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New York City Wrestling Sucks

Posted on December 20, 2009 by jwashington


Born and raised in Brooklyn, I knew one thing about wrestling. New York City Wrestling sucked.


There, I said it.


New York City Wrestling absolutely sucked. There was nothing appealing. While rap music was dominating the borough, while the Yankees and Mets were tearing it up in the late 80s and early 90s, while even the Knicks and Rangers were something to watch, NYC couldn't say it had a wrestling promotion worth two bits. New York City had nothing appealing to a teenager like myself. I'd rather watch Supreme, or on a clear night, North of the Border. And when the East Coast Wars broke out in the late 90s? NYCW STILL sucked. Heck, the fact they're around and promotions like PPPW, DAVE and whatnot are in the grave is sickening.


So why am I writing this rant? Because... Well, I have to get it out now. You see I just had an interview with Derek Bradford. Outside of the most dedicated of fans, most people wouldn't care about this name. But the name is the name of one NYCW owner who I still thinks run the worst promotion in the world. That's right, the Stomper. So this rant is sort of to clear the air. Let me get it all out. Because beginning January 1, your brother Jonathan Washington, is the new head booker of NYCW.


And as far as I'm concerned, big things would happen in NYCW in 2010.

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Young Forever?

The NYCW's perception of its' stars


Promotion Profile - New York City Wrestling



New York City Wrestling

Small Promotion based out of the Tri State USA

Founded in September 1988

F+ Prestige, E Momentum

Promotion Pacts - MAW (Working Agreement)



Owned by Derek "The Stomper" Bradford, Head Booker Jonathan Washington




NYCW Empire Champion - Black Hat Bailey

The former SWF star, Black Hat and championships aren't a new combination. The former 3 time North American Champion, 4 time Tag Team Champion and 1 time Extreme Champion in DAVE is definitely a solid choice to carry the NYCW Empire Championship. Unfortunately, his age [48] means while he's champion today, he might decide to retire tomorrow. Black Hat was also the previous booker, which may explain his title run which began in September.




NYCW Tri-State Regional Champion - Sammy the Shark

A young man who's spent his entire career in NYCW and has surprisingly fit. At only 24, if Sammy doesn't jump ship he could lead NYCW into the future. However, TCW and SWF both have come a knockin' for the two Tri-State and former Tag champion but the former con artist may have a few tricks left in his sleeve for NYCW wrestlers and fans with the Empire title soon in his sights.




NYCW Tag Team Champions - The Ring Generals (Marv Statler and Dean Waldorf)

Former PSW Tag Champions, the Ring Generals are one of the more dominant up and coming tag teams in wrestling. The two's ages actually combine at the same age as the Empire Champion [both wrestlers are 24] and with Sammy the Shark busy with defending the Tri-State belt, there is no real opposition to the Generals.


Rest of the Roster

Main Event


Larry Vessey

Steve Flash



Upper Card


Roger Cage



Honest Frank

Lee Wright




Dazzling David Diamond



Rick Sanders

The Masked Mauler


Lower Card


Land Mass




Animal Harker



The New York Doll




Cheerleader Nicki - Manages Roger Cage

Fern Hathaway - Manages Dazzling David Diamond



Rock Downpour and Herb Stately



Michael Bull

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On To The Next One


So it was my first day on the job and the rumors were already flying through the internet. Who would be fired, who the SWF and TCW was going to jump on. I actually read article about me talking about how I would turn NYCW into the old Harlem promotion of the 70s. The original Garbage promotion. And honestly, it was insane. Now, I knew and appreciated the value of how small NYCW really was. While I wanted to make it grand and tour the country and be on TV and what not, I knew this wasn't possible just yet. I had to start small.


Derek and I actually had a meeting that morning about some possible hirings. I showed him a list of four men I was really interested in bringing in. One man, who was insanely over in the Tri-State and a former DAVE Tag Champion and held belts all over Japan. And immediately Stomper shot him down, stating he wasn't charismatic enough. I argued with him about giving him Herb Stately as a manager and still Stomper refused to budge. So NYCW would be without my first choice in Doug Peak.


My second choice was Thomas Morgan, who Stomper shot down saying he wasn't tough enough... How did he know?


"Look at his picture son. Does that look like a man who could take a punch from me? Not at all. He's nothing but a Canadian wimp."


