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WWE: The Longest-Running Weekly Episodic Cluster of Shows in TV History!

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Last night...


Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Title

The Undertaker © vs Evan Bourne vs Triple H vs Drew Mcintyre vs Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio


Michael Cole: Joining us here for special ringside commentary is the Number One Contender for the WWE title at Wrestlemania 27, Bryan Danielson. Who do you want the champion to be after tonight, Bryan?


Bryan Danielson: Not that we're friends or anything, Cole, but I just want to say, whoever wins the title tonight will be in for the fight of their lives come Wrestlemania.


Jerry Lawler: These are the absolute best and brightest that the RAW Roster has to offer, after that grueling 24-man tournament that pitted friend against friend and foe against foe. And it ALL comes to a head tonight.



Lawler: Oh! The Phenom with the tombstone piledriver on Triple H, 1, 2, 3!


Danielson: Look at the staredown between Evan and ‘Taker, classic!


Cole: One of these men is going to Wrestlemania as the WWE Champion, the question is, who wants it more?



Lawler: Ohhh, Bourne with the stiff kick to ‘Taker’s head. The Deadman is down!


Cole: Go for the cover, kid! Wait, what’s he doing?


Danielson: He’s giving the fans what they want, Cole! Something that YOU could never do!


Lawler: Oh my God, he’s climbing up the steel chamber!


Danielson: He’s on top of the pods!


Cole: Air Bourne! Air Bourne connects!


Lawler: Go for the pin!!


Danielson: 1… 2… 3!


Announcer: The winner, and NEW WWE Champion… Evan! Bourne!




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