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ACPW - flying high in the Canadian sky

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*** so , after my FCW abortion I decided to follow some writing advice and learn the lay of the land. I took a lil bit form 1pw and a bit from Nightshade.. and I think im gonna give this another shot.. that and I am wanting a new challenge since I am getting A$$ raped in my FCW game. ***



ACPW - Flying High in the Canadian Sky


Monday, Week 1 , January 2010

345pm - the Maritimes, Canada


I have no idea why I am even here. .. I mean, its not everyday where you see your dreamjob on Craigslist. Seriously.. how could I pass up a post that says “Huge opportunity in the world of wrestling, we are looking for an incredible wrestling mind who has the resolve to create a unique brand in the world of wrestling. All are welcome to apply but only one may get the prize..” So I applied, didn’t think much of it and next thing I know I get airplane tickets to Toronto with a note saying.. “claim the prize”… naturally since I am unemployed and living in the garage of my best friend , throw caution to the wind and depart with just a backpack and hopes that I would not end up as a sex slave to a deranged Mountie. Now I am in the lobby of some strange looking office, and I have no clue where I am since the man who picked me up literally just threw me in the car and said “SHUT UP AND LETS ROLL!” … so I sit here, waiting… oh , here comes someone.. wow he look pasty.


“Mr. Alicea”


“Yes sir”


“Hi , thank you for coming, my name is Deadalus Buchinsky .. but mostly everyone calls Buchi. Now first let me apologize for your wait, you see … and I do apologize for you coming all this way… how can I say this …..”


“No need to say anything .. you already picked someone else. If you can please have your insane driver take me back to Toronto , I guess I have to catch a flight back home.”


“I do apologize.. its one of my employees… he was not happy with our previous booker so he… umm..decided to take matters into his own hands… if you would like , I can give you a tour of our facility and talk a bit while I get you a ride.”


“what about the insane driver”


“I do not know anything about a driver… but I will call a taxi ..come on.”


So , that’s how I met Buchi… we talked for about an hour.. then about another hour, he shared with me his love for wrestling. I shared with him my dream of opening up a touring promotion west of Japan. Then one hour, turned into 5, then turned into a party… then…


“ So Mr. Alicea.. I never got your first name”


“Christian sir.”


“Ok, Christian… ok ok ok…. I like you .. we will do this .. me and you .. we will turn wrestling upside down and piss on Tommy Cornells eyeballs.”


“that’s great?”


“prepare a schedule for me, and follow my lead… me and you… we are taking ACPW places.”


My name is Christian Alicea… and I am the new head booker of All Canadian Pro Wrestling.

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Tuesday , Week 1 , January 2010


Buchi’s office in ACPW Headquarters.


Buchi is a very nice man, very gregarious and I still havent figured out what part of the eastern bloc he is from. From what I did learn though, he might be a fun loving pasty, bow tie wearing owner, but he is a ruthless and aggressive businessman. Here is hoping I got a great presentation for him…..


“So tell me Christian… what is this touring schedule of yours.”


“Ok, here is the deal…. most small companies run shows once a month.. that’s twelve shows a year, that means every month they are spending money … I want to do 3 tours during the year at 4 shows each. This is still twelve shows a month but we will have 3 months of non wrestling to heal up and gain money from sponsors and merchandise without incurring any cost whatsoever”


“interesting, so you have put much thought into this… so tell me.. have you picked out the dates and tours?”


“First tour will go from February to April and will be our maiden tour .. I call it The Canadian Air Tour”


“ok, lets do it. Now.. what about roster… have you taken a look at that?”


"Yes.. I have placed them into three Tiers.. this is what I am going to use to plan out their matches."


Tier 1 - the Junior Heavy Title Chase.


El Diablo

21 years old - lightweight - luchador

- Our big star, he has the look and the skills to become great.


