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Network Security Key help


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Hey guys, somehow the wireless internet got disabled on one computer at my mother's office. When we try to go on, it asks for the Security Key or Pass Phrase.


I found the Key, but it won't accept (just asks for Security Key/Pass Phrase again). Where can I see the pass phrase (or how do I reset it to set new keys)? One computer is connected directly to the internet, so I'm assuming I wouldn't affect that, just the two that are connected wirelessly correct?


Thanks in advance.

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Ah, that's what I was afraid of. Thanks Stennick.



What type of router are you using?


Specific routers have a certain address you can type in to get the wep key. Net gear is.





That's the default. If you have changed it then you will have to call and have them reset it for you. Most likely this will reset the Wep key aswell.

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