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Demo Dynasties

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I just finished my first demo season and thought it may be fun for people to post how their seasons turned out (who won the NC, POY, and how your team's season played out). In my season Texas beat Purdue 30-20 in the Rose Bowl to win the NC. The QB from Cal won the POY award throwing for 4,200+ yards and 39 TD's. I coached Texas A&M and finished 5-6, the team I inherited wasn't very good and it showed. The only places where we even had players in the green zone was QB (3.0), RB (3.0), WR (3.5) and two DL's (3.0 and 3.5). Our OL was terrible (one average player and the rest below average). I knew when we lost our opener at home to SMU it was going to be a long year. We did post some nice wins on the road at Colorado State, @ Iowa State, and at home against Texas Tech, but had some embarassing losses (SMU, 34-10 @ Kansas State, 54-3 vs. Oklahoma, 34-7 vs. Texas to finish it out). I signed 9 recruits (6 4 star and 3 3 star guys), and was in on a couple of 5 star blue chips (a CB and a RB), but one went to Texas and the other to Kansas State.
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