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Hooper Claxon & Total Sports Network present Tri State Lucha

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Hey, I'm Hooper Claxon and, just incase yous didnt know, I'm a pretty big deal! Lemme tell ya what's been happening with me recently, you ain't gonna believe it


So, I'm 29, I'm a libra, I like kittens and walks in the woods... No, hold up, wrong update...


I'm a 29 year old luchador. I grew up in New York. I loved the lucha libre on the local Spanish network when I was a kid, my Mexican neighbours used to let me hang out at their apartment to watch it on their TV. I never lost that passion and ended up moving my sorry ass to Mexico to learn the trade for real. And damn, I am good. Maybe it's coz I'd been jumping off the couch onto the neighbour's kid since I was 4, who knows. I mean, I don't like to blow my own trumpet but 'TOOT TOOT', ya know what I mean?


I've worked all over the world since I debuted at just 16, but these last 6 months I gave up on the road. I wanna settle down in New York, maybe find a woman who'll lemme make some Baby Claxons, maybe work the odd local show to pay the occasional bill.


So there I was, my local coffee shop, looking through the wanted ads when this oldish guy and a pretty hot woman walk up to my table.




Old Guy: Mr Claxon? My name is Thomas Thorne, I'm a big fan of yours.

(I'm kinda used to hearing this so I'm straight on automatic)


Me: Hey, that's awesome man, always good to meet a fan. You want me to sign something for ya?


TT: Ha Ha! In a manner of speaking, Mr Claxon, yes, yes I do. I am Thomas Thorne, owner & CEO of Total Sports Network.


Me: Never heard of it


TT: You won't have, we haven't begun to broadcast yet. We go on air in two weeks time. We have plenty of sports lined up, but we want something we can control. With football and baseball you never know who's going to win, it makes planning promotional ads such a pain in the neck, if a popular team gets knocked out of a tounament bang goes half your viewers, there are a whole host of problems, many of which I'm sure you don't care to know about.


Me: And you're talking at me because....


TT: Mr Claxon, there is one sport that can be planned for, one sport where the owner controls the action. You should know what I'm talking about.


Me: Yeah, I am aware of what I've been doing for the last 13 years thanks. Man, can you cut to the point, I've got a 10:30 appointment.


TT: It's 11:15 Mr Claxon. Please, just hear me out. I have watched you wrestle, I know you are good. I know you pretty much wrote your own script for the last 3 years. I know you know how the wrestling business works. Mr Claxon, I need a man with your skills. As part of Total Sports Network's initial line-up I intend to finance a professional Lucha Libre promotion.


Me: Hey man, you've got the wrong guy, I've just left the business, I'm sick of the road. I wanna live in New York, not out of a suitcase.


TT: That is perfect Mr Claxon. I have bought a 2000 seater venue in a highly Latino area of the city, all your events will be beamed live from there to the whole of the Tri-State and New England regions, plus we've just signed deals to get TSN broadcast in Puerto Rico and Hawiiai.


Me: Whoa, I aint said yes.


TT: Oh, you will Mr Claxon. I hear you are currently sleeping on your mother's couch. Did I mention that the venue has a huge apartment above it? Did I mention that I'll pay you $50,000 a year and you'll have a decent budget to run things your way, under the network's guidance of course?


Me: Hmmmm


TT: Well, Mr Claxon?


Me: I'll think about it.


TT: Well Mr Claxon, you have 1 week. When you have decided call my daughter, Alexandria (motions to the woman next to him), and she will finallise the details. Think hard, we will be awaiting your call. Tri State Lucha needs you Mr Claxon, don't let it down.



With that they left. I went back to my mom's place and talked it through with her. I called a load of the guy's I've worked with in the past and got their opinions on it, both good and bad. I weighed my options, and on the 6th day I called Alexandria


Me: Hey Alex, its Hooper


AT: Hello Mr Claxon, I've been awaiting your call. And my name is Alexandria by the way. Never Ali, never Alex, Alexandria.


Me: Sorry! Anyway, I've made my mind up. I'm in.


AT: As expected Mr Claxon. It's Sunday now. Here is the address of the venue, go take a look around. The current caretaker will show you around and give you the keys. Get moved in, I'll come see you on Thursday and we can sign all the relevent paperwork. Good day, Mr Claxon.



So I head down to this nasty looking neighbourhood, find the place and, I'll be honest, it wasnt too bad. Dont get me wrong, the place needed work, but the lay-out, the size, even backstage; perfect for a wrestling venue. The caretaker told me that the clean-up and re-vamp crews would be in from Monday morning to get the place up and running and were aparently going to be setting stuff up however I told them to do it! Bang goes unpacking out of my suitcase just yet!



Thursday comes around and I get my visit from the hot hot Ms Thorne. I signed a load of stuff, she signed off on my plans for the hall and then she drops the bombshell:



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OK. So, 3 days and change to find enough workers to put on a show, including a ref, road agent and an announce team. As soon as Alexandria left I got on the phone, ringing around some of my closer aquaintances in the industry that I know haven't got a gig right now. By Friday lunchtime I'd managed to get a few guys involved, enough to put on a small local show.


