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Couple of Questions about UK fed and 2002 product

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I have only ever booked American feds in real world updates. Is it possible to get a fed to global based in the UK, will it also be harder to attract US workers to wrestle for the promotion?


I want to start a game in 2002 as my own fed I plan to place my favourite wrestlers on the roster and go from there. The main stars will be William Regal, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and then most indy wrestlers like AJ Styles, Chris Daniels, Samoa Joe, CM Punk etc. I am not sure what product settings to have to get the best from them. Obviously it needs to more wrestling orientated but does this mean that angles do not go over well?


It may even be easier to move the first three to ROH which has yet to open in the 2002 mod and go from there. Any advice and help is greatly appreciated.

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