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Recovering League after computer crashes

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I am hoping someone can help me out with this problem.


Bowl Bound crashed yesterday while I was in the middle of playing one of my leagues. Now I cannot open the league when I start the game. When I try to load the league I get a prompt screen that says "No Save Available. Create a league first."


This can't be right since I can find a folder with my league information on my C Drive.


Is there anyway to "recover" or load up this league a different way? I was working on an undefeated season.




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In my limited time with this game, I have had this occur twice, both times my team was on a solid winning streak and I was never able to get the season back. Now I save after every week, that way I can at least pick up from where I left off.


By the way, I am currious what is making the crash? Which error, if any, comes up right before the crash?

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