Friday afternoon Alexandria rang with some (apparently) brilliant news. Now I figured we'd be starting from scratch, no-one knowing who we were or what the deal was. But she tells me her dad has been promoting TSN on every channel that would let him buy air time, promoting TSL as the channel's Jewel in the Crown. We'd already pre-sold over 1000 tickets for our debut show and the crowd would be expecting to see a lot more matches and a lot less angles than I'd already planned into the show.


She also had some good news for me. Papa Thorne had passed down word that I was authorised to offer my announce team, ref and road agent good written agreements. The network needed an announcer or two to re-dub commentary on foreign sports and the ref & road agent would be working for me full time helping with the running of things.


Monday morning. I'm starting to panic now. Twelve hours to go. Announcer, sorted! Referee, sorted! My choise of Road Agent just wasnt answering his phone though. And as for a Colour guy, I was lost. Plus I still had way less workers booked than I needed to really run a good show.


Alexandria turned up at midday. I'll admit, I was pretty stressed. She asked if there was anything she could do to make the day run easier. I think now she probably meant send someone out for coffee or something but my brain was running a mile a minute.


Me: I dunno!! You ever wanted to be on TV? You've got a good voice, you're good lookin. I got a proposition for you Ms Thorne (tryin to sound like her daddy), why don't you get behind that desk, put on those cans and read a script for me? Unless you got some fancy talkin yuppie up in ya big office you can throw money at to do it for ya?


Alexandria looked shocked. I knew I'd overstepped the mark. Then she looked angry. That girl has a crazy glint in her eye when she gets angry. Then, to my surprise, she said


AT: You know what Mr Claxon? No-one speaks to me like that. And you know what else? I was a good actress in High School. I was a cheerleader. You think I couldn't do it? Well, sir, I accept your challenge. All I'll say is you'd better write me a damn fine script!


And off she stormed! That was my colour sorted out! Awesome. Given that I know my buddy will WANT this Road Agent gig I figure that I can road agent any match I aint in, and mine should be good regardless. SORTED!!

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So, I'm guessing you guys wanna know who I booked in those 3 short days. Well, here you go:





Hooper Claxon - Well that's me aint it ;)



Fumihiro Ota - I've worked this guy all over the place, a top guy



Cal Sanders - Solid guy, good technical and flying skills. Can't talk for toffee, but its all good.



El Médico - Ok, he aint that great but he's in a mask and works for peanuts.



Tempest Appleby - The guy's a little over the hill these days but he can still go.



Daredevil Aero - Ok, so I know the guy's a backyarder but at this point I'll take what I can get.





Wilson Carlisle - A talented young ref. Rumour has it the big boys have their eye on him, so I figure give him a go.



Davis Ditterich - A talented announcer from DC. Another guy SWF, TCW et al are keeping tabs on. Well now he works for Total Sports Network :p



Alexandria Thorne - The network bosses daughter and, as it turns out, essentially my immediate boss. She'll be representing the network in all Tri State Lucha affairs and handing down any goals the network wants me to hit. And tonight, she'll be doing the colour commentary! Under my direction of course :cool:


At 7pm I got a call from my good friend, that former god of enhancement talent, the one and only, Curt O'Malley.


He was totally down with taking the Road Agent gig and coming to work for me. However he'd just got in from a week long holiday in the UK and was in no fit state to come work a show. I figure that's all good, at least I only gotta do his job tonight!

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So, while I've got Curt on the phone we chat about how the hell I'm gonna get a 2hr show out of 6 workers.


CO'M: It's lookin like double duty kid. Three of ya, no, four of ya. The best four you've got. What's ya product like anyway?


I explain to Curt how, if you broke it down, we'd have Lucha as a Key Feature, Traditional a Heavy Feature, with Modern and Daredevil as Medium Features. If I had to chuck percentages out there for Intensity & Danger I'd say 40% & 55% respectively. No women's division or, indeed, wrestlers. The network aint against a bit of T&A, but as Ms Thorne is the only woman on the roster right now I can't see that happening. And, most importantly, face and heel, while important, wont be judged on who they face, its all about the glory of the win baby! And the fans expect workrate, not some guy they've seen in SWF or TCW.


CO'M: That's all pretty cool kid. I'd say throw something together so you, Cal & Ota can all work twice against each other, choose one other guy and pad it out with him facing the other two guys and everyone will have to run long. They've got the stamina, they can take it.


With that he signed off and promised to drop by the next day to find out how it went and plan for the future.



So, an hour to go. I finally sorted out the card.


Hooper Claxon vs Cal Sanders

El Médico vs Daredevil Aero

El Médico vs Tempest Appleby

Fumihiro Ota vs Cal Sanders

Hooper Claxon vs Fumihiro Ota


Predict away if you wish, I appreciate there's not a lot to go on, but what do you expect for a card thrown together at the last minute :p

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Your Commentators


Davis Detterich and Alexandria Thorne


Your Referee


Wilson Carlisle





(Alexandria Thorne is standing in the centre of the ring with a microphone)



AT: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls to TRI STATE LUCHAAAAAAA!

