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~ What's you're routine? ~

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What's you're usual routine when you start a new game?


Mine is as follows:


1.Choose Promotion


2.Check what weight divisions I have and which I need to bolster.


3.Check the "Characters" tab and filter for some fighters with a high fight win ratio, filter for some young promising looking fighters and any other that look good for my promotion.


4.Try to strike a PPV deal.





Anyone else care to share? :D

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Especially if I'm starting as a smaller promotion, one of the first things I do is to pick out several fighters as the people I want to become the figureheads of the promotion. I usually like to start out with two or three young, talented guys or girls per weight class that I can lock up to long-term contracts and that I plan on feeding winnable fights to and building up records and reputations for. At least a few of these fighters will be good enough to take advantage of the opportunity and will become reliably big draws for the promotion. And when I decide to pull the trigger and match two of my built up figureheads against one another, it feels like a legitimately important fight as well as being a big draw.
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1. pick promotion


2. scout talent for divisions (Favor ability, and youth over record)


3. add every fighter that I can afford


4. book bi-monthly 6 fight shows


5. fill those shows with the most competitive fights possible


6. get PPV deal; Expand shows to 11 fights


7. Raid other orgs


8. Get TV deal have 9 fights on those cards


9. watch myself become the UFC in 4 years.


10. shoot for world domination by expanding to every weight class (WFW, WMW, WHW, FW, LW, WW, MW, LHW, HW)


Ten step guide to world domination.

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When I start my own promotion I usually like to hire guys whose renders I like. I think it's a good method of getting a good mix of talent.


I try to build up my most skilled fighters until I have to match them up to gain popularity.


I usually have sucky guys fight until one of them happens to go on a tear, because popular fighters who aren't very good are great for building up your stars (Houston Alexander/Tito Ortiz).


I usually run two shows a month until I become popular enough to get a PPV deal.


When I get a TV show deal I have a mainstay for that area who I can put in a main event everytime against pretty much anyone I want.


When I'm making lots of money I start hiring undiscovered talent to build up. All it takes is a few PPV/TV appearances for them to become huge--and expensive.


But, sometimes I just mess around and become an intentional feeder league, letting the larger promotions take my top guys and trying to stay afloat. Or, sometimes I like to build a roster of all cans and see if I can make a star out of someone really terrible.

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