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Not sure what I am doing wrong

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Hey all, wondering if any of you guys might be able to help me.


Only had the game a few days and really enjoying the default database.

I also downloaded a few other mods as one of the things I love about TEW is how well supported it is in terms of scenarios.


However having tried a couple of the mods I downloaded (which work fine and are perfectly playable and stable and so forth in and of themselves) None of the logos or worker pictures and so forth seem to display. I can't for the life of me think what I have done wrong-pretty sure that all the worker pics are in the people folder of the respective databases pictures and so on. Same with the logos and everything else. Everything see,s to be in the right place and unless the process is radically different from TEW 2005 I can't think what I've done wrong :confused:

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And where to get there:


Go to the editor (not in-game) the one with the hammer

Press 'Edit Database'

Press 'Database Info' (in the top)

There you should see 'Picture Folder' and the folder that the mod uses. Change it to the one you want to use (not Default, but instead like "RealWorld" or whatever you have named the pic folder)


Hope this helps.

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