(Crowd cheer like crazy)

AT: We have a fantastic show planned for you tonight with some of the hardest working wrestlers in the business! And I hope you set your TiVo, because this is going out LIVE on the Total Sport Network!

(Another loud cheer)

AT: So, let me hear you cheer!


AT: Let me hear you boo!


AT: Let be hear you chant TSL!


AT: You guys are wonderfull! Without further ado, lets get on with the show!


Rating D+





(The show titles run on the big screen, then we go to Davis Ditterich and Alexandria Thorne at the announce table.)


DD: Hello and welcome to the first ever debuting show of Tri State Lucha's TOTAL LUCHA LIBRE, LIVE on the TOTAL SPORTS NETWORK! I'm Davis Ditterich and sitting beside me is the beautifull Alexandria Thorne. We've got a fantastic show lined up for you tonight, isn't that right Alex?


AT: Firstly, lets get something straight Davis; my name is Alexandria. Not Al, not Ali, not Alex, Alexandira. And that's Ms Thorne to you! Secondly, you're damn straight we've got a good show tonight. And first up, one of my favorite guys in the whole world. You mark my words Davis, he'll head straight to the top of TSL stepping on as many guys as he can along the way! The legend in the making, Hooper Claxon!


DD: I wouldn't be so sure Ms Thorne, Claxon's opponent shouldn't be underestimated. I've seen this guy work all around Canada and the 'Leaping Lumberjack' has a few tricks up his sleeve himself. Lets go to the ring.





The match began with Claxon riling up the crowd, posing at the crowd barrier and insulting fans. Sanders slid out of the ring, gave Claxon a couple of punches for the fans at ringside and rolled him into the ring. The match was a pretty even affair, with both men getting some good offence in. However the end came when a stunned Claxon managed to avoid the Lumberjack Attack (spear from the second rope) and capitallised, hitting his springboard moonsault finisher on the prone Sanders and getting the 1, 2, 3!



Rating: C-


(After the match Davis Ditterich gets out of his announce chair and heads into the ring with a microphone.)



DD: So, Hooper Claxon, how does it feel to win the first ever TSL match?


HC: Davis, I aint gonna lie. This crowd stinks!


HC: I tell ya what, New York's really gone down hill while I've been away wrestling in Canada, Japan, Europe, Mexico, all over the world. The audiences are so much better looking there, the men are thinner, the women are hotter. Well, I'm bringin the talent so...


A gong, then some distinctly Japanese music begins to play through the sound system, a puff of smoke explodes in the ring and there is the 'Super Ninja', Fumihiro Ota!


FO: Korera no yowamushi ijime wa, watashi-tachi ika no koto o ito sa re, karera wa supōtsu o shime****e imasu. Anata ga nai meiyo o motte shobatsu suru hitsuyō ga arimasu.


(With that he stands, ready to fight.)


HC: Hey little man, I don't talk your mumbo jumbo, dumbo.


DD: I speak a little Japanese. As far as I can gather he said that you have no honour, that the crowd don't deserve to be treated like that and you must be punished.

(Crowd cheer)


HC: You want a piece of me? I tell ya what little man. You can beat Cal Sanders tonight faster than I just did, I'll give you that match. Otherwise get outta my face.


Fumihiro bows and, with a puff of smoke, is gone.


Rating: D+





DD: Welcome back folks. We've been informed that 'Super Ninja' Fumihiro Ota will be facing the 'Leaping Lumberjack' Cal Sanders later on tonight. Sanders says he's got something to prove here and Ota wants that match against Claxon.


AT: Cal Sanders must really be a moron if he thinks he can take a beating off Hooper Claxon and still come back to face the 'Super Ninja' in the same night.


DD: That's just your opinion Ms Thorne. Anyway, time for our next match.





Medico held the advantage for the majority of the match, with Aero taking bump after bump, the match really dragged in the middle due to a lack of psychology though. The end came when Aero faked an injury. El Medico went over to see if there was anything he could do to help and Aero rolled him up for a quick pin.



Rating: E-



El Medico, enraged by Aero's actions, grabs the youngster and starts smashing him into things, screaming 'ARE YOU INJURED YET?' in the young high-flyer's face. Luckily for Aero Tempest Appleby runs down to rescue him just as El Medico was getting ready to break Aero's leg in a chair. Appleby challenges Medico to a fair fight rather than beating up a kid, El Medico accepts and the match will be up right after these commercial messages!


Rating: E+





(We rejoin TOTAL LUCHA LIBRE just as the bell rings for the next match)





This one was a pretty fair fight alright, with neither man gaining a real advantage until about 15 minutes in when Aero pulled Appleby out of the way of the Red Cross Swanton and Appleby made it up to the top rope and delivered the Tumbleweed Elbow Drop for the pin and victory!



Rating: E+


DD: During the commercial break Ms Thorne went down to the lockeroom to speak with Hooper Claxon, heres what he had to say:


(We cut to the lockeroom where Alexandria Thorne is standing with Hooper Claxon ready to interview him.)



