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Forum Multiplayer RTL/League Mode? (Conceptual idea)

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I've run something similar to this elsewhere as a diversion for an e-fed I was in, but thought I'd run it by some folks here to get a sort of interest gauge on it.


The basic premise is that you start with a basic created worker, stats of 0 in everything. Each player gets one "free" finisher and signature move that doesn't require specific stat levels to use. You buy stats with your match winnings, much like Rookie to Legend mode in the game. (Spirit, though, cannot be bought; it must be earned.) In addition, new finishers/signature moves, and even managers can be bought if you have enough cash saved up.


Each major region has specific rules/quirks that apply to matches. In America, for instance, there is a 10% chance of a "specialty" match occurring and all matches are "Sports Entertainment" rules, while in Europe there are no ref bumps AND rules are strictly enforced in an Old School style of match...though the possibility of a special match increases to 20% to counteract this. Mexico has no maritinetes and goes under Lucha Libre pacing, and so on and so forth.


Popularity starts at 15% throughout the world, though the players (when the worker is first created) can choose three areas that their worker is better known in (gaining either a 3, 6, or 10% bonus to that area's overness), while taking the same number of areas and applying a penalty of the same amount to keep it balanced.


Depending on the number of players, divisions/conferences can be set up, with a round-robin schedule in effect. Top workers make the playoffs, where no money is earned but Spirit points are at stake the further you go in.


Match ratings (and the results of said matches) affect popularity, though the formula used is something I made up and used in the previous version.


Until I figure out/can find a program that allows me to create a round-robin schedule with different tag partners every "week," I'm sticking to singles matches. The whole thing would be run in the WS2 dynasty section of the forums, and I'd go more into detail with rules and such there.


Now that the speech is done, would anyone be interested in giving this new version a shot?

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I`m interested, but I don`t really understand how are we going to pull off the "multiplayer" part.


I'll try to explain this the best I can via cell phone (no line breaks). Each player controls one character, and their stat/move development. Matches are simmed (CPU vs. CPU), and I'll write up the shows each week. I'll also PM each participant with an updated cash total, changes in overness, etc. after each week. Similarly, players would PM me for any changes they want to make to their stats during the lead-up to each show. It's multiplayer in a sort of MMORPG flavor, except that it's free. :) I have a short example written up at home; if need be I'll post that later today and hopefully clear up any questions.




EDIT: OK, now that I'm back home, let me post the example I mentioned above.




There are four participants in this demo version of the League: Adam, Bill, Charlie, and David. The schedule is set up for quadruple round-robin play to ensure a total of 10 matches or more for a season.


Adam is being entered as a middleweight wrestler with a lean towards the technical side of wrestling (Kurt Angle or Chris Benoit, for example). His moveset tends to focus on the torso and neck of the opponent. His signature move, Fall From Grace, is a high angle released German suplex. His finisher, Welcome to Dreamland, is a rear naked choke.


Bill is a speedy lightweight, in the guise of Paul London or Brian Kendrick. He leans more towards a cruiserweight style, and his moveset is full of flashy, crowd-pleasing moves. His Fade to Black signature (an enzuigiri kick) is a good set-up for his jaw-dropping Reality Complex, a shooting star leg drop.


Charlie is a brute, plain and simple. A Large Heavyweight brawler a la Mark Henry, his tactics are simply to pound his opponents into submission and focus on the head and body of the opponent. His signature, the gorilla press slam, usually leads into the simple (and very effective) Death Punch, which is a heart punch delivered by a 375 pound man.


David spent a lot of time in Japan, wrestling as a Super Junior. As such, the lightweight worker has been compared to a Jushin Liger. His signature springboard moonsault, the Gaijin Somersault, has been known to end matches. However, it's not nearly to the capability of his famed running powerbomb, Black Sunset.




Opening Match: Adam (0-0) vs. Bill (0-0)

This ended up being a decent match, all things considered. Adam's technical know-how was enough to keep Bill grounded for the majority of the match, though Bill did get some spurts of offense in. A surprise Fade to Black to counter a running clothesline gave Bill an opening, and for the better part of the next five minutes took Adam to the cleaners. A second Fade to Black set Bill up for a Reality Complex, but Adam was just able to get out of the way, and a stunned Bill could not recover in time as Adam scrambled into a cover to get the pin and the minor upset over the more popular Bill.

Winner, via pinfall (missed Reality Complex): Adam

Time of the fall: 16:40

Winner's Offensive Ratio: 64%

Match Rating: C+


Main Event: Charlie (0-0) vs. David (0-0)

Goliath versus David would be more accurate here, as Charlie came out from the opening bell and just focused on beating the holy hell out of David. The smaller man tried to utilize a hit and run offense, but ended up running into a gorilla press slam for his efforts. It was academic from here as one well-placed Death Punch put David out of his misery for the easy pin.

Winner, via pinfall (Death Punch): Charlie

Time of the fall: 9:30

Winner's Offensive Ratio: 75%

Match Rating: E



(these are not generally displayed to the public but are here for explanation purposes)

Adam: Popularity moves from 16% in Scotland to 19.0667% (19% in game). Earns $138.75 for winning the match, and receives a bonus for Match of the Night. Total Purse: $152.63.


Bill: Popularity moves from 19% in Scotland to 18.6000% (remains 19% in game due to rounding). Earns $46.25 for losing the match, and receives a bonus for Match of the Night. Total Purse: $50.88.


Charlie: Popularity moves from 21% in Scotland to 20.8625% (remains 21% in-game due to rounding). Earns $141.00 for winning the match.


David: Popularity moves from 17% in Scotland to 13.3875% (14% in-game due to rounding). Earns $47.00 for losing the match.




Adam: Elects to spend all of his available money on his mat wrestling skills. 0 to 1 costs $10, 1 to 2 costs $20 ($30 total), and so forth. This costs $150, leaving him with $2.63 in the bank, but 5 points added to his Mat Wrestling skill.


Bill: With only $50 to his name, Bill elects to work on the entertainment part of his game (hoping to use that to retain popularity and maybe win a year-end award). He puts 2 points into Entertainment, 1 into Charisma, and 1 into Flying, spending all but $0.88 available.


Charlie: Strength kills. Charlie believes this, and puts 4 points into Power for $100, and 2 points into his Brawling skills for an additional $30. He elects to save the remaining $11 for a rainy day.


David: Is unable to reach a computer during the week and keeps his $47 in the bank.


---After updating the stats, I would set up another week and simulate it, and the cycle continues until the end of the season, when a champion is crowned. Note that for the actual game, I will be making the match updates a good bit longer, though I won't simply post the in-game play by play as that would get boring real quick. Hopefully this will give the readers a better glimpse at what I have in mind.

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...Was hoping for a bit more, but I can work with three others--may have to run a few characters instead of one, but we'll see. Maybe after this gets going the popularity will jump up; going to take this to the WS2 Dynasty section now to begin sign-ups and the like.
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Bringing this back up from the archives (yet again :)) to let people know that Season Five will be starting in about three weeks.


Right now, I have 16 in, 4 spots reserved (for those who were in last season, as they get first dibs on returning), and 4 spots free for anyone who wants in.


If anyone has questions about how it works feel free to ask here, via PM, or in the discussion thread mentioned earlier.

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