Right... Okay. The other two however Stomper loved the idea of and immediately gave the okay. And it was good thing he gave me the okay on both of them because I needed to replace a huge star who decided an SWF contract was worth more than loyalty to a dead promotion like NYCW, and honestly... I can't blame him. At least he had the courtesy to tell me to my face. But I honestly expected Stomper to change his mind about the two hirings when I heard the knock.


"Come in," I replied to the knock and in walked Roger Cage.


"Got a minute new bossman?"


"Sure." I already knew what he was here for. The dirt sheets reported it before I even had a chance to eat breakfast.


"Well boss, I was offered an SWF contract. And I took it. I feel I've done as much as I can do here in NYCW and I know you had plans and I apologize."


"No need. When do you head out?"


"After our upcoming show."


"Excellent. Then you won't mind keeping the original plans?"


"Not at all bossman." He got up and left me to wonder how to salvage a 6 month feud when the phone began to ring.

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NYCWWrestling.com Previews NYCW Rush Hour


With NYCW Rush Hour coming around the corner and new head booker Jonathan Washington in charge, we here at NYCW have decided to preview the show and its' matches.



http://img697.imageshack.us/img697/3397/blackhatbailey.jpg v. http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/121/whistlere.jpg

NYCW Empire Championship Match

Black Hat Bailey vs. Whistler

The former 3 time champion Whistler has decided to cash in his guaranteed rematch against Black Hat Bailey at this event. Bailey, who had been avoiding Whistler over the recent months, looks to face his toughest challenge so far.



http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/9512/sammythesharkalt.jpg v. http://img375.imageshack.us/img375/2195/rogercage.jpg

Partner vs. Partner, NYCW Tri-State Regional Championship Match

Sammy the Shark vs. Roger Cage

Two partners who have held the Tag belts will meet as Cage, who won a title shot last month, looks to beat his partner Sammy. Irregardless of result, the two meeting for the first time in their careers makes this exciting and as they know each other so well, only one can guess who will come out on top.




Tag Team Championship Open Challenge

The Tag Team Champions, The Ring Generals, have put an open challenge to anyone to attempt to last 10 minutes in the ring with them. The Generals have been dominant in the NYCW division lately but this type of challenge can be met with more resistance they are usually used to.


http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/1237/bulldozerbrandonalt2.jpg v. http://img28.imageshack.us/img28/4384/honestfrank.jpg

In Ring Debut of MAW Mid Atlantic Champion American Patriot

American Patriot vs. Honest Frank


http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/4654/themaskedmauler.jpghttp://img684.imageshack.us/img684/4605/ricksanders.jpg v. http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/1010/curtisjenkins.jpghttp://img693.imageshack.us/img693/6606/rileymcmanus.jpg

Tag Team Exhibition

The Old School Principals [The Masked Mauler / Rick Sanders] vs. The Atlantic Connection [Curtis Jenkins / Riley McManus]


http://img692.imageshack.us/img692/5713/leewright.jpg v. http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/6084/larryvessey.jpg

NYCW Empire Championship Number One Contender's Match

Lee Wright vs. Larry Vessey

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NYCW Rush Hour

LIVE from the Weston Gymnasium!


[The Pre-Show Featured Steve Flash going over Dazzling Dave Diamond and The New York Doll in a 12 minute D+ affair.]


The show began with Jay-Z's Empire State of Mind, a choice many NYCW fans didn't appreciate but eh, what can I say? It's New York baby! Anyways, Rock Downpour our head announcer was in the ring with manager/color man Herb Stately.




Rock Downpour Welcome everyone to New York City Wrestling's Rush Hour! I'm the big boomer, Rock Downpour and with me as always is none other tha-


Herb Stately The Manager of Champions and the Man of Every Woman's Desire, Herb Stately. And Rock, I wish I could tell you something about my New Year's Eve


Downpour Afraid of offending the children Herb?


Stately Nope. Just don't remember it.


Downpour Right... Well tonight's quite an action packed card. We have two tag matches as the Old School Principals take on the Mid Atlantic Connection and the Tag Champs have an open challenge which no one has answered yet...


Stately laughs as Downpour continues.