AT: I'm here with the self proclaimed god of TSL, Hooper Claxon. So Hooper, are you enjoying yourself tonight?


HC: All the more now you're here Ms Thorne. And none of the 'self-proclaimed bull. I'm the best there is baby! In the ring, outta the ring, in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the livingroom. Maybe you'll find out really how good I am.

(Hooper winks at her, she acts all flushed)


AT: Oh stop *giggle*. What I'm hear to talk to you about is Fumihiro Ota.


HC: Ah, the little man. The mumbo jumbo dumbo. Runnin around in his little black mask and outfit. The guys a joke babe. I don't even expect to face him. Even a beat up Cal Sanders could wipe the floor with that little ninja boy.


AT: Well, for your sake Hooper I hope you're right. Because that match is up next!


Rating: C-





Dispite already having taken a beating at the hands of Hooper Claxon Cal Sanders put on a good showing against the 'Super Ninja'. Sanders managed to lock in his patented Bow-Saw Backbreaker submission on Ota and it looked to be all over until Hooper Claxon ran in to the ring and punted the 'Super Ninja' in the head, forcing referee Wilson Carlisle to disqualify Cal Sanders and earning Ota the victory.



Rating: D+


Medics check on Ota as we go to commercial





Medics are still checking on Fumihiro as Hooper Claxon grabs a mic.



HC: See, look at ya little hero folks. Look at him, surrounded by medics...


Suddenly the medics are clouded in smoke and Ota is gone.


HC: What the...


A puff of smoke and Ota is in the ring behind Claxon, rushes him into the corner and procedes to go chop crazy on Claxon's chest!


Rating: C+




This turned into a mammoth of a match, running to 25 minutes in total. Both men were pretty blown up by the end of it. Claxon tried to get the win by using a pair of knuckle-dusters stashed in his tights but the ref spotted them and took them off him. While Claxon was distracted the 'Super Ninja' took advantage, hit Claxon with a massive SuperNinja Kick and covered Claxon for the pin!



Rating: C+


As Fumihiro Ota celebrates his win the crowd can be heard chanting first 'OTA! OTA! OTA!', then 'TSL! TSL! TSL!' as the show fades to black.



Attendance: 1253


Overall Rating: C


Whilst the crowd felt that some angles weren't as good as the matches and that I used most of the guys far too much on the show the general feedback is that the show was awesome and way better than people were expecting.


TV Rating: 0.02

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After the show Ms Thorne and I sat down for a bit of a chat


Me: Alexandria, you were good tonight. I'll admit, I'm impressed!


AT: I must admit Mr Claxon...


Me: Hunny, drop the Mr Claxon bit, call me Hooper.


AT: I must admit, Hooper, that I did enjoy tonight. But being 'on' all night has meant that a lot of my duties were neglected this evening.


Me: So you're not down for doing that full time?


AT: No. There's no way I can do that all the time.


Me: How about just doing interviews backstage? You owned at that, you've got the shtick down. Plus we've so got good chemistry going on, we need to exploit that.


AT: That's the other thing. I'm not happy with the amount of flirting I was forced to do tonight, Hooper.


Me: Hey, the crowd love that sort of thing. But if you're not happy, we'll switch it around and you can hate me while I keep trying it on. S'all good Alex..andria.


AT: OK, I can live with that. On a positive note my father has called. He's really happy with how things went tonight and said to tell you, "Good job with what resources you had available... now hire more wrestlers!".


Me: Awesome! You wanna hang around for a drink before you head back to the penthouse? Maybe catch a late dinner?

AT: Mr Claxon, flirting on-screen is one thing, but this will be your only warning; if you continue to try and press me on this I WILL terminate your contract and find someone else to do this job!


Me: Whoa! Sheesh, I aint doing nothin Ms Thorne, just tryin to be nice. I figure a busy woman like yous gonna wanna let her hair down once in a while. My bad, dont take it personnally. No offence intended an all that jazz!


AT: Apology accepted Mr Claxon. Good night to you, I'll be in touch on Friday to see how the employee hunt is going.


And with that she was gone.


Yeah, so I was trying it on. So what? Sue me! :p

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Tuesday lunch time came around, and my buddy and new right-hand man Curt O'Malley rocked up to the venue. A good job too cos he woke Fumihiro Ota, Cal Sanders, Wilson Carlisle and me up! I'd chucked a couple of hundred dollars behind the bar for the boys, God knows when the others left but it looks like we all crashed big time!


We decided to hit the local diner for some breakfast. Once we'd ordered Carl pulled out a notebook.


CO'M: So, kid, what ya got?

Me: Dude, seriously. Right now all I got is a hangover!

CO'M: Well its a good job you've got me then kid. Cos you gotta get your ass on the phone today to book some more talent. I watched the show last night on TV and you did well with what you had. That Alexandria chick, where'd you dig her up from? Sure, she's raw, but I reckon you bagged a good one there.


Me: Man, that hot chick is our boss! She aint down for doing commentary full time, but I've convinced her to do backstage interview and stuff.


CO'M: Oh, that's something then. So, who you gonna get to do colour?