Jayson Van Pelt -

21 years old - Lightweight - Japanese Junior

- looks to be a decent all around star, I have high hopes for him




22 years old - Lightweight - Cruiserweight -

- great look, too bad he’s a master of the arts of douchebaggetry



Jaime Atherton

21 years old - Lightweight - Cruiserweight -

- he is the crowd bringer.. we can’t afford to lose him so we must make sure he is well taken care of.




Tier 2 - The RCC Chase.

Mario da Silva -Regional Canadian Champion -

22 years old - Lightweight - Regular Wrestler

- one of the cornerstones of ACPW, he brings the ground and pound to counter the high fliers.


Sky King

30 years old - lightweight - cruiserweight

- our tested veteran, need to keep him winning and happy to give the other guys a rub.


Kirk Drury

20 years old - lightweight - regular wrestler

- our golden boy, not too fond of him but lets see what we can shape him into .



23 years old - lightweight - regular wrestler

- lets hope we can keep him long, we can use him to become a locker room leader



Tier 3 - Tag Champs and the rest.

Malik Cash

19 years old - lightweight - spot monkey

- one half of tag champs, don’t know much about him but lets see what he’s got


Jay Becker

20 years old - lightweight - spot monkey

- ditto


Alistair Shufflebottom

18 years old - lightweight - cruiserweight

- why is he an upper midcarder.. oh well, we shall see how much this pup brings to the table


Dermott Ayres

22 years old - lightweight - technician

- the other tag specialist, but one of our only technicians.. hmmm


Marc Raisin

20 years old - lightweight - cruiserweight

- the 2nd part of the montreal mafia… he reminds me of a tiny bully


Topher Smith

19 years old - lightweight - cruiserweight

- good look, decent skills.. lets see how far he flies.



Tier 4 - das wunderscrubs.


Ricochet Ramon

22 years old - lightweight - spot monkey

- lets see if I can turn a donkey into a stallion


Taylor Kidd

18 years old - lightweight -cruiserweight

- well.. if we are gonna have to beat on someone, he makes the perfect candidate.



Mark Smart

25 years old - lightweight - cruiserweight

- on tour with us, lets see how he comes out.





Sunday , Week 1, January 2010

Christian Alicea’s office in ACPW headquarters.


It’s the end of my first week and man am I excited. I got the first tour ready to go and everything in place. I also got approved to sign up another young prospect in Ant-Man… well, except Buchi has this thing against Ant’s.. something about destroying his homeland… wherever that is.. . so we came up with a resolution.. he will now be known as Anthony Manfreddy but his nickname will still be Ant-Man. Also, He has given me some specifications of what he is looking for in the roster... and some of the people are not making the cut...so either i must get ready to provide them with training or get ready to cut them loose...



ACPW - presents : Canadian Air Tour (Leg 1)


ACPW Light Heavyweight Title

El Diablo vs Mimic


Jayson Van Pelt vs Jaime Atherton vs Anthony Manfreddy


Regional Canadian Title

Mario da Silva vs Dagger


The Inner City Express (Malik Cash/ Jay Becker) vs The Montreal Mafia (Marc Raisin/Dermott Ayers)


Alistair Shufflebottom vs Sky King

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Saturday, Week 1 , February , 2010

New Brunswick Holiday Inn parking lot


Man... What the hell did I get myself into… what the hell am I doing here? I don’t even know where I am… last night… its part of the growing pains of booking a promotion with no fanbase that caters to almost the opposite of what the fan base wants. Overall, for what it was worth, it was a decent show, nothing spectacular but decent. Considering there was a crowd of only 14 people who were all there for the free beer… which of course after the show, we all drank it up and just made night a complete and utter blur… and I still don’t know who actually got me this gig. I must make notes from last night before I forget……


Alistair Shufflebottom vs Sky King

Sky King won the battle, was able to teach Alistair a few tricks. Too bad Alistair was too busy trying to make himself look good rather than work his end of the deal. Crowd hated it.