Downpour Uh... And of course the Mid Atlantic Champion American Patriot takes on our own Honest Frank in which should be a hard hitting match and a battle of legends as Lee Wright and Larry Vessey go toe to toe. And both singles championships are on the line as Shark Cage fight singles style, Sammy and Roger go one on one. And in the main event, the rematch we've all been waiting for Whistler finally is able to get his hands on Black Hat Bailey.


Stately Revenge? Ha. Whistler's washed up. He's the old NYCW. Black Hat represents the future of this company and I can't wait til Black Hat just dominates Whistler into retire-


Suddenly a loud whistle is heard and the shouts of "TAKE COVER!!!" hits the P.A. System. The unmistakable patriotic music of the former NYCW Empire Champion Whistler plays and out from the back comes the flag carrying patriot. He doesn't look to pleased with the remarks from Stately as he makes his way down to the ring. Stately quickly leaves before Whistler could do anything but Downpour stays as Whistler takes the microphone.


Whistler Retirement? RETIREMENT? Do you think that's what's on my mind Stately? Do you seem to forget who I am? Black Hat used dirty tricks to get over on me. Ever wonder why he could never win without someone carrying his sorry behind? And since then, he's been running and accepting challenges from lower tiered fighters. Well tonight, like Rock said, I get my revenge. I get to show him exactly what happens when you mess with the Red, White an-


Voice And blue? Is that what you were about to spit out of your mouth swine?


The crowd boos as they recognize the voice of none other than NYCW Empire Champion, Black Hat Bailey who steps out from the back with his belt shining as always.


Black Hat Bailey Typical ignorance of the regular American moron. You say Red, White and Blue as if these colors are only American. Yet you, like the rest of these inbred morons in the crowd, don't even know that the American flag was adapted from the British.


Whistler But like everything else, America perfected it. I mean look at Old Glory. It's one of the most magnificent works of art. The stars perfect, the stripes perfect, the blue fiel-


Black Hat Bailey I am not denying that for a primitive culture to design such a thing is amazing. It's up there with cave art in my opinion.


Whistler Oh that's it! I'm gonna wring your neck!


With that Whistler drops the microphone and begins to head up the ramp but before he can get halfway there, half the locker room has emptied out to stop the two.


Black Hat Bailey Heh, looks like you won't be able to conduct American sneak attacks like this country so famously did in Iraq overnight. See you tonight, on fair ground, friend.


With that Bailey heads to the back leaving a fuming Whistler who finally calms down and heads to the back as well. Downpour and Stately continue to hype up the main event as out from the back comes the Mid Atlantic Connection meaning our first match of the evening was under way.


http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/4654/themaskedmauler.jpghttp://img684.imageshack.us/img684/4605/ricksanders.jpg v. http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/1010/curtisjenkins.jpghttp://img693.imageshack.us/img693/6606/rileymcmanus.jpg

Tag Team Exhibition

The Old School Principals [The Masked Mauler / Rick Sanders] vs. The Atlantic Connection [Curtis Jenkins / Riley McManus]

The first match of the evening isn't exactly a barn burner. The crowd was warm though from the previous angle which added some to the match as the Atlantic Connection, on loan from MAW, took on our resident old school heel tag team. Mauler and Sanders, if you follow NYCW at all, are really a pair of surprises. Both were in midcard hell with nothing to do but since forming a team, they've been major players in the division. However with only three teams, that's really not a surprise. Anyways, the reason for the loan for the Connection was for tryout purposes. Unlike some hirings, I'm not really sure on these two. Jenkins and McManus don't really have anything going for them but we do need some additions in the tag division. Anyways a real standard tag affair that saw the two teams go back and forth before the Mauler locked in the Iron Claw for the victory for the NYCW Vets.

Winners The Old School Principals


As the match participants left, we got treated to Rock and Herb discussing the other tag match scheduled when "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath hit and the strangest duo anyone's ever seen makes their way out as Land Mass, the biggest man in NYCW and Ant-Man, the 220 pound newest member of the roster seem to be coming out for some reason. From the announce table Herb Stately has come into the ring as well and shakes both men's hands.


Herb Stately Ladies and Gentlemen, earlier tonight I claimed to be the manager of champions. Well tonight, I prove it as my two newest clients are the ones who will be accepting that open challenge. And after seeing two other losers from down south lose, it’ll be good to send these two idiots packing back to Pittsburgh! Ladies and gentlemen, your next tag team champions of the World, Land Mass and Ant-Man!