Me: Well, I've got a plan. I've been listenin to the local radio a lot while I've been hangin with the contractors this week and I think I got a plan.


Cal Sanders: This is all well and good my friend, but what me and Ota wanna know is who you gonna hire to wrestle, ay?


CO'M: That is a damn good question, Cal. I have some ideas for talent I think you should try and get hold of who are on PPA contracts other places, but only places that aint as important as TSL, so they'll always choose you over their other promotions.


Me: Man, I love you sometimes Carl! Hit me with a few names.


CO'M: OK, first off, this is a lucha promotion, we need a load of masked guys in who have some kind of talent. I mean, you an Ota are good, but Medico aint great man. Though you mighta got a better match if he wasnt facing that backyarder, then the oldest guy on the roster, but anyway. These are the guys I think you need as the backbone, thelower, mid and Uppermid core of this promotion: Fox Mask, Masked Couger, Capitao Brasil Jr, Chess Maniac, Insane Machine, Angel De Mexico, La Sombra Jr & Silver Shark. Plus a couple of unmasked guys I think you should check out: Remmy Skye & Teddy Powell.


Me: Man, that's a lot of names I gotta call! I'm still waiting on a couple of guys to get back to me, and I've got some boys from all over the place that I probably own a favour and a pay-day to.


CO'M: Seems like we have a plan my boy. Now, where's our god damn food at?

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After that my week got real busy. Making calls, sending emails and having meetings. Come Friday I had a pretty decent roster lined up, ready to present to Alexandria.


AT: So, Hooper, I hear on the grape vine that you've been busy this week. I hope you haven't let us down.


Me: S'all good Alexandria Let me give you the run-down of the new members of the roster:



Angel De Mexico & La Sombra Jr - These guys have some good skills and have agreed to work together in a tag team as Viva Mexico.



Chess Maniac - A good technical worker, he'll mesh well with Ota & Sanders



Velocidad - I worked with this kid in Mexico, he's gonna be awesome one day.



Dragon Del Arco Iris Jr - Another awesome raw talent from Mexico. I've worked with this kid a tonne and we've got great chemistry in the ring


That's the lesser known guys. Now for the cream:



Fox Mask



Masked Cougar



Matt Sparrow


These three guys all work for CZCW so they've had some more local exposure, and all three have good high flying skills and decent core skills. I owe Matt a favour and he wants to try a tag team idea him and Cougar have been toying with.


AT: This all sounds good. That still isn't as many wrestlers as I'd expect to see on your roster though.


Me: Hey, we're still a work in progress. We've got enough guys to work Mondy's show no problem. Even got enough to give Cal the week off, last week's show really took it out of him.


AT: I wouldnt be so sure. My father has sent a message through to me. He wants rumbles. One every show. Don't ask me why. He just does.


Me: Awww man. Double duty again?

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So, Saturday came and no call back from my choise for colour. Me an Wilson were just chilling at the bar when my cell goes off


Me: You got Hooper!


Caller: YOOOOOOOOOOOOO! S'up boi! Heard yous been callin tha station. Whut you want? Ya want air time on tha show?


Me: Aww man, good to finally talk to ya. Who'm I speakin too?


Caller: Tha short one, HAHAHAHAAHAHA!! Whut you want ninja? I'm on tha air in a mizzle.


Me: I wanna know if yous are up for workin for me on Monday nights. I heard yous after a gig talking on TV so I'm asking, wanna job doing colour commentary for Tri State Lucha?


Caller: Hells yeah boiiiiiii! I gotta run right now, meet ya down at ya venue tomorrowz to bang out some plans?


Me: Sounds good man, catch ya on the flip side.


Caller: You knowz it. Peace out.



Wilson: Who the hell was that boss? I could hear them talking, you sure you want that kind of sound for TSL?


Me: Willi, your a good kid. You just look after doin what I tell ya and let me take care of business, yeah?


(Wilson looks crushed)


Me: Hey kid, don't take it personal, you just gotta earn the right to question what I'm doin. I know my ****, trust me ;) I gotta give Carl a call.


(Ring Ring, Ring Ring)


CO'M: Hey kid, hows it doing?


Me: I got colour sorted. You know how I wanted a bit of edge to counter Davis' straight up clean livin wholesome act?


CO'M: Yeah, who'd you get?


Me: Nah man, that's a surprise for show day. I called cos I wanted to run the card past ya.


CO'M: OK, shoot.


Me: OK, open strong with Ota facing Chess Maniac. They'll get the crowd started with no chance of their technical stuff overshadowing the matches later on. Next up, the big boss has said he wants a rumble on every show.


CO'M: Awwww what?


Me: Yeah. Anyway I dunno who I'll chuck in there yet. Probably whoever's up for it on the night.


CO'M: Same as it ever was man.

Me: Next up I'm putting Velocidad up against Daredevil Aero w/h Tempest Appleby in his corner. Tempest told me he's gonna look after Aero, so I'm gonna keep um together for a while.


CO'M: Why'd he want to mentor a backyarder?

Me: No clue man. I was gonna let Aero go once I'd sorted out the roster properly, but if he keeps Tempest happy I'll keep the kid around, it's not like he's breaking the bank.