Winner - Sky King via top rope Skyplex

Rating : 3 out of 10 Buchi Bits



The I.C.E. (Malik Cash/ Jay Becker) vs The Montreal Mafia (Marc Raisin/Dermott Ayers)

After watching this abortion of a match I just realized two things… 1) I hate spot monkeys, they suck at everything else in wrestling with one exception… they always work for that one spot that tries to get people off their feet…. Which about 70% of the time fails… 2) I like the Montreal Mafia… they have… a semblance of hope.


The I.C.E. via botched Moonsault

Rating: 2 out of 10 Buchi Bits



For the Regional Canadian Title

Mario da Silva vs Dagger

Mario really impressed me in this back and forth match. He sold very effectively and Dagger seemed up to taking on Mario at his own style.. too bad it didn’t quite work out for him. Great push for a finish.. this had to be the first match where the crowd actually clapped and got into it.


Winner: Mario da Silva via The da Silva special.

Rating: 3.5 out of 10 Buchi Bits.



Jayson Van Pelt vs Jaime Atherton vs Anthony Manfreddy

Well, this is where things for me went downhill… I like Ant, he’s a good guy but I think I really messed him up by pushing him up the card in his debut. I should have put him in a squashy squash first in the first part of the card and let him earn that heat. Instead, I placed him in the pre-main event scenario with two of our company stars and he sticks out like a sore thumb.. .. he did all he could do to make himself look like a formidable opponent but because I couldn’t risk damaging Jaime’s push by losing… I ended up botching the whole match by having Jayson be the loser and Anthony just being a prop… lesson learned.


Winner : Jaime Atherton via flash pinfall

Ranking : 3 out of 10 Buchi Bits.



For the ACPW Light Heavyweight Title

El Diablo vs Mimic

This match pretty much saved our night, it was competitive, both guys gave it all they could. I couldn’t be upset about it at all, granted the crowd was fairly thin and they sometimes looked like they were running their regular routine.


Winner: El Diablo

Ranking : 4 out of 10 Buchi Bits



Overall : 15.5 out of 50 Buchi Bits = 31% show approval.

We have a long way to go……

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Monday , Week 2, February 2010

Parking lot of ACPW headquarters in the mysterious land of the Maritimes..

“Ok, so here is the deal, the boss has asked me to evaluate talent and get rid of people who can’t wrestle safe and who have extremely slow psychology in the ring. Now, I have 10 months to either make you guys into some sort of workable asset or you will probably be looking for a new job soon.”


“yo .. you really gonna come at me like that bro? No thank you for bringing the crowd, no thank you for making last weeks show shine better because of us? you gonna come and tell us that we need to shape up? na na … let me tell YOU something, you better be carefull how you say things round me cause I will straight up mess you up son!”


“you have 10 months.. better learn how to wrestle and learn how to not botch a freaking moonsault.. oh , and those tag titles.. I wouldn’t get too attached anymore.”


please don’t kick my ass, please don’t kick my ass , please don’t kick my ass….

“F*#& you!”


turn around slowly, and walk away peacefully… hopefully if he does anything, it something that warrants a visit from a Mountie .. or Ed Nielsen. … hmm.. made it past the door.. ok, …wow , so that conversation with Malik went well.. if it was up to me, I would’ve gotten rid of all the spot monkeys on the roster and just started over… oh well, that’s what next tour is for. Right now, gotta focus on the next card, we have to figure out how to get better and how to establish ourselves.


this touring roster is what I have to use because I honestly can’t get any name talent if we are only doing shows of 14 people. So I just have to get creative…. Buchi got us a gig in Ontario for the next card, he thinks that we should check it out to see if it holds anything for us. … well, let us hope.


ACPW - Canadian Air Tour (Leg 2)


Light Heavyweight Title Match

El Diablo vs Jaime Atherton


Mario Dasilva vs Anthony Manfreddy


Jayson Van Pelt vs Dermott Ayres


The Nest of Vipers (Mimic/Dagger) vs The Fighting Blondshells (Kirk Drury/Alistair Shufflebottom)


Sky King vs Marc Raisin vs Malik Cash

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