The crowd boos at the duo as “Dogs of War” by Pink Floyd hits and out from the back comes the tag champions, Marv Statler and Dean Waldorf both looking ready for action.



http://img443.imageshack.us/img443/795/antmanm.jpghttp://img696.imageshack.us/img696/9071/landmass.jpg v. http://img230.imageshack.us/img230/6034/marvstatler.jpghttp://img341.imageshack.us/img341/5789/deanwaldorf.jpg

Tag Team Championship Match

Ant-Man and Land Mass vs. The Ring Generals [Marv Statler / Dean Waldorf] [C]

A bit better than the previous match, the crowd really dug Ant-Man. For those who don’t know Ant-Man’s work, he’s a 220lb phenom. Trained in the Piledriver School of Wrestling, he comes from a pedigree of trainees such as the Peak Brothers, Enfrocer Roberts, Jack Bruce, Nathan Machine, Rick Law… The list could go on. Ant-Man’s biggest thing is his power. He’s not just some cruiserweight, but he’s been known to bench press well over 400 pounds. Anyways Ant-Man mainly fought mostly for the heels due to Land Mass is so out of shape it would be bad and in a reversal of roles, Ant-Man actually played heel-in-peril until a hot tag to Land Mass. The hot tag however wasn’t anything to be too impressed by as Waldorf and Statler were able to contain the big man leading to the victory after a double backdrop by the Generals.

Winners The Ring Generals


The Star Spanged Banner by Jimi Hendrix played over the loud speaker and those familiar with Mid Atlantic Wrestling knew it was the music of the American Patriot. The Patriot came out from the back to a nice size pop with the Mid Atlantic belt around his waist. He headed to the ring as it was promo cutting time it seems.


The Masked Patriot New York City! The pinnacle of American cities! Can I just say it’s good to be making my debut today in New York. You know, earlier today I saw one of my heroes in the wrestling world, Whistler.


The crowd pops at Whistler’s name.


The Masked Patriot I do look forward to working in the future with Whistler. What a legend in this business huh?


Voice Huh is more like it!


Out from the back to boos comes none Patriot’s opponent for the evening, Honest Frank.


Honest Frank Whistler is a washed up never been. When I was winning World Championships back in XFW, he was doing nothing but losing in that second rate PPPW promotion. And if that’s your idol, your hero then it’s quite obvious you’re a second rate loser just like he is and I will be glad to wipe you out of this promotion and that’s nothing but the truth.


http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/1237/bulldozerbrandonalt2.jpg v. http://img28.imageshack.us/img28/4384/honestfrank.jpg

American Patriot vs. Honest Frank

Match of the night here as the two brawlers really had the crowd into it and really were able to flow. Frank seemed out of it though, almost as if he wasn’t giving 100% to work with Patriot. It definitely showed as the always well tailored Honest Frank seemed out of it. However, the at the 13 minute mark, as Patriot was going to hit his piledriver, Frank rolled out of it and out of the ring deciding to leave the match and lose. This infuriated the crowd who booed the result. Patriot simply shook his head as the referee raised his hand.




We had a brief intermission. Towards the end of intermission Animal Harker came out to the ring with a t-shirt bazooka. Everyone loves T-Shirt Bazookas, when its’ being done by one of the girls of the promotion. Not Animal Harker. I guess Roger Cage agreed as he came out to some boos. It was clear the rumors of him leaving NYCW were seen by many fans and a “traitor” chant began. Harker seemed confused by the chant, as he didn’t notice Cage get into the ring and blast him from behind with a forearm. Harker goes down as Cage begins to put the boots to him before grabbing a microphone.


Roger Cage Oh shut up morons. So you don’t get a stupid t-shirt of a promotion that is stuck in 1975. Well boo freakin’ hoo. And from the reactions of you, you all seem to have taken offence to my new contract with SWF. Well, that doesn’t surprise me. You see while these losers are toiling away here in the minors, I’ll be the SWF Champion. But before that, I’m going to take the NYCW Tri-State Regional Champion with me.


Sammy the Shark comes out with a microphone and belt. He holds it up and looks at his partner.