CO'M: Fair enough man. What's next?


Me: Sparrow & Cougur vs Viva Mexico. Their skill sets match up, should be a good outing.

CO'M: Hell yeah, I like that match-up kid.


Me: And the main event will be me facing Dragon Del Arco Iris Jr. I love working with that kid, we just click man! Should be able to fly it up a storm.


CO'M: Sounds like a pretty solid card kid. Nice one.


Me: Yeah man, I figure I've got enough guys now to start up some storylines this show. The cogs are turning already!


CO'M: All good man. Anyway, its late, I'm gonna hit the sack. Catch you Monday.


Me: Laters buddy, stay safe.



I'm feelin pretty good about this show. I'll admit, some of the guys I really wanted on this show just aint answering calls right now but I'll get um! They aint gonna say no, I'm Hooper Claxon man ;)




Fumihiro Ota vs Chess Maniac


10 Man Rumble (could be anyone off the roster in there)


Velocidad vs Daredevil Aero


Matt Sparrow & Masked Cougur vs Viva Mexico (Angel de Mexico & La Sombra Jr)


Dragon Del Arco Iris Jr vs Hooper Claxon



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Sunday came and went, I sorted a real good deal with my colour commentry choise, so that's all good.


Monday lunchtime guys started to filter in ready for the show, I got to hang out with old friends and make some now ones. Then my buddy Dragon Del Arco Iris Jr showed up and had another guy with him



DDAI: HEY HOOPUUR! Soo good to cee yhou again by friend, eet's been too long.


Me: Man, its good to see you bro. How was the flight?


DDAI: Eet waz good my friend. I have a favour to ask yhou (he motions over the guy who he walked in with). Dis eez my good friend. Heez father waz Capitao Brasil, heez taken on za mask. He wantz to break into za US, will yhou give heem a try-out match?


Me: I aint got space for another match buddy, but he can work in the rumble. I'll be in there anyway, so I can give him a try-out myself. That cool with you kid?


CB: Mr Claxon, it will be an honour to work with you.


Me: Cheers kid, but you aint got a contract yet, you gotta impress me to get taken on full time.


CB: I will try my hardest Mr Claxon, thank you for this opportunity.



With all the workers in the building I called a quick meeting.




Me: So, we got a rumble every show from now on.

(Lots of the guys groaned)


Me: Yeah, yeah, I know, but this is handed down from up top. Now I know me an Dragon are in to set up for the main event later. This is Capitao Brasil Jr, he's having a try-out in the rumble so he's in. Fox Mask, Medico & Tempest, I figure you guys are in as I aint got anything else for ya tonight.

(All three nod, Fox Mask doesn't look impressed)


Me: So that's four spots left to fill. Any takers?


Fumihiro Ota: I'm game.


Chess Maniac: Eef Ota eez, I eez.


Me: Cool, two more.


La Sombra Jr: Yeah, me an Angel will do it. We can show were on the same page before our match with Sparrow & Cougar later in the show.


Me: Awesome, cheers guys. OK, you all know your match times and outcomes, go work ya matches out. If you need to go through ya match with Carl, and most of you do, go see him and he'll work on it with you. Have a good show guys, I'll see you out there.





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Fumihiro Ota vs Chess Maniac

Ota is the franchise...


10 Man Rumble (could be anyone off the roster in there)

Fox Mask...needs a big push


Velocidad vs Daredevil Aero

Velociad...needs to becaome a main eventer!


Matt Sparrow & Masked Cougur vs Viva Mexico (Angel de Mexico & La Sombra Jr)

Gotta go for my peoples


Dragon Del Arco Iris Jr vs Hooper Claxon

Hooper needs to win, cuz its his yard!


Colour Commentary: Kenny O' Quinn

Everyone needs a Hogan look a like in their company!

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Your Commentators


Davis Detterich and The Wikid Clowns Hustler D & Joker the Pimp


Your Referee


Wilson Carlisle



(The show titles run on the big screen, then we go to Davis Ditterich, Hustler D & Joker the Pimp at the announce table.)


DD: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, to TOTAL LUCHA LIBRE! Sat beside me tonight are two of WSHOCK's finest DJs, a couple of the craziest guys I've met, Hustler D & Joker the Pimp


HD: That's right boiiii! We're real stoked to be sat here man!


JtP: Hells yeah ninja! We're here to cova ya pansy ass when you get too boring Double D. Nah I just messin fool. But seriously man, you best not mess up or you might end up wit a coupla little clowns under ya bed, hehehehehehehe!!!


DD: O....K.... Anyway folks, we've got an amazing line up tonight. Many of the men you see in the ring tonight will be making their TSL debuts, we guarrantee you won't be disappointed! First up tonight we have the 'Super Ninja' Fumihiro Ota facing off against the first of those debuting men, Chess Manaic.


JtP: Who iz dis Chess Maniac guy DD? I saw him in tha back, he's pretty funny lookin


DD: He's a pretty talented guy, actually. A self proclaimed technical genius, he likes to slowly take wrestlers apart and twist them up to get the win.


