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Recruiting Question

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When you go into the recruiting screen, pay attention to the level of interest.


1. Don't usually go for anybody below an 8 interest if you can help it.

2. As the round progress, look at their "top schools". An * means they have a scholarship offer and the color of the tab by the school shows the players interest in that school. If you are * and yellow but other schools are * and blue.. cut bait. Pull that scholarship and recruiting money and put it elsewhere.

3. Put out LOTS of offers. Spend every dollar every week. Max out on guys you have offers too. If you need 1 QB, offer 2 or 3 if you can.

4. I find linemen, especially DT, hardest to come by. Same with kickers for some reason. Focus on them when you have an interested one.

5. If you are a low prestige team...go after transfers and nail that e-mail guy. He'll make your class. And transfers (for skill positions) are ways to beef up your team by getting better players than you will probably be able to recruit.


Hope these help a little bit.

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