Sammy the Shark Just try and take my belt away. Just try partner,



http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/9512/sammythesharkalt.jpg v. http://img375.imageshack.us/img375/2195/rogercage.jpg

Partner vs. Partner, NYCW Tri-State Regional Championship Match

Sammy the Shark [C] vs. Roger Cage

A good match to begin the second half of the show as the two partners really worked well together, which was of course no surprise. The segment before the match really warmed the crowd up too and made Sammy really over with the NYC crowd as he successfully defended his belt against his partner in a 10 minute match after hitting the Ace in the Hole.


The Shark was celebrated and was handed the belt by the referee. The referee lifted up Sammy’s hands before pulling him in and absolutely destroyed him with an attack.




The referee looks over the fallen champion and pulls off his hair and mustache to reveal himself as…



HOLLYWOOD BRETT STARR! Starr helps Cage up and the two begin to put the boots to the Shark as the crowd begins to throw trash. Starr quickly beckons for a microphone and is handed one as Cage picks up the Shark.


Brett Starr Hold him up. Hold him up. Good. Samuel Ford, right? Well this is just a taste. I’m now on contract to NYCW and while Roger may be heading to SWF, I’m making it my personal mission to destroy you. To end your career because people like you make me sick. You’re nothing compared to me. So prepare yourself Shark, because business is about to pick up.


With that, Starr throws the microphone down and delivers a brutal kick in the ribs. Starr hands a shirt to cage and takes off his referee shirt and underneath is an SWF shirt. Cage puts his own SWF shirt as the two high five and leave the ring.


http://img692.imageshack.us/img692/5713/leewright.jpg v. http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/6084/larryvessey.jpg

NYCW Empire Championship Number One Contender's Match

Lee Wright vs. Larry Vessey

A match between two tag legends of the business as Wright and Vessey as both have a combine 13 tag titles and Wright also has 3 tournament wins under his belt. Vessey also has a tag run with Rock Downpour who reminded DVD viewers. Anyways this match was way too short, a mere six minute affair that saw Vessey pick up the win surprisingly with a schoolboy roll up. However the mini-staredown after the match made it clear that the two weren’t finished just yet.



http://img697.imageshack.us/img697/3397/blackhatbailey.jpg v. http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/121/whistlere.jpg

NYCW Empire Championship Match

Black Hat Bailey [C] vs. Whistler

The main event of the night had some hype behind it. As stated earlier, Whistler lost the belt to Black Hat and has finally gotten his rematch. Black Hat and Whistler had a decent match but Whistler truly was out of shape as by the eight minute mark. Black Hat Bailey seemed to sense this and managed to get advantage after hitting a low blow on Whistler and locking on the Bailey Breaker, leaving Whistler no choice but to tap.


Wrap Up

Overall, a decent show. Not the best show ever by any means, but it began some new storylines, continued some and ended others. I think I got the message across that this is a new direction for NYCW. And for those wondering, Masked Patriot and Ant-Man were the two men I wanted to hire and if you can't tell, I saved my storyline with Brett Starr. How? We'll see in the upcoming months.

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A Star is Born

Or forced


I was in the office watching the Rip Chord Invitational online. A pretty good show which saw American Patriot win the match, which is some publicity for us although definitely expected someone else to win to set up a title match… A worker we were thinking of hiring was eliminated in the first round however. And Brett Starr was eliminated by Patriot in the semi finals… Oh and two NYCW full timers in New York Doll and Animal Harker both lost in the first round as well…


Anyways, as I was watching Larry Vessey and Cameron Vessey both burst in. So much for having a door to keep people out, right? I looked up from the computer screen and looked at the Vesseys. It was odd to see Cameron Vessey, especially since he didn’t have a contract with us.


“Good morning Gentlemen” I began, motioning for the two to sit which they did. Cameron reached his hand into my pretzel jar and took some pretzels. Thanks for asking… “How can I help you two today?”


“Well Jonny, I have a proposal for you” said the older Vessey. “As you may know my son here works for Rip Chord. Now, I know you’re watching that little tournament Rip Chord holds yearly.”


“I wouldn’t call it little Larry.”


“Well point is, if you didn’t notice, my boy here wasn’t even part of the tournament. Not even a match. Here he is, one of the fastest rising stars in the industry and he wasn’t even part of this tournament.”