HD: Sounds like Joker in the bedroom yo!


JtP: Dude, don't give away my secrets!


DD: Sorry about them folks. Lets get on with the show!





As we cut to the match Chess Maniac is already in the ring. The gong hits and the crowd explode, Ota is seriously over before he's even entered the arena! A puff of smoke and Ota is in the ring. This was a pretty decent match, with Ota and Maniac both displaying fantastic technical prowess. However with Chess Maniac's offence mainly ground based Ota went to the top rope and delivered a massive cross-body, followed by a Ninja Drop, to secure the victory.



Rating: C-


(We cut to Alexandria Thorne in the lockeroom. We can see many TSL stars in the background)



AT: I'm Here in the lockroom where many stars of TSL are preparing for the first ever TSL Weekly Rumble. The man that wins gets to pick his opponent on next weeks show and one man who is very confident is Hooper Claxon. Hooper. why do you fancy your chances?


HC: Well babe, that's simple. I'm Hooper Claxon, my skills say it all! No man flys like I do, no man gets the ladies like I do, no man can win like I can!


AT: Given your match last week against Fumihiro Ota I'd say that at least one man in TSL CAN win like you do...


HC: I oughta slap you upside the head lady, who do you think you are?


Claxon goes to grab Alexandria, but 'POOF!!!', she is replaced with Fumihiro Ota who attacks Claxon. They brawl until half the roster pull them apart.


Rating: D+





DD: Welcome back folks. We've been informed that following that attack from Fumihiro Ota Hooper Claxon may not be able to wrestle in the TSL Weekly Rumble tonight.


JtP: Man, if dat boi is injured I'm gonna find tha Stupa Ninja and bite his kneecaps off!


HD: Totally bro, you can't just kick someone's ass outta no-where man!


DD: I'm pretty sure Ota was just defending a woman guys.


JtP: DD, woman shoulda kept her mouth shut if she dint wan it slapped yo.


DD: You guys really are unpleasant aren't you! Anyway, back to the action. Most of the competitor are in the ring. Are we ready to RRRRRRUUUUMMMMBBLLLEEEEEEEEEEE?






The match began with only 9 men in the ring, Hooper Claxon was no-where to be seen. The order of elimination was as follows: Appleby eliminated El Medico. Ota eliminated Appleby. Angel De Mexico & La Somba Jr eliminated Chess Maniac, who landed badly and had to be helped to the back by a couple of medics. Dragon Del Arco Iris Jr shockingly eliminated Fumihiro Ota. With Ota out of the way Hooper Claxon limped to the ring, gave the crowd a rye smile, shook his leg out and jumped into the ring over the ropes. Claxon eliminated Angel De Mexico while Fox Mask eliminated La Sombra Jr. This left Claxon, Fox Mask, Capitao Brasil Jr and Dragon Del Arco Iris Jr as the final 4. All 4 mixed it up at some point before Fox Mask emiminated Capitao Brasil Jr. Claxon managed to hold on to the ropes as Dragon tried to eliminate him and pulled Dragon over the top for the elimination. Fox mask and Claxon went toe to toe until Claxon was spun over the ropes to the floor. However, remembering that BOTH FEET must touch the floor Claxon managed to stay on just one foot and hopped around the ring while, unaware, Fox Mask celebrated on the second turnbuckle to the applause of many fans. Claxon snuck back into the ring and tipped Fox Mask over the ropes for the victory!



Rating: D+



Hooper Claxon has a mic in the centre of the ring:


HC: You see folks, its always better play the short game than the long game. All you morons thought I, the future lucha legend, could be taken down by a little man in a ninja mask. Guess again losers. But I'll tell you something, one man impressed me, brought me the fight, and that was Dragon Del Arco Iris Jr. You got some guts kid, you can try and take a piece of me any time you want! But you'll never take me down, I'm Hooper Claxon baby!


Rating: C-


DD: Strong words from Hooper Claxon there. We'll be back with skilled luchador new to TSL, Velocidad squaring off against 'The Backyard Kid' Daredevil Aero right after this.





DD: Welcome back folks, lets go straight to the action.





A seriously fast paced match, both men were flying all over the place. Unfortunately both men's inexperience and sloppyness brought the match down quite a bit. The match came to an end when Tempest Appleby attemped to get involved but hit Aero by mistake. Velocidad capitalised and managed to hit the Velocidad Tornado for the 1, 2, 3!



Rating: E-


DD: During the commercial break Ms Thorne went down to the lockeroom to speak with impressive TSL new-comer Dragon Del Arco Iris Jr, heres what he had to say:


(We cut to the lockeroom where Alexandria Thorne is standing with Dragon Del Arco Iris Jr ready to interview him.)



AT: I'm here with a young luchador who made his debut earlier tonight, Dragon Del Arco Iris Jr. So Dragon Del Arco Iris Jr, what's your first impressions on Tri State Lucha.


DDAI: Oh hAlexandria, hI love eet here. hEverywan ees so nice. Whell, everywan but thaat Hoopuur Claxonn. He ees soo full ov himself. I wrestle heem een Mexico, I beeet heem there, I beeet heem here. Eef hee wans too fight, I geev heem a fight! Tonigh!


