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TCW: Tag-team Championship Wrestling

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I did have the Tag Belts as a main title with like 4 main event teams and had like 6-8 mid/undercard teams


It is a great way to get rookies over. IIRC the division was this


Main Event:

New Wave

Freedom Fighters

The Syndicate

Bach and Hells Bouncer



Keith Brothers

The Darkness Warriors (Rahn>>>>Raul)

Syndication 2.0 ( Kirk Jameson and Seven Parker)

Canadian Animals

Joshua Taylor and Art Reed



Rich and Famous

The Ring Generals

Jimmy Fox and Harry Allen

Lucha Express (La Estrella and Antonio Marquez)


so yea, tag teams are awesome

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i have really liked 2010's tag teams, but i have never really built a promotion around them. I set up a dev territory with 90% tag matches, hoping the AI is smart enough to put everyone in tags.


so far i am only finishing off MIW in January but I managed to make teams out of the Keith boys and Lucha Legends(Gino and Champagne are tearing it up together). Charlie and Hell's Bouncer sound awesome after they spend some time down in dev (already got a larger roster and large roster in dev). there a way to force the A.I. to use 2 workers in dev? i was thinking about calling up pairs of guys for 1 job match at a time and pairing them up before i send them back down but the A.I. normally would make a new team anyway.

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I think an entire promotion of tag team wrestling would become uninteresting quick but maybe as someone said a brand dedicated to it or at the very least several titles for it.


Its quite fun actually. Sign a couple of regular teams so there is some experienced guys, then sign a load of other guys you like the look of and start chemistry hunting :D

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