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Top 5 favorite fighters in FSC mod

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i am wondering who you guys have grown attached to. who are ur top 5 fav. fighters in the FSC mod?


mine are


5-- Roderick Dodd -- Bigger, German version of Shane Carwin. enough said


4-- Pedro Alves; a fighter who seems to have a great destiny stat in my game, because his wins are definitely major upsets. Yet he is really consistent.


3-- Lawrence Herringbone; an all out great fighter, who is capable of taking just about anyone out however he pleases.


2-- Mac Fuller; The guy who is always capable of the major upset.


1 -- Lucas Mueller; this guy is an absolute beast and no matter who i put him in there against, he puts on a show as well as gets the job done.

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<p>I love this mod and some of my favourite fighters are Fiyero Lermontov, Terron Cabal, Steve Mason, Misha Kolesnikov, Renato, Roderick Dodd, and Adrian Pascal.</p><p> </p><p>

I have my game file posted in the game save thread is anyone is interested in checking it out.</p>

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