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MP Human Scheduling Bug

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UNLV and UCLA are both run by human teams. In the first scheduling month UCLA sends a request for a home game on Dec 1 with UNLV.


After this month is processed, UNLV will have an e-mail about the game request and will be able to accept/decline it.. The game will show up in their pending schedule. Everything looks perfect from the receiving team's side.


The problem is that the pending game will NOT show up in the requesting team's pending schedule. So UCLA sends a request for a game with another human opponent and they see no record of the request on their side. No e-mail, no pending game listed on the schedule.


This creates a potential problem where UCLA may either forget that they sent the game request or assume the request didn't work for some reason. UCLA then fills out their schedule with CPU teams in the next round and the effort/attempt to schedule the human vs human game goes for nothing.

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