager but thats all in the past, he has put it behind him and has since become the highest paid superstar in Smackdown history and the longest reigning United States champion in WWE history. Finally, I may not have held a world title but I plan on winning it soon, and I am a 9 time Tag Team champion and Jack, last year, I beat you for the ECW Championship! And if I can't beat you in the Championship Scramble I WILL beat you in a one-on-one match, that is if you win the Scramble match, which I seriously doubt you will!


Swagger and Christian stare in the centre of the ring which Cody Rhodes runs out the crowd and pushes Swagger into Christian, knocking him over, before hitting the Cross Rhodes on Swagger before doing the same Christian. He picks up one of the mics from the floor and saying, "Swagger, I may not have won a singles title, but I can guarentee I will at Over the Limit, and Christian, I don't need anyone to defend me!" Rhodes drops the mic before picking up the World Heavyweight Champion and lifting it in the air as we cut to a commercial.




In a non-title match, Drew McIntyre faced off with JTG. The match started with complete domination by McIntyre. he punished JTG with fists to the face and to the stomach, knocking him to the ground before picking him up and doing it again. McIntyre then whipped JTG into the corner but when he ran to him, JTG kicked him in the head, knocking him to the ground. McIntyre quickly got to his feet but was again kicked in the head by JTG. JTG started to gain some offence and began to take control of the match, and nearly won it when he rolled McIntyre up but McIntyre managed to kick out. The match came to an end when JTG hit the Mug Shot, he turned around and was hit with a chair by Shad who was on the apron, and as the ref was looking at McIntyre, Shad quickly jumped into the crowd and made his exit. McIntyre then crawled towards the corner and picked up the victory!


Drew McIntyre gets to his feet and is handed his Intercontinental Title. He holds it in the air with one arm, while the ref holds the other in the air. Suddenly, McIntyre is floored by Matt Hardy from behind. He picks McIntyre up and hits the Twist of Fate. He then jumps onto McIntyre and starts pounding away at McIntyre until he is stopped by some refs. They try to hold he back but he overpowers then and goes straight back to punishing McIntyre but was again stopped by the ref. Teddy Long's music thden hits and he stands on the ramp with a mic, "Matt, I suggest you stop the attack now if you ever want a match with McIntyre even though I believe that McIntyre deserves it. Now, on too why I'm out here, I for one, I am sick of the constant attacks week after week and it needs to stop, that is why next week, it will be Matt Hardy, vs Drew McIntyre, with the Intercontinental Championship on the line!"




After attacking Hornswoggle at the 2010 WWE Draft, Finlay requested a match against Ziggler and got it. Hornswoggle went under the ring before the match and got invlovled during it when he tripped Ziggler up, giving Finlay an early advantage and Finlay looked to make the advantage count by physically assaulting Ziggler and came close to becoming disqualified but broke up the count in time. Ziggler then managed to counter a Celtic Cross into a Sleeper hold, and after apllying the hold for a while, Finlay passed out and Ziggler won the match


After the match, Ziggler released the hold and startd to stomp on several body parts of Finlay, Hornswoggle got into the ring. Ziggler got onto his knees, mocking Hornswoggle's height, but was hit with a huge slap by Hornswoggle. Ziggler then punches Hornswoggle in the face before getting to his feet and then locked the Sleeper hold in on Hornswoggle, picking his up off the ground while doing it until he passed out. Ziggler stands above them both before the camera cuts backstage to Teddy Long's office.


In Teddy Long's office, we see Teddy Long standing, when Christian comes in view of the camera, Teddy Long notices and says, "What can I do for ya playa?" Christian looks annoyed and says, "Teddy, didn't you see what happened earlier tonight, First Jack Swagger insults my achievements in WWE but also 3 other members of the locker room and when I defend them, I get attacked by one, saying that he doesn't need me to defend him." Teddy Long looks confused and says, "Well, I'm not sure what you want, but if you want a match against them both, then you've got it, coz tonight, in our main event, it will be Cody Rhodes, teaming up with World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger, to face you Christian, and your partner, Montel Vontavious Porter, M...V...P!"




With both the mystery man and Serena at ringside, CM Punk started the match against Kane. Punk started to kick Kane in the back of the leg but Kane just stood still. Seeing his attacks did nothing, Punk tagged in Gallows who went toe-to-toe with Kane. Gallows knocked Kane off his feet and began to attack him while he was on the ground. Gallows then picked him up and threw him into the corner. Gallows isolated Kane until Kane hit a Big Boot out of nowhere. Both Kane and Gallows reach for a tag but when Big Show was tagged in, Punk jumped off the apron so he wouldn't get tagged in. Show went onto dominated the match and tagged in Kane who continued the domination. Kane went for a chokeslam but Gallows kicked him in the gut, knocking him to his knees. Punk tagged himself in then put Kane up on his shoulders for the GTS, but Rey Mysterio then ran down the ramp and tried to revealed the mystery man. Punk then dropped Kane and got out the ring and attacked Rey Mysteio. He and the mystery man assaulted Rey on the outside but Punk forgot about the match and ended up getting counted out.


After the match, Punk gets a mic and begins to talk. "So the Unified Tag Teams title aren't going to the Straight Edge Soceity, but we don't care, because at Over the Limit, I will destroy Rey Mysterio, and after that match, Rey will be forced to make the Straight Edge pledge and he will become one of us..." Punk is interupted by Rey Mysterio who attacks him from behind. He assaults Punk but Gallows and the mystery man then get into the ring but before they can help their saviour, they get hit with a Chokeslam by Big Show and Kane respectively. Rey then hit a hurricanarana and Punk lands on the second rope. Rey then hits the 619 and Punk staggers back into a double chokeslam by Kane and Big Show! Rey, Show and Kane then stand in thhe center of the ring, raising each other arms in the air.




After winning her first match on Smackdown last week, Kelly Kelly looked to make it two in a row but against tough opposition and former Womens champion, Michelle McCool. Michelle dominated the match in the early goings in the match but never looked to hit any big moved, when McCool made the mistake of going to the top rope, Kelly took advantage and hit a Superplex. Both divas slowly get to their feet and Kelly hits the K2 but before she can get the 3 count, Layla ran down to the ring and attacked Kelly, causing kelly to win by disqualification.


Layla and Michelle McCool continued to attack Kelly until Vickie Guerrero makes her way down to the ring. She orders Michelle and Layla to hold Kelly still, which they do, Vickie then grabs Kelly's cheeks and screams at her before slapping her in the face. Tiffany thens runs down the ramp but is quickly attacked by McCool and Layla. then they attack Tiffany and Kelly in the ring when Beth Phoenix runs down the ramp. McCool, Layla and Guerrero quickly evacuated the ring and Kelly slowly gets to her feet, but as she does, Beth hits a Glam Slam on her, before doing the same to Tiffany!




In the main event, 4 of the men in the main event at Over The Limit were in action, with the last being the announcer for the match. MVP started the match against Jack Swagger and got a good start against the World Hevayweight Champion. He went to hit the 305 but Swagger countered it but MVP quickly hit a boot to the head of Swagger before tagging in Christian. Christian continued the attack on Swagger but when Christian went for the Killswitch, Swagger countered it and tagged in Rhodes who quickly punched Christian in the back of the head, knocking him down. Rhodes took full control of the match and nearly won it when he hit the Cross Rhodes but Christian managed to roll a shoulder up. Rhodes then went to the top rope but as he jumped off the top rope, Christian moved sendign Rhodes crashing into the mat. Both men craled to a tag and Rhodes got it, but as Christian was about to tag MVP in, he changed his mind and decided not to. Swaager then charged towards him but Christian moved before running towards Swagger who was in the corner. Swagger however moved, meaning Chistian inadvertanly knoced MVP off the top rope. Swagger again ran towards Christian but Christian sent him flying outside the ring. Rhodes then got into the ring but was hit with a Killswitch. Christian stood tall in the center of the ring but he turned around and was icked in the gut by MVP who then hit a playmaker. He then made his way backstage as Swagger got back into the ring and pinned Christian.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Due to spending the last week in hospital, I haven't been able to write Smackdown so this weeks Smackdown is going to be done in a review style.


Smackdown kicks off with MVP with the VIP Lounge. He says that last week, he make an impact on a new show. He said that over the last year, he played to the crowd, and itts got him nowhere, he won the US Title, something he already done and he wants to go forward, no stay on the same level for the whole of his career. He said that during the first few months of his career, he won the US Title and then went onto become the longest reigning US champion in history and he was on the top of Smackdown, because he spent less time caring about what the fans think, and more about winning matches, and now, he's going back to that MVP.


The first match of the night is Matt Hardy vs Drew McIntyre for the Inercontinental Title. The match was balanced with both superstars gaining a decent amount of offence. The match came to an end when Matt Hardy went for the Twist of Fate, but McIntyre saved his title by getting disqualified.


McIntyre then continues to attack Hardy until Teddy Long comes out. He announces at Over the Limit, McIntyre and Hardy will face off in a Falls Count anywhere match with the Intercontinental Championship on the line.


The next segment is backstage where MVP is walking when he walks into Kofi Kingston. He demands an apolgy from Kofi, which he fails to get, so MVP attacks him until Christian saves Kofi.


We then go to our next match which is Rey Mysterio vs Luke Gallows. Rey managed to pick up the victory when he hit the 619 on Gallows. After the match, the Straight Edge Society attack him, leaving him bloodied.


It is announced that the main event will be Kofi Kingston and Christian vs Jack Swagger and MVP


Cody Rhodes then cuts a promo. He says that he has been given the week off by Theodore Long. Rhodes said he pleaded with Long to give him a match but Long said he needs the top superstar to be in peak condition going into Over the Limit. He says not to worry, because next week, he will be back in action.


The next match is Kelly Kelly vs Layla. Kelly Kelly managed to win the match when she hit the K2 but after the match, Beth Phoenix attacked her for the second week in a row.


Our next match is Kane and Big Show vs Hart Dynasty for the Unified Tag Team Titles. The match came to an end when Jericho ran in the ring and hit a Codebreaker on Kane, causing a disqualification win for the challengers for the second time in the night.


Shad comes to the ring. He cuts a pretty short promo where he says that now is his time. JTG then runs down the ring to attack Shad but ends up being hit in the face with brass knuckles. Shad continues to assualt JTG with the brass knuckles, before standing above him as he lay knoccked out.


Next up is the main event. Jack Swagger and MVP managed to defeat Christian and Kofi Kingston when MVP hit the playmaker on Kofi to conclude Smackdown

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