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Why I don't like this game...

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This is why I don't like this game....


Here's a break down of the match.


To start, I used an arm wringer and a front facelock on Ryan O'Reilly, to lower his momentum. He then countered a Top Wrist lock with an eye gouge, and he got warned that was illegal.


Next, because he is so creative, he eye gouged me again. Again, a warning.


He then punched me, and headbutted me, knocking me to the ground. After a Rear Chin Lock, he tried an elbow drop, which I rolled out of the way of.


I then used an arm bar, Body Scissors, Elbow Drop, Fist Drop, Knee Pull, Rear Chinlock, Rear Seated Chinlock, Fist Drop, Body Scissors, Mounted Punch Flurry, another Arm Bar. He moved out the way on the next Elbow drop.


He then Double Foot stomped me, Rear Chinlocked me and tried to pick me up.


I fought back and gained control. He broke the Arm Wringer, because he was so in control after two moves, and Headbutted me. He then picked me up, Discus Clotheslined me, Mounted Punch Flurry, pick me up again, DDT.


I moved out of the way of the Big Legdrop, because he was ready to use his Finisher after 4 moves, and applied a body scissors, to try an stall his massive momentum boost.


I then used an Arm Bar, but he blocked my Surf Board attempt. I used a Rear Seated Chinlock and another Arm Bar, because they tend to hit. A Body Scissors followed, with a Rear Chinlock, dropping his momentum.


He slipped out of a Mounted Punch Furry, and I broke a Urange Slam attempt. Again, because he was so hyped up after getting his ass kicked for 6 minutes.


I gave him a Back Breaker, but he blocked the Mounted Punch Flurry. So I went with the Body Scissors. Then I pulled out a Legdrop (not a big one, I couldn't use Finishers yet), and finally got the Mounted Punch Flurry.


After an Arm Bar and a Knee Pull, I picked him up, gave him an Elbow Strike and (since I could FINALLY use a Finisher, and EVERY bar was empty, and he was VULNERABLE!) I tried the Tombstone.


He, of course, blocked it with another Eye Gouge, Powerbombed me, after which I kicked out at 2. He then hit me with the Urange Slam and Pinned me.


In 8 minutes and 50 Seconds, I hit 29 moves. He used 14. I hit him with TWICE as many moves, and he could pin me.


What a waste of time. I don't get any money for this to improve my skills. So, how in the world am I supposed to enjoy being a jobber?

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In 8 minutes and 50 Seconds, I hit 29 moves. He used 14. I hit him with TWICE as many moves, and he could pin me.


If you view the moves, they all have explicitly defined effects on momentum and health. The amount of moves is not particularly relevant, it's which moves are used and at what points in the match. A quick look at your post indicates that you spent a lot of time on rest holds when you were on the offense, whereas he was primarily using attacking moves and had two key flurries.


The match didn't even look particularly unfair - essentially it boiled down to an exchange of low level attacks, him hitting a very good run in the middle, you not hitting your finisher, and him punishing you with a good end sequence. It sounds more like you're frustrated at struggling than really having any specific problems with the match engine - case in point, if you'd hit the Tombstone you'd probably have regarded that as a pretty good come-from-behind win with a nice finish.


So, how in the world am I supposed to enjoy being a jobber?


You're not. You have terrible offense and are usually the underdog - your job is to claw your way to wins by any means necessary. You don't get the "enjoyment" of having good moves and putting together impressive combos until later in the game.

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case in point, if you'd hit the Tombstone you'd probably have regarded that as a pretty good come-from-behind win with a nice finish.


Actually, I thought I was quite dominant. If I had hit the Tombstone, I would have considered it a one-sided match.


I've read the Help files, and such, and I understand that it's supposed to be a long term game, it gets frustrating having a 0-18 run. I'm supposed to be GOD!!!!!!


Sorry for venting, and I hope I didn't piss you off too much.

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I dont think theres a game in the world that has frustrated me as much as Wrestling Spirit 2, but I love it and i've probably spent more time with it than any other game (aside from Zelda: Link to the Past perhaps). I dont play any of the modes other than Rookie to Legend and love the early days of being a jobber but admit its as frustrating as marriage!


I recently took someone from being a jobber at MAW to winning the TCW title, my most successfull game yet, and it only took 9 years of game time.


I understand your frustrations completely but stick with it, its an amazing experience.

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"unwinnable matches"


There seems to be a unwinnable match here and there. It seems that there is always a possibility to hit or miss, and sometimes opponents have amazing luck. I counted once, according to frequency guide, that my opponent hit sequence of moves, which had about 1% chance to succeed in a row. If you use calculate the probabilities.


There is always a chance that you get your ass wipped no matter what you do. Opponents slip out of moves which have frequency of 70-85% and hit all their moves. This is probably a luck issue and it gets frustrating, if in a title match, you get to hit one "big" move (overhead fallaway slam).


I haven't been able to turn those matches around, but you still win most of your matches, if you play your odds right.

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The unwinnable matches


Honestly I didn't come across this game till recently and far behind many of you individuals in your experiences, but honestly I both like and dislike this game. The concept and engine and all that is wonderful, but the super reliance on percentage based statistics causes a lot of issues. I'm sorry but I've read the help and applied it as best I can to my playing and I have no luck what so ever in several matches that I've tried. Now I may partially stink at it but at the same time the percentages will always favor the computer. I've tried a finisher a number of times in the same match and NEVER hit it and the first time the computer does in every match, with stats usually worse then my own at that point, they will hit it and I lose. I understand the clawing and working but there is a limit and this game certainly pushes that limit. There either should have been a little tweaking to put a little more favor to the player, since we are the ones playing it. So short of dumbing down anyone else I don't like I'm not sure how successful I could possibly be at this game and that is disappointing because beyond the horrible way the mechanics work the rest is just wonderful.... Well that is my rant. :(

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