“Maybe Rip didn’t have much room left on the card?”


“Or maybe Rip’s afraid my boy’s going to outshine his boy!”


“I doubt that, didn’t you win last year Cameron?” Cameron nods his head. “So… Larry, what’s the point of this?”


“Oh it’s simple Jonny. I’m just introducing you to the newest hired star of NYCW. The man who will carry this company into the future, Cameron Vessey!” I looked at them for a moment and I swear I felt my jaw drop. I wasn’t even told this was happening.




“Yeah! Stomper agrees that Cameron needs more than a tag team run to solidify his status and gave me permission to hire him.”


“What? Gave you? How come I wasn’t informed.”


“When you bleed 3 pints of blood with Stomper in the ring like I have, then I’ll let you know of my business dealings here in NYCW.” With that the Vesseys get up and I just look. As they leave however, they’re replaced with a phone call from Cheerleader Nicki.


“You wanted to talk to me boss?” she said quietly.


“Yes… Uh Nicki, I have bad news. With Roger leaving I really don’t have room for you to come in once a month and do nothing. I’m sorry Nicki.”


“Oh it’s fine boss. I love NYCW and New York but I’ve been meaning to get back to San Francisco!”


“Alright Nicki, if anything ever opens up again we’ll give you a call. Good luck!” With that I hung up the phone. I always hated firing people but Nicki was pretty useless, especially without Roger Cage. With that, I had cut some fat to make room for the unauthorized hiring of Cam Vessey… It seems it’s not just me making the decisions around here.




NYCWWrestling.com Previews NYCW Giants of Wrestling

After a successful Rush Hour, at least as said by the critics, we have the first preview of Giants of Wrestling coming to you live from the Weston Gymnasium!



http://img697.imageshack.us/img697/3397/blackhatbailey.jpg v. http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/6084/larryvessey.jpg

NYCW Empire Championship Match

Black Hat Bailey vs. Larry Vessey

After coming away with a victory, barely, last month Black Hat is going against the new number one contender. Vessey looks to take away the belt from someone so undeserving, so conniving and so blatant in the art of cheating. However, Vessey didn’t mention that Black Hat is also a very skilled wrestler, one he must stay on his toes against if he wishes to win.



http://img62.imageshack.us/img62/8180/hollywoodbretstarralt.jpg v. http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/9512/sammythesharkalt.jpg

NYCW Tri-State Regional Championship Match

“Hollywood” Brett Starr vs. Sammy the Shark

Last month saw the Shark retain against Roger Cage in Cage’s last NYCW match with the company. However, after the match Brett Starr made his debut and attacked the Shark. The two will meet here as the fists will definitely be flying.



http://img230.imageshack.us/img230/6034/marvstatler.jpghttp://img341.imageshack.us/img341/5789/deanwaldorf.jpg v. http://img62.imageshack.us/img62/7909/manmountaincahill.jpghttp://img412.imageshack.us/img412/2910/randallhopkirk.jpg

NYCW Tag Team Championships Match

The Ring Generals vs. Painful Punishment [Ronnie Cahill / Randall Hopkirk]

Ronnie Cahill and Randall Hopkirk look to revive their old rock band here in NYCW and their first step is against the Tag Champs in a Tag match. However whether this reunion tour will equal success or not is still up in the air.


http://img443.imageshack.us/img443/795/antmanm.jpg v. http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/6079/dazzlingdavediamond.jpg

Ant-Man vs. Dazzling Dave Diamond

The strongest wrestler in the NYCW is looking to prove he is better than his debut showed but to get by former Tri-State champion Dazzling Dave Diamond isn’t going to be easy. Diamond’s flamboyant personality has played with heads before and it doesn’t look like it’ll be any different in this match against the rookie.



http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/1237/bulldozerbrandonalt2.jpghttp://img21.imageshack.us/img21/121/whistlere.jpg vs. http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/4654/themaskedmauler.jpghttp://img684.imageshack.us/img684/4605/ricksanders.jpg

American Patriot and Whistler vs. The Old School Principals

Last week the Patriot said it would be his dream to fight with Whistler and NYCW are dream makers after all as these two look to go up against one of the more established teams in NYCW, the Old School Principals.

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