(Hooper Claxon storms into shot)


HC: You really want a piece of me boy?! You really wanna get in the ring with the one and only Hooper Claxon again after what I did to you in Mexico? Kid, you got it!


(Hooper slaps Dragon lightly on the cheek a couple of times, laughs, and walks away)


AT: Well, you heard it here first folks, Hooper Claxon will be facing off against Dragon Del Arco Iris Jr and... (puts hand to earpiece) ...yes, I'm hearing that that will be our Main Event for the evening!


Rating: C-



DD: Well, that sould be an awesome match-up. What say the clowns?


HD: Hells yeah man, gonna be good, both those guys can FLY!


JtP: Ma boi Hooper's gonna hand that Dragon kid his ass on a plate Double D, no question.


DD: That's just your opinion Joker. Anyway, we've got another match up before the main event, Matt Sparrow & Masked Cougar go up against Angel De Mexico & La Sombra Jr, Viva Mexico.


HD: I'z seen Sparrow & Cougar wrestle before, top guys yo!


JtP: Neva heard o the otha 2 tho, but dem Mexicans sure know lucha!


DD: Lets go to the ring.




(We watch Matt Sparrow and Masked Cougar walk to the ring, both men in TSL t-shirts, Matt Sparrow grabs the mic)


MS: Ya know, when we turned up today, we were far from impressed. No limo, no catering, no hot massage lady. We're two of the best guys in this company and this is how we get treated? Over in CZCW we get treated like the wrestling GODS we are. Then, THEN we get given these crappy tshirts and told by some spotty gimp to put um on 'cos the bosses wanna rebrand us as TSL bum-boys. Nah man, screw that, we're Team CZCW!


(Matt throws down the mic and both men take off their shirts to reveal CZCW shirts underneath, the crowd boo like crazy!)


Rating: D






Viva Mexico came to the ring to massive cheers from the crowd, but were jumped by Sparrow & Cougar. The match saw Sparrow & Cougar keep La Sombra Jr away from Angel De Mexico, effectively cutting the ring in half. Finally Angel De Mexico got the hot tag but missed the Mexico Death Dive on Cougar, who tagged in Sparrow and hit their finisher the CZCW DoubleDrop (Double Powerbomb from the top rope) and Sparrow covered Angel De Mexico for the win.



Rating: D+


Matt Sparrow & Masked Cougar pose in the ring while the crowd scream abuse at them as we go to commercial





DD: Well, what an amazing tag match that was. Such a shame that Matt Sparrow & Masked Cougar can't leave their past behind them.


HD: Yeah Double D, I mean, damn, we's all fo freedom o expression, but ya don bite tha hand that feeds ya!


JtP: But y'all gotta admit, those boys gots skills!


DD: Very true Joker, and that might just keep them on the roster. Anyway, lets go to our main event, Hooper Claxon versus Dragon Del Arco Iris Jr. I know you guys are pumped for this, I am too. Lets got to the ring.




Hooper Claxon has an extended entrance, with his custom entrance music performed by local female glam-metal band Thrash Bunnies. Hooper gyrates against the lead singer and licks her face before slowly walking down to the ring.


Rating: C-




Dragon ran straight to the ring and the fight began before the bell even rang. The two do indeed have excellent chemistry together and it really made the match shine! It was a very even affair, with neither man gaining the upper hand until around 15 minutes in when referee Wilson Carlisle was knocked down. Claxon pulled out the knuckle dusters and hit Dragon square in the jaw. Hooper went for the cover, remembered the ref was down and went to wake him up. As he woke the ref up a bit Fumihiro Ota appeared in the ring and as Claxon turned he received a SuperNinja Roundhouse Kick to the head. Ota dragged Dragon onto Claxon and disappeared again in a cloud of smoke. The ref crawled over and counted 1, 2, 3 and it was all over!



Rating: B-




JtP: Man, that ninja's gonna pay when ma boi Claxon wakes his ass up!


HD: I wonldna wanna be Ota next week, Claxon can face anyone he wants next show, you know he's gonna be gunning for ninja blood!


DD: That wouldn't surprise me one bit guys! Folks, many thanks for joining us tonight, we'll be back next week, same time, same channel. Good night folks.




Attendance: 1385


Overall Rating: C


Once again the crowd felt that some angles weren't as good as the matches. The general feeling seemed to be that the show was awesome, way better than people were expecting and people will be telling their friends at work tomorrow to make sure they come along next week too!


TV Rating: 0.03

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Prediction Results


funkyzafara: 3.5

Wrestling Century: 3

TheEffect: 2

LordJaguar: 2


So the current 'league' looks like this:


1st= TheEffect - 5 points

1st= LordJaguar - 5 points

3rd funkyzafara - 3.5 points

4th Wrestling Century - 3 points

5th Jingo - 2 points



So, how are folks enjoying this? Any good? I know it's not written in the same style as many diaries and kinda comes at it from a more, errr, 'backstage life' angle. I crave feedback people, both good and bad ;)

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