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Signing Dan Stone Jr., owner of NOTBW

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So I'm in May 2010, NOTBW is still cult, and Dan Stone Jr. just took over as owner. He had also resigned on a PPA contract in March or so. So now, as USPW, I got him to sign a PPA contract with us.


I have a working agreement with NOTBW. So this is how I understand it:


As long as the working agreement stays in place, he will probably also stay in USPW.

If SWF attempts to sign him, he will probably jump to SWF, leaving USPW (since we are at war). When his contract is up with NOTBW, he will resign on a written deal (assuming they are national), and Stone will never work anywhere else again.


Do I understand the scenario correctly? TCW is a non-factor, since I have a working agreement with them.


If this is correct, what do you think would be the optimal way to use Dan Stone Jr? My main event is pretty solid right now, but in about 5 months, the only main event level workers I will have under written contracts are Champion, Caulfield, and Enygma- All faces.


One idea is to use him as a heel, as my next big heel for Enygma to face after Baine goes to PPA/B- level popularity. I feel that if I go this route, Stone will get really over and be signed by SWF. What are others; experience with this? I've had James Justice at A popularity for about a month and he hasn't been signed yet by SWF, but I expect he will be soon unless I job him down.


That option gives me a chance to headline some cards with Enygma vs. Stone, which is likely the best main event we will be able to do at that point. The downside is that Stone will likely leave quickly, and I will never be able to have him in my promotion again.



The other option is to keep him at a midcard level so hopefully SWF does not sign him. I can use him to train up workers like Jumbo Jackson, Darryl Devine, and Andre Jones who are all on writtens for about another year.


That has the obvious negative of not being able to headline PPVs with my best match, but it is more likely to keep Stone on American soil for longer and improving my promotion more in the long-term.


Any thoughts/experience with this? Am I analyzing the situation/contract possibilities accurately?

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Having a working agreement with NOTBW will do nothing with SWF's ability to take him.


Just because you have a working agreement with the promotion he owns doesn't mean he'll only work for you in the U.S if thats what you're asking. You haven't signed the owner of NOTBW you have signed the wrestler. You're working agreement does little else in the matter best I can tell from what your asking.


As far as him going to the SWF. I always look at it like this when I'm playing. Am I getting this guy because he's talented or am I getting this guy because I have a program I want to run with him? It sounds like you got Dan Stone just to get Dan Stone without much real thought in who he would be feuding with (since you said yourself your not sure where to place him).


If you don't know what to do with him then maybe you should just keep him at mid card. If you don't have a program with him in mind thats going to set the world of pro wrestling on fire then really why take the risk of putting him in the main event and stolen? As you said he might be more valuable in the National Title scene as a heel. Canadian legend comes in and takes the United States National Championship?


If you do choose to put him in the main event I would not suggest putting the championship on him. You are the third largest promotion in the world and at your point you're able to sign written deals. Why take the risk of putting the championship on the guy that you can't sign to a written deal and on top of that you're at best his second priority. You can run a title program with him if you want but I would suggest keeping the championship off of him. Of course thats just how I book. To me putting the title on Dan Stone would be like TNA putting the title on all of the WWE guys. It makes the roster you have look like their not good enough. Again thats just how I view it.


Another option of course is a program with Sam Strong. It could be an interesting way to break into Canada and do a Hart Foundation vs. USA type of program. Isn't Tyson Baine Canadian? Isn't Steve Flash Canadian? Could be a fun House of Stone vs. USPW feud there.


Anyway I'm done rambling I don't know I helped